Scam letter(s) from Alena Abdulina to Mike (UK)

Letter 1

Hello Mike ! I would definitely like to communicate with you,and get to know you better. I believe that in Internet you can meet good people even to build up a strong relationship and I can see that we both have got something in common, I also would like to find my soulmate, maybe you could be the one..
I am sending you a couple of photos today and I'd love to hear back from you soon and get some your photos as well. I believe that physical attraction plays a great role in a relationship, however it's just your look and I am eager to find out what is your inner world like. Well , to tell you something about myself, I live in the big city Dnepropetrovsk, it's in the center of Ukraine. I was born in Ukraine and lived in the country side (city named Pavlograd) with my parents till I graduated from the comprehensive school. I was 17 years old then.
I like country side more , and I'll prefer to relocate somewhere abroad with my future man where we'll live in a nice house, and enjoy the nature with our family, it's ok if the city is some time drive from that place.
My parents know about my search abroad and support me.
I do want to find a man who is older than me .
Then I studied in the Architect College for 5 years.
I learnt good English there .
To me, college changed my life. It let me open up and learn who I was. It was the best thing that ever happened to me and I had much success in college. I did well in my classes and impressed professors as well as my classmates. I made many friends and gained a great deal of confidence in myself.
I did not work as a architect though , and tried myself for a year and a half as a model. But that was rather pathetic experience for me as I got to know what is ***** show business world is. And gave it up.
I would tell everything about it to you if we ever become closer ...
Now I work as a shop assistant in the clothing store and like my job. The simplest things make me happy, a sunny day, a happy conversation, , a kind meeting of a friend. The thing that most makes me most sad is the times when I am lonely, when I see a movie or program about a happy family and a loving husband and wife, and wonder when it will happen for me. I think that a woman should always keep her "nest" in order, I do like to do this constantly, also I am a great cook. That's why womens' duties never should be remembered to me. Please tell me about your everyday and how you prefer to spend your free time. What is your pipe-dream? Do you prefer variety in your every day food, or can just eat the same all the time? There are so many questions to be asked, I just dream that one day we will be together and get to know each other closer. I hope that my letter brings a smile to your face and a warm feeling to your soul.
Have a nice day!
Letter 2

Dear Mike!
Thanks fro your patience and wonderful letter with a nice photo!
I really had hard working days and could hardly find time to email you.
Now I have some free time to email you. Please do not think I lost interest, the thing is I just do not have a comp at home and write from my work, ok?
Mike, I enjoy my work, we have a good working staff there, I have a shift schedule thus work Mon-Sat either 9AM-1PM or 2PM-6PM.
As for our age difference I believe a younger lady has her youth, beauty (both outward natural beauty as well as inward beauty), her wit and intellect, spontaneity and the desire to learn everything about life--that she can bring into a relationship. Her desire to learn more about life and her energy and enthusiasm for life can be uplifting and inspiring for an older man.
An older man on the other hand can bring maturity, experience, wisdom, education, stability, honesty, dedication, a deep abiding love and a "goal oriented" life style into a younger ladies' life. Can a younger man offer this to a younger lady, I think so too, but sometimes this is a rarity as well.
age does not really matter, it is the people and the qualities and traits they have that you fall in love with. My hope would be to find someone who likes travel, romantic meals, surprises and evenings alone together. Also someone who enjoys the physical side of a loving relationship. I look forward to making love to my future husband and I hope my future partner also enjoys that magical *** life that comes with a good, strong, relationship. It may not be as important as the other factors at first but I strongly believe that it is this union that keeps the relationship working and growing.
I am keen to be a mother and I do not mind if my future partner has children already it would not present any problems for me.
Please tell me more about yourself, your hopes and desires. Feel free to ask any questions, pretend we are together on our first date together and ask the questions you would if we were face to face for the first time.
I really hope that we are like-minded and can move down this road together. Enjoy your day!
Letter 3

Dear Mike , I believe we have come very far in learning and liking each other, and in such a short time. I have great desire now to see you and discover everything about you. I have the belief that good things happen to good people, like you. I like you so much and have been waiting for you letter. I do love to travel and explore countries and areas I have not visited before.
I just like to visit these places, walk around, talk to people, get a sense Of their culture and feelings, and explore countryside. I also like to visit Historical sites and imagine what the people who participated in the events There must have thought and felt. That is why I adore traveling.
I was only to Russia. I like my man to be dressed sometimes casually, but when we go out I like my man to be dressed neatly and smart as you described. My work involves selling clothes for men. I have my own cashier machine , and people pay cash to me. They get the check from me. I unwrap the new clothes for sale and put them on the shop window . Also pack the things when people buy something. I would like to find a man that is smart and independent, a kind heart will be appreciated beyond belief. I enjoy a casual lifestyle, however there are events and functions that we must attend.
It would be nice to have a partner to join him in all parts of his life. I went out with friends last night. It is a great city and during the night people were everywhere enjoying the cafe and music. It seems that everywhere I go in this city people are having fun.
It is not always very safe here and not warm all year though:( I enjoy finding new restaurants and other interesting places.
I do not drink very often because I do not think it is much fun. Other things I like to do is play sports, on Sundays I like to play in the kitchen preparing my special dinners. I like to cook , our national dishes are very tasty and numerous, very rich with ingredients and I think it can leave none indifferent.
I myself enjoy cooking but I'd love to cook more for my future family.I like to hike in the mountains, and also sometimes I will go fishing at the river with friends or cousins. I do not play games and do not play around. I am strong on ethics and honoring my commitments, I would expect the same. I am a romantic woman with a flair of surprise, I enjoy making people happy and like it when they are smiling. What about you?!:)
I'll tell about my dreams in my next letters.
Thinking of you,
Letter 4

Hi Mike, I hope you are doing fine, have not hear from you recently.
I am so sorry for my late reply. The computer at my work I used to write you from was crashed and they reinstalled the Windows but it took so much time. I hope you can forgive me and happy to hear from me today. I have been very happy as well since we met. Even though I miss you every day, and you are very far away from me, I feel you close because you are here in my heart, and I feel happy because I know that you feel me close as well. I want you to be always happy and I want you to enjoy that happiness. You will never disappoint me because you are who you are, and you are my very sweet and special man, whom I want to have near me and make you happy.
I care about you very very much as well, and I worry about you as well. I don't want that anything ever happens to you. And I want to take care of you, and I would like to be there now, near you. Sincerely, Tanechka
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