Romance scam letter(s) from Jolecile Contreras to Paul (Australia)
Letter 1
how are you?
do u have a yahoo?
can i have it? well, my real name is zynderella a. dela cruz. im 18 years old im now in 1st year college, im taking up B.S travel management, im the youngest of the three siblings in our family, im sweet, pretty, intelligent and cheerful, i always make my mom to smile everyday, i have one sister taking up B.S physical therapy, and one brother but he have already a family, he stay in the province, we have our own house at San Jose Del Monte bulacan, and we rent a boarding house near in our school bcoz its a long trip our own house to school, my mother is a teacher, she's the one to sent us school with my sister, i believe about GOD care and love, coz we are a christian, right now im one of the member of agape christian music ministry, so we serve GOD every sunday. if u have yahoo, sent it to me, if u wish, so we know more, and this week is our vacation, so we have a long days to know each other again.well this is for now, and GODBLESS ! waiting for your reply
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