Scam Letter(s) from Victoria Tam to Claude (Brazil)

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Letter 1

Hello, my dearest man, Clau

I was glad to hear from you again and thank you for your interest in me. You seem to be very nice and lovely man and I want to know more about you. And I guess you too, right?

So, as you already know, I am Viktoriya from Ukraine. I live in a small town Hlukhiv which is in Sumy region, just south from the Russian border. It is not big city (about 35000 citizens), but it is very nice and cosy. I was born here on May, 20 1983, so I am 27 years old Taurus. I have never been married, do not have kids. My height is 166 sm and weight 54 kg.

About my job. I work as shop assistant in a little local cloths shop.
I have graduated Sumy University and have the profession of accountant, but I wasn't able to find job according to my profession and had to go working at least somewhere to earn for living.

Clau, unfortunately I know just a little about stocks, so I can hardly imagine your job:-)

I have both parents alive but I live separately in a hostel, because my parents live in the countryside what is rather far from the place I work in. As for all my family (you can see on the photo, I have rather big one), I have 1 elder married brother, who has 3 wonderful kids which I absolutely love. I have also 1 younger sister who is in the college yet. I also have 2 grandparents alive... So, when we all gather it makes our family rather big and loud, but I love this and dream to have the same family in the future. Because we are together in bad days as well as in good ones too!

I was brought up in a very good family with nice atmosphere and I learned from my mom how to be a good wife and best mother in the world, so I am here to find that special man who can share these dreams of mine to have just simple family but which will be unique for both of us and our future kids. Most of local men are not like my brother who is crazy with his family, so I dared to come here to try my fate. As I mentioned before, I have had some not good experience at the beginning of my search, so I really hope you are not like the others.

Clau, I also want to tell you that it happened so that in Ukraine it is not common to know foreign languages, so I have to tell you that I also from those who doesn't speak any. I use the services of the translational bureau and have the constant personal translator of our correspondence. I hope to start learning your language as soon as I save money enough for the language school here which is really not cheap, but meantime I would like to go on learning you better through e-mails. What do you think?

I hope you will give us the chance, will you? Hope so, kisses Viktoriya.

Letter 2

My dearest Clau, hello!

This day was busy at work and I had to walk a lot along the wet streets. So I am exhausted now and I can not wait to come home, boil the water and have a hot tub so I can sit in it for awhile. Tonight is a perfect night to sit in it for about half and hour and let the stress of today be soothed away, I need also to do it to prevent getting a cold.

Clau, I am glad that you liked my previous photos and hobbies:-))) I smiled when read that you never saw snow:-)))) Don't you have ice skating place over there? You are always welcome to visit me here, I am sure you will like it:-)))

I have just heard a classical music by Russian composer, Rimsky-Korsakov on radio. It is called Scheherazade. It is very beautiful and I am listening to it while I am at home. I'm sure that you have heard of him. It is music that I would like to listen to while you and I are sitting on the sofa, just chatting. It’s very soothing and what better atmosphere to have while we are together?

It sounds strange but I caught myself on the thought that I think of you very often these last few days:-)

For example, I imagine our morning together:) I would wake up earlier and would make you coffee and then I would kiss you and tell: "Honey it is time to get up" and you feel me pressing you just with my body on yours;) MMMMMMMMMM:) Then I feel your arouse and the next moment we are busy with each other and giving a positive mood just from the early morning hahaha:) you know what I mean:) So our morning will continue with having a light breakfast and then going to work:) This is just a simple thing I do belive that all the people whatever they tell or compose their thoughts though... Finally they want the same, all the people want the same, they want to share his or her life with close person to be wanted and to be desired to give love happiness and romance to your dear person... Don`t you agree Clsu??? I do think so!

How was your day at work? I am so eager to learn more about your days and daily life as it brings us closer!!!

Hope you reply me sooner. With lots of tender kisses, Viktoriya.

Letter 3

Hello, honey!

It is already a tradition for me to go to the translational office.
But frankly speaking, it is the best what is going on during my day.

Clau, it is early spring here, but it is still cold:-))) Thank you for caring of me:-) And thank you for the invitation, I would love to have the chance to go there to meet with you:-)))

How was your day today, darling? It was busy day for me today as we had some people checking our shop today (the documents of the boss), and we had to answer so many questions to them, and we never knew what to say to our clients as the boss wasn't at office the whole day, so it was rather stressful. Hope everything will be fine as I do not like the situation....

I think a lot about our being together. There will be so much to talk, so much curiosity about each other when we will meet in person. About funny and sad stories that happened in our life. I am sure that we will find some way to solve language problem before we meet... I think we can be such a wonderful couple Clau. It will be great to tell our friends how we met and how we knew each other. And I really can imagine their looks and their eyes when they hear our story.

Your letters mean a lot to me. I really like to correspond with you.
Our acquaintance mean a lot to me. I know that there is a long distance between us but really hope that we will keep on corresponding an each day get to know each other better.

Well I hope to hear from you soon, with all my love and big kisses, your Ukrainian girlfriend (?) Viktoriya.

P.S. Today's photos are taken by my friend who is assistant of professional photographer, so she has access to the professional camera. Hope, you will like the photos, but I wanted you to know that they are for your eyes only!

Letter 4

Hello, my dear Clau! I am very happy to hear from you again, but unfortunately my today letter will be rather short. It is sad for me to tell this but unfortunately I am not able to pay for our letters translation anymore. Remember what I told about our shop's checking? So it happened that our boss lead some bad business and he was caught by police and now he is going to be put into jail. All the staff is fired, naturally.... So I am left without any means to live... I do not give up and still try to be positive, and I am already looking for another job, but it takes some time.

I really feel sad and I am very interested in you, that is why I dare to ask you to help us to stay in touch. If you can help me to put some money on the account to go on, it would be wonderful. But I will understand if you can't do it as well....

I hope I hear from you soon, kisses from your Viktoriya.

Letter 5

Clau, dear, thank you so much for your readiness to help me. It means a lot to me, dear!

I pay 5 dollars per translation of 1 letter. They also have unlimited accounts which are cheaper if to write every day. They cost 200 dollars per 1 month and allow to exchange as many letters and photos as we both want during 1 month.

I have never done this before but I was told that I can get your help via Western Union or MoneyGram.
Name: Viktoriya Borisowa
Address: Kotsyubinskoho Street, 45
Settlement: Hlukhiv
Region: Sumy
Country: Ukraine

Hope to hear from you soon, your Viktoriya.



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