Romance scam letter(s) from Maimona Francis to Randy (USA)
Letter 1
hi baby!
how u doing?hope great
i saw your profile and i really feel we might and will be a compatible match, and i thought we have lots in common in our profile,cause i have gone through your profile and i can see that we have almost the same sense of humor and our profile means a lot to each other, well my name is maimona single,still looking,simple,no kid, open minded, generous, good looking, sensitive, passionate, and i am a God fearing woman.
Am also nice,kind, loving, caring, honest and trust worthy and i was well trained polite and cautious and i have a lot of noble characters, but i need some one in whom am going to be well pleased, and i reside now in Seattle, Washington .there are some questions i would love to ask you and i want you to answer them from your heart.
Question 1: what really do u think is the reason for your existence?
2: what do u want from life and what do u want from a woman?
3: how would you treat your woman?
i am so sorry about the questions but the truth is i have been hurt several times and want to take my time to get to know someone before getting more serious. hope to hear from u soon
Letter 2
hi baby thanks for your lovely messages my reason why i did not tell u about this at first is to really get to know who u are and not making the same mistake again ok and if u feel bad i did not tell u this from the start am totally sorry and i am who i say i am
I Like everything about you,and I must confess I love your words you say to me and i appreciate all your concern, but lately what has happen to me is frustrating and am facing the hardest time of my life being in the middle of a very big nightmare its a long story,i will just brief it to you.if u care u can help me out. and i know there are lots of internet scams and even if people say same old things but are never same and i am true and white as snow
i dont lack but here am totally screwed to the bones.
and am sorry to tell you that really you sound so caring and i believe if we work in hand things are going to get on fine between us. but as i have said my heart got bookend recently. it has brought huge sadness which i cry everyday praying that one day i will get over this.until i replied back to my mail and found you.
i meet a guy which he use to tell me that he care's not knowing that he is a lair, cheater ,thief ,heart breaker. the bastard invited me over to his country in united kingdom and he stole everything the 6th night we spent together which was February 10th in a motel.i thought i will be able to find him cos i reported him to the police so i waited for days and unfortunately the police couldn't find him now i cant pay the motel bills for the weeks i spent and they are holding me cos he made me sign the whole papers for the lodging and this what they are holding me for cos i signed. now the motel has held down my passport my return ticket which i can re-schedule anywhere cos i owe them some bills, i don't know how to pay that cos the bastard has stolen everything that belongs to me , money, jewelries and my credit card that's why my bank blocked my account and would not do anything till i arrive back and will not give me any money or allow any transaction till i arrive no matter the consequences . so i don't think you are going to need me .cos i am very sure that you need a woman you can meet today or next if i was at home that would have been possible but right now at the moment the bastard i told you about earlier got me in this mess.i will be happy if we really get into relationship, but i hope you understand that i am hooked and tired down in this motel in this country and if u can be a help to me to call the motel and help me get out of here i will be pleased and i will never make you regret helping me cos i need someone truthful like you in my life.
and i will give you anything you ask for
the bastard name is Brian cooper
and if u can help me with the payment today i will arrive same day to u in ur airport
and the name of the motel is knights out motel london and email and number is +447024017839 and email is
and i can show you all about my body to see if its what u want. am really truthful to you and will never lie and i have all it takes to let you know am totally true to u
i wanted to know you more b4 i told you about my situation and will prove my self over to you now and can call you from another phone line here in the hotel ok
i love you honey i swear i do love MAIMONA
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