Scam letter(s) from Alena Abdulina to Juha (USA)

Letter 1

Hi, my dear Juha Thank you for your message.You seem to be a very good person, sincere and honest. I would be glad to have such a friend. Before starting to tell you about me, I`d like you to know that this is first time when I try to meet somebody this way. The main reason why I touch upon this question is that I want to say that I don`t have much experience, so, please, forgive me if I will write something wrong. OK?
I am Alena, a young lady of 25 years old, I think you are interested in how I look like, so with this letter I am sending you my picture, and I hope to receive some photos of you. Don`t think anything bad, I just would like to see your smile. I live in Lugansk, this is a Ukrainian city, not the most beautiful, but still is rather big and so native. I live here from my early childhood. By the way, I live together with my Dad.
He is rather old man and already retired. He has some problems with his health, that`s he can`t go to work every day, but he teaches children at home. Before he retired, he worked in the kindergarden. yes, I know it sounds abit strange, a man working in the kindergarden, but stiil it was really so. Today he can`t go to the kindergarden every day, so parents leave their children at our home with my Dad, while they are at their works.
In the other words, my is a 'nurse'. He loves children and knows a lot about treatment. As for me, I finished courses and now work as a secretary at a private firm. This is not a job of my dream, but still I don`t have achoice.
Nevertheless, I dream to have another better one in future.
I'm a very genuine, caring , lovely person and I treat people with the utmost respect and would like to meet someone who gives the same respect as I do. I like sports , listening to music, reading , swimming , going to the cinema and meeting new friends.
I hope to find my soul mate, a man whom I could trust, whom I could share all my thoughts, worries and joys, whom I could spend all my life with.
I hope to hear from you very soon. Alena
Letter 2

Hi, my dear Juha, I was excited to finally get another letter of yours. I was afraid that you would decide not to wrote me any more, because, as I`ve told you in my previous letter, I don`t have much experience, well, actually, no experience at all, in communicating such way. I am glad you want to continue with our communication.
If you don`t mind I`d like to tell you more about muself.
I has raised in good family values. I hope to one day have a family of my own that I can share those values with.
I have a great love of music some may say my heart was made from music. I like to dance but I don't like discos and other crowded places. I dream to find out where in this world I belong and who I'm supposed to be with. I am looking for a serious relationship one that will last a life time or more like two life times, and if a family comes out of it maybe many more life times.
Most important for me, I need this person, I will decide to spend my life with, to be a friend first.
We haven't even sent that many letters and there is so much more to know about each other. But for some reason I feel that I speak with a friend I know for already many years. At the moment it feels like a dream and that scares me because sooner or later you wake up and the dream ends. I hope we continue to build this friendship.
I would very much like to get to know you better, to learn your outside and inside world, to read about your outlooks on life, about your friends and people who surround you. I want to see the world you live in, to understand your way of thinking, of course, if you want it.
I also want you to know me better as well, to ask me questions about anything you like. As far as most of all in the relationship I appreciate honesty, there is no such question I would refuse to answer.
There is more I can say but I think I need to leave a little bit to talk about next time. One more thing I should add now. You know, my dear friend, I don`t speak English, that`s why I have to use the services of the agency, which translates my letters to you into English. I really hope that it wan`t become a problem in our communication.
I wrote you that I live in Lugansk, Ukraine. My birthday on April,5. My height is 173cm, my wight is 55kg.
My hair is dark brown, eyes are brown. I finished school and then couldn't enter the University. I'm single.
Faithfully yours,
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