Scam letter(s) from Julia Mazeina to Michael (USA)

Letter 1
I will never stop telling you how I love you.
By the way, what is love in your opinion?
In my opinion, love is devotion. It is a feeling when you give all yourself to your partner. When you feel that he is sad or unhappy een being on a distance.
And it hurts you when you know about this and you try to do everything you can to make him happy. Faithfulness is also very important. I can t live with a person if he betrays me even once. And I will never do the same to my partner.
Mutual understanding is also a key to healthy relations. When you feel that something is wrong , you should talk about it.
It is necessary to discuss problems but not keep silence.
I hope We already understand each other very well though we haven t met in real. And I am sure that when we meet, we will do all we can to keep our relations strong.
I always dreamt to have a strong family. The place where I can come and feel that my family love and understand me.
I hope you understand what I try to tell you.
Please, tell me your thoughts about it.
Till our next meeting.
Love you..... --
Yuliya Satova
Letter 2
I've got my visa. So don't worry. Everything is Ok.
I didn't have any problems.
Some news for you, don't know either good or bad. My good friend is going to give me some money. But the problem is that she can give me only $500 and the ticket costs $950. So I still need $450.
The problem is that they will wait only for some days and then they will sell the ticket to another person. The price is very reasonable and I don't thin I will then find something better. I can understand them as it is the way for the to earn money.
So they are not going to wait as much as I need it.
Dear, just think. Only some days and we will be together.
It is the last step before our meeting. Please, do it for us.
I love you and need you so.
It is so difficult for me to be far from you now when I need your support.
I am very confused to ask you about this but that is the only way for me.
Send me money to my name (Yuliya Satova) by Money Gram or Western Union, please.
As soon as I get money I will pay for it.
But we should do it faster as it could be sold to another person.
I am waiting for your soon reply.
Miss you badly. P.S. I am so sorry but if you can please send some extra money for travel... P.P.S. Also I have asked to copy the following instruction for you: While you're sending the wire transfer you might be asked to provide information concerning transfer purpose and destination.
In order to speed up the process please reply that these funds are sent to your friend, relative, business partner and etc.
Please do specify that the receiver is known by you personally and also note that these funds are your own money.
Main reason for this request is financial regulations in receiver s country, so be serious and answer teller s questions carefully because incorrect answers could cause a significant delay for the wire to be processed.
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