Letter(s) from Valentina Sidorova to Sali (Egypt)

Letter 1

Hi darlign!!!!

Glad to receive your letter,it is very nice and I think that we have a lot in common and happy future together:-)
Thanks for your worm words and I am glad that you interested in me as I am very interested in you too.
What can I tell you about myself to impress you,I think nothing jet,just tell you about my life,job,parents as this is my real life ,and I can't live without them.
I like to help people,and I do it every day,this is my job.I am a nurse at the hospital and I like my job very much.I was dreaming about this job from my first steps,I was playing in my childhood in doctors,treat all my dolls and bears.i think it is great to hear every day that someone thanks you for your help,job,if someone feel pain you make him better,you take care about people and it is great.And what is your job?
About my family.....so....it is the most important and closer people to me,I respect them and love very much.I am very happy to have such family,I will never change it to other.I have a big family,My mommy,daddy,three brothers and me.My father a bit strict person but he grew up a great kids.He thought us to respect each other, understand,help and support in any situation.
I have one elder brother(Timur) and two youngest(Nikolay and Boris), they are studying in the university,and the eldest is in the army now.We miss him very much and wait.
My brothers are very talented little mans,they play guitars,piano,bass and singing great,I am just playing piano and singing a little,just on the caraoke Also we like to gather and play pool,bowling,they are very funny and we like to spend time together.
Tell me about your family,special events from your life,job.What plans do you have for the future,do you want to create family,or you want to be a business man?Wish you all the best and waiting your next letter!!!!

your truly Ludmila!!!

Letter 2


First of all i am not from Lugansk,second this is my private mail,and that mail I send you first letter was just for site as when i choose nice man I want to write to him only and don't want other people write on my site so this is my personal mail.My job start from 8:00 a.m so i come to work,check all documents and have five minutes free,I have only one weekend in one week and next week two so that time I was at work ,I have no computer at home.I work like a nurse but I will be doctor in the nearest future as I study and English language I know as I learned it at school and I liked it and I am steel learn it at University ,this is important to know as there are medicines from different countries so today this is not a miracle if Ukrainian person know English.I think that your questions something strange and I feel you don't trust me so I wouldn't bother you any more.Have a nice day!