Scam Letter(s) from Natalia Novoselova to Marco (Italy)

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Letter 1

Mark hello my love! How are you? I am very pleased to receive your letter nice and sweet. I was waiting and worried. I was so lonely without you! I love you are to me the most dear and wonderful man! I love Mark !!!!! I am very happy that you also want to meet me! I also really miss you! "I love you! I can not live without you, my sweet! You are my everything !!!!! My love today I had a beautiful dream in which we meet with you.! I thought of our meeting. I thought then as I got off the plane, and below me are waiting with a bouquet of flowers. I was walking towards you, and you walked toward me. He was so sweet and so happy. When we were with you at a distance of only one step from each other we stopped. We were afraid that just could not believe their luck fantastic. You get up and straight in the eye, but then we did not stand and we are very sweet and affectionate with others. We have carried out the tears from his eyes, but all were only tears of happiness, for which we have been going at this time. At the same time, we gave each other the first but very sweet and gentle kiss, the taste of which I felt even after you awake. I love then we took all our things and I have taken in his beautiful kingdom full of wonder and happiness. I hope that very soon, all our dreams come true. It 'was the most beautiful dream and I really want become a reality! my love this can really become a reality. We just need to make small steps towards our happiness! say I love you really want to help me not dwell and hate asking for help, but the only way we can combine our hearts in love and be together I love if I could find something, then I would not have asked for any help. But I have already tried all the opzioni.Diciamo that you will be able to help me with the sum of which I asked you? Today I love that I learned in the bank as you can help me. I was told that in today's world and the most reliable and well-known company that deals with money transfers. It is Western Union. Have you heard of this company? I love, I was told that everything here is very simple and convenient. It can send money and literally five minutes later I could get the money here. so that you can send money through Western Union and I need to know the following information :
Country: Russia
City: Perm
Name: Olga
Last name: Babina
Address of branch of Western Union: MDM
Bank The address: street Bolshevist, 117
post code: 617580
I love to use this data you can send me money. This is all the more necessary information! More than you absolutely nothing. But I was able to get the money I need the data: 1) Your full name, 2) full address, 3) the city from which you are sending money and where the Western Union Company, 4) 'exact amount of money 5), the most important ten-digit code of the translation. (MTCN) when the agency priydesh Western Union, then we will explain everything. When you draw a card, then you should write a letter to me and tell all this data. I am so sorry that I bring you some inconvenience. But I so want to be with you as soon as possible, be close! My Dear I really hate to tell you, but now everything depends on you, my sweet. Tell me when you can help? I sincerely hope that this happen as soon as possible. I LOVE YOU! I will be waiting for your letter !!!!!! BACIOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Your Olga!

Letter 2

Mark hello my love!! Again, I am very happy to read your letter .Sorry for what I wrote yesterday sera.Mi Love I'm so ashamed and uncomfortable with what I wrote voi.Come I'm for the agency and the visa will learn all the information for a meeting with voi.Mio dear I am very happy to write nuovo.Mio dear I'm so happy that we are moving towards each other, to our happiness . I hope you are happy that soon we will insieme.Mio dear, I so want to be with you I really hope that soon we can get together and make all our dreams with benvenuto.Oggi I went to a travel agency and learned some information about My coming to voi.Hai need to start making visa and passport for foreign travel. My dear, I signed a contract with the agency. A tourist visa will allow me to be in your country for 3 of these documents are mesi.Registrazione My love is about 2 settimaneIl Marco under the contract that I can come to you in your country I have all the documents and certificati.Sono been able to come freely to you and stay in your beloved paese.Mio the agency said I'll have to pay 430 ? for the production of all documents necessari.Quando I can have all the necessary documents, I have no difficulty can come to you and be with voi.Mio expensive cost of all these documents include the cost of passport, visa , health insurance, and collection of passport imposte.Esteri - 115 ? Visa (Valid 3 months) - ? 180 medical insurance - 65 ? photos and documents - 20 ? tax collection - 50 Euroil my love I really want to be with you! I hope very soon we can get together and make all our dreams with benvenuto.Il my love is like the contract I paid the initial amount, so I started to prepare all documenti.Mio dear, I took all his money and paid for the past 80 euro. The money I saved a long time and now I have no risparmio.Ma I still need to pay 350 euro.Tesoro, I did not expect the trip will cost the same amount. For me it is - a lot of great soldi.Ho wait to meet you. I really want to spend time with te.Voglio have a serious relationship with you, I think that this is come.Finalmente I saw what you want to meet with me as I am! Darling, last night I could not sleep quietly, because in my mind were some reflections on our relationship with you ... Lately I'm always thinking about you, about the possibility of our meeting ... At night, I cried, my mother listened to and comforted sveglio.Mi long time. Yesterday I wrote to you that I hope that soon we will be able to meet ... And on this issue I think is constantly ... Our meeting - will be a moment of joy, because after a certain time communication in words, really want to see you, see your eyes, feel the touch of your hands ... I would hug and kiss ... Because you're the man with whom I want to be my whole life ... My favorite, I do not feel comfortable talking to you, but for the fact that I was able to come to you I need your financial help, Since I am not able to pay for your trip! Can I count on your help? My love, you're ready to help me with my trip to you? You think it could be considered? I am right now ready to meet you ... We just need to make small steps towards our happiness, my dear another, do not know who contattare.Mio dear, we love each other, so we should be together and we must make our meeting a realta.Mio love, I have taken the first step for our felicita.Ora we only need to pay the remaining amount, and then I could be with you and nothing can stop me to be in your country are very sorry that voi.Naturalmente this is a big amount. But money is nothing compared to our amore.Il my love me very sad, that the money keeps us from being together with you My love for me, money has never been important in my life and now I have led to this problema.Mio dear now I'm so ashamed and so sorry! not insist and I hate to ask aiutoma the only way we can unite our hearts in love and be together My love if I could find something, then I would not have asked any aiuto.Ma I've already tried all the opzioni.Io I love you very much! I'm so sad without you I really want to be with you! I am very sad without my love now te.Il I finish my letter and wait for your risposta.Mi hope that all our dreams come reali.Io love my'm so sorry that I bring some inconveniente.Ma I so want to be with you as soon as possible, be close! My love Marco really hate to tell you, but now everything depends on you, my dolce.Dimmi when you can help me? I sincerely hope that this happens as soon as you write possibile.Io stasera.Io I love you very much! Your Olga!



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