Romance scam letter(s) from Elena Levitcheva to Brian (Israel)
Letter 1
"The Definite Translations Group"
Ukraine, Krasnodon, Komsomolskaya street, 10/ 24. 94400 Dear Mr. Brian Brand! Thank you for your response. We will be glad to assist you and you will receive the personal reply from Miss Elena on your kind request.
We will immediately inform the lady about your intention to replenish the account balance as soon as possible. Respectfully,
the manager
of the "The Definite Translations Group",
Lavrova Marina
Letter 2
Hello, my love Brian! The morning started so happily for me, I was excited to open my eyes and think about you. I did not want to wait until the evening and came to the translation company to write you a reply. You know that the Birthday is a very special day for me and my life is full of happiness because this time I am with you, I have your love with me and my heart is full of excitement! I hope that you had a good sleep tonight because I want you to be in a good mood and do not wish to know that your health is not good because of me! How funny you are, my Brian! If you go in g-string in the bedroom I will get wild and maybe ask you to wear something because I want you so much but if you go on the street, I am sure I will not allow you to do it because my cheeks will be soooo red! You know that for me your letter is the most important surprise and present, I do not want you to worry , I will be waiting for your surprises when we meet and I hope you do not send nothing by the post because it is very dangerous as here it can be stolen. My darling, I am very happy because you love the famous quote. I know that this saying is wonderful and I remember it in my heart. I am your fan of course, Brian, you are my hero and I am your lady for a life!
Actually I really love football because of Becks, hope you do not feel jealous, he is just a footballer, not my beloved man! And of course the fact he has a wonderful family makes me feel happy for him because I watch his carrier since he have just started to play in Manchester many years ago. I know how much you wait for me to be with you in person but I am sure we will be together and nothing can stop us. I feel embarrassed when you take a laugh at me in a positive way and tell me that I am the one who wants to delay the meeting! My darling, it is because of my shy character, when I am ready I am sure it is better for us! Today I am going to celebrate with mom, dad and my aunt and uncle.
Maybe I will invite two friends at home, it will be a family dinner. I hope that you have an amazing day , the weather is brilliant today and I have love in my soul! I am in love, so much in love with you!
Hope to receive your reply already tomorrow! Your Eli
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