Scam letter(s) from Olga Scripova to Alan (UK)

Letter 1
Hello dear Alan!!!
How are you today? I really hope that all good for you.
I'm so happy to receive your answer to my letter!!! Thanks you for that!!!
Ok, I really hope that we will to develop our relations in future!!!
I want to say that I got your e-mail address via Internet dating web site. Sorry but I don't remember their name.
I gave to them my letter and they sent it to you... I hope that you understand now how I got your e-mail address...
As you know my name is Vera... I'm from Russian Federation, I live in city Zelenodolsk, it's about 900 km far from Moscow.
I'm 27 years old right now, but my birthday is April, 5, 1983 and I will be 28 years old.
But all my friends tell me that I'm look on 22-24 years old only It's good, I think...
I have no any kids and was never married before. But I want it so much!!!
I like a sport, I'm active woman and I like an active kind of rest. I'm adore a camping and walking in mountains, in wood...
I'm good cook... I like the noisy companies and rest on the nature.
Also I like a music so much!!! I like all kinds of music, EXCEPT hip-hop and rap....
Ok, it would be great if you will answer to me again TODAY and we will continue our communication!!!
I can use Internet every day so I will answer to you as soon as I will have answer from you.
I send my photos to you also right now and I hope that you will like it...
Till soon,
Yours friend Vera P.S. I hope that you understand my English without any problems...
Letter 2
Hello dear Alan!!!
How are you? I sent to you a letter yesterday. Did you get it?
I wrote to you about me and sent 2 photos... Did you like it? I hope...
Please, answer to me if you have interest to me...
I want to say once again that I have good chance arrive to your country on next month.
So if you want to meet me, please give me your answer!!!
Waiting for your letter,
Yours Vera
Letter 3
Hello again Alan!!!
How are you today? I really hope that all good for you!!!
I'm very good also because I have your letter now!!! Thanks you!!!
Also I like your photo so much, Graham!!! You are very nice man!!!
Please, don't worry about your age!!! The age is not matter for me!!! The main for me are heart ans soul of man!!!
Do you understand me, Graham? Please, give me chance for cmmunication with you!!! Don't let me go...
I really hope that you will write to me every day so we can to learn more about each other. Do you like this idea? I hope so...
Once again I want to say that my name is Vera, I'm from Russian Federation, my city is Zelenodolsk.
I'm 27 years old, I never was married before, I have no any kids. I work as DISPATCHER IN TAXI and earn about 300 euro per month.
I live together with my mother in city Zelenodolsk.
I wrote to you already that I have good chance arrive to UK on next month.
So if you really have interest to me and would like to meet me in your country I would like to get your new letter today!!!
Please, write to me more... And send me more photos of yourself. Ok?
As soon as I will have your next letter I will write to you more about me too!!!
Now I'm finish this letter and wish you good day!!!
Yours Vera
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