Letter(s) from Alena Abdulina to Bryan (USA)

Letter 1

Hi, Bryan! Thank you for your interest very much!!! I'd like to know you better and see if we are able to be friends and maybe more!!!
Ohh! Well, I don't know from what to start to talk with you. To speak about myself it's very difficult.
I think first of all I need to tell you who I am in order you could have some imagination about what person you want to communicate.
My name is Nadejda, Nadia for short. I think you can call me if it's comfortable for you. But my parents and friends prefer to call me like Nadechka, Nadyushka. They called me like this when I was small.
I'm 22 years old but on the 1st of November I'll be 23. This year I graduated the Commercial University and got a profession of book-keeper. Digits, counting attracted me from the very childhood.
When I was small I'd like to become a doctor and treat people, care and help them. Then I thought to be a teacher and teach children. I thought that it's very useful and nice work because I adore children! They are our future! Our future generation!!! And flowers of our life!!!!
But at school I understand that I want to have work connected with economics, marketing and management.
So I became a book-keeper.
And to my great happiness I succeeded to find a job in one small firm. At first it was very difficult for me to start work because I didn't work before. But I met very good and friendly collective. We became friends with them. By the way, I'm the youngest in the firm. But all our staff respect me and consider me equal!!
It was unexpected but very pleasant for me. I like my work very much and I'm sure that I have a good work. I dreamt to go to a work as to a holiday! I do my best and my colleagues say that maybe soon I'll be a very good book-keeper. And what about your work? Do you like it?
Well, now I want to tell you that I'm from Ukraine. I think that some years ago people even haven't at least imagination about our country but after our political situation about our country all people in the world found out about our country.
I live in a small town Debalcevo in the eastern part of Ukraine. It's very small but very nice. I like it because it's my mother land. I was born here and I live here for all my life. It's green and it's very beautiful in spring and summer!
But I'm very lonely in this town because I can't find my beloved person! The person who I could love and who could love me!!! I think that it's the greatest happiness to love and be loved!!! I want to find a man who will be attentive to me, care about me, faithful and want to make a family.
I guess that a nice friendly family made in love is the happiness! Just true man's happiness!!!! I want to find a man who I could make happy with me! My soul mate, my best friend! Father of my children and the person I can rely on!
The person I can grow old and be happy!!! And what do you expect from your other half??
I think it's enough for the first time and now I'd like to know more about you, about your town where you live, your work, what you look for!!!
I hope we become a good friends!!!!
I'll be searching for your letter with anxiety!!!!!
Your Nadejda.

Letter 2

Hi, my dear Bryan! Thank you for your letter very much!!!
It's nice to receive your letters! And you know I find you very interesting and attractive man. I think you are so charm, you have such kind glance and well-built. Honey, if you can only imagine how happy I am after getting your letter! Warm feelings overfill my heart and give me very pleasant feeling of tender and hope.
I think we are on the eve of something great. I feel that a new part of my life starts. As I really like you and think I want to spend with you the rest of my life. I feel that you are the man I was looking for all my life!!!!!!
You are so remarkable, extraordinary and natural! Your letters show so much beauty of your heart that I'm overwhelmed. I find in them a trueness and honesty! It is these qualities that I'm attracted. I trust you. I know that love builds on the trust to each other.
I'd like to tell you about my hobbies. As for my hobby, I'm fond of knitting and sewing. I adore handicraft and take pleasure of it. I often do it. I like to model and design clothes. I have many things made by my hands. I like to draw especially nature and landscapes.
I'm fond of sport. I want to keep fit. Sport is an essential part of my daily life. Every morning all the year round I do my morning exercises. Every day I do some training. I go in for athletics for flexibility and strengthening of my muscles. Sport makes my healthy, keeps me fit, more organized and better disciplined. I do sports on my personal initiative. Sport needs mobility, liveliness and much energy. It keeps me in a good form. And you?
I also like to read books. I prefer classics. I like to read masterpieces of world literature. Usually I borrow books from the library, but I have a lot of them at home, too. I like to read books about history of our country and about famous people.
Literature means much in my life. It helps to form the character and the world outlook, to understand life better. There is a name in Russian literature that is very dear to me. I value Ivan Sergeyevich Turgenev highly. For me he is a real intellectual and aristocrat, a man of culture, devoted to literature, music and painting. Though he lived abroad for a long time he didn't stop to be a Russian writer for a moment. He created a number of national characters in his books. His descriptions of nature are delightful, too. His style is perfect, his dialogues are easy read, interesting, life-like, yet always significant.
One may think that Turgenev is too balanced, too poetic for the new age, but one must admit that these are the qualities we badly lack today. What books are you prefer?
As for my dream, dear, I often dream about my future family and I imagine it. I decided to make a family. I desire to have an attentive and careful husband. I'll do my best to make him happy with me. I want to make a family in love, to take care of my husband and my children, to cook them food, wash their clothes, to keep our house, go shopping.
I have no children and when I see any young woman with a child, I imagine our child. How we take care of him, buy him clothes;
go for a walk with him. I dream when we spend our weekends and holidays together: my husband, me and our child. When we'll travel, we'll show our child the sights of cities, old churches and castles, views of mountains, lakes, valleys, plains, waterfalls, forests, different kinds of trees, flowers and plants, animals and birds.
I imagine our house nice, tidy and cozy. I want it'll be large and light. It must be full of love. And what about you, Bryan, how you imagine your future family?
You know, it'd be very nice to meet you in reality!!! If you can see people you can find out what the person is, if one matches to other!
I'll keep you in my mind all the time! take care!
Thousands of kisses to you!!!!!

Letter 3

Hi, Bryan!!! Thank you for your letter very much!!!
It was so wonderful! So pleasant to hear from you!
And to know you better is a great happiness for me!!!!!
As for my family, I'm the only child in my family.
My parents couldn't have children for a long time and I was their long waiting child!!! My parents love me very much and I'm very happy that I have such parents as they!!!
When I was small they made me happy!! They walked with me, but they didn't spoiled me!! And I'm grateful them for this!!!
My father is 56 years old, his name is Vlad, he is pensioner already from this year. But earlier he worked at the railway station as a worker. I was very pride of my father!
He is very kind and careful man. Now he spend most of his time at home reading newspapers, watching TV.
I'm very glad that now my father has rest now because he worked very hard to give me and mother all the necessary for living!
My parents love each other very much and I dream to have such love with a man I'll fall in love!!!!
My parents are from Russia. They came here to work and met each other in Ukraine. And then they got married and in some years they gave me birth!!!
My mother is 53 years old and her name is Marina.
She works at school as a teacher of English. And when I was a pupil she taught me English and now you can appreciate my skills.
I got a lot of good skills from my parents and I'm very grateful them!!
I have many friends from school, from my University.
I'm very friendly. I adore go for a work with my friends.
I like to go out of town to a lake or river with them.
Best of all I like to spend time in nature, to gather berries, mushrooms, flowers. I like to sit at the river bank and see at the river, its waves. I'm also very romantic person. In people I value sincerity, faithfulness, culture, understanding, a good sense of humor. I'm looking for a sincere, careful man to make a family in love and the whole harmony. One can always rely upon me. I never let anybody down. My friends say that I'm pleasant to deal with. I always try to bring all the things to end. I do everything in time. I like to make the acquaintance of new people. I quickly get accustomed to new people and new conditions.
You know, I'd like to know more about you, I prepare some questions for you. I hope you'll tell me!!!!!!!
I'd like to know about your likes and dislikes, hobbies?
Where did you to travel? And if you like it?
What do you dream about?
I'll search for your letter and you new photos!
I send you my kisses!!!!!!!!!!!!

Letter 4

Hi, my darling Bryan!!! Thank you for your reply very much!
It's VERY interesting to know you more and more! Every time I get your letter a happy smile appears on my face :-) .
I was waiting for your reply impatiently. You give me a great force, a huge inspiration!!!
When I see your letter in my mailbox I feel the happiest woman in the world. I fulfilled with happiness. My relatives and colleagues say me that I radiate happiness and joy. Dear, due to you a fine pages of my life were opened!!!! If you can only imagine how I'm happy that I met you. You gave me new world, new feelings!
I like the way you share with me your thoughts. As soon as I read your letter it cheered me up. You know I feel that you are that man I dreamed about! I think you are that very man I can grow old together. Only you I can reveal my soul, tell about everything, even about simple and insignificant things, share with joy and ask for an advice, have heart to heart talks. Baby, you are so attentive and careful! I SO desire to make you happy! I'd like to take care of you! I want to devote you my life, every minute of my day! I'd like to be always with you, to be a support for you, to be non- changeable friend and wife for you! I think I'll do everything for the sake of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My honey, if you could only imagine how I look at children prams and pregnant women?! I have a boredom :-(
I think all the sense of life is in a word "to love". I dream to be loved and wait my love man from work inclined at a cradle with our baby!
As for my parents, they support me very much and wish me only good, and happiness. I think when we meet and if we decide to live together I can move to you but I must give my parents a promise to visit them twice a year and maybe more and call them. As for your asking about housewife, I didn't tell you that I want to be ba housewife. I wrote that I want to be a mother to make a family.
As for work, I think it's very important in life to have it. It gives you things for living, due to it one may or mayn't support oneself, children and help parents, allow the most necessary things. i think every person must work. I think I'll work when we are together to help you to support our family. Because there are such cases when a husband hasn't success in his work and his wife can help him in such difficult period of life. I think a couple must be not only lovers, but also partners, supporters, advisers, soul-mates.
You know, my dear, I so want to speak to you by phone! My best friend Natasha has a mobile phone. We are friends with her from our childhood. We live with her in the same block of flats, on the same floor and our flats are next to each other. My dear, you may ring her up and ask her to call me to the phone. Her number is +380979634534. My dear, I long to hear you voice in reality because I heard it in my dreams at night and I think it's the same in reality. At night I see how we speak to each other by phone.
As for my love life, yes, I loved one boy. It was when I studied at the University. He also studied there. I loved him very much! I gave him all my soul. I trusted him very much. I acquainted him with my father and my father liked him very much. His name was Dmitriy. But then I found out that he is drug-lover and that he didn't love me at all and just used me.
I felt so unhappy because of it. I was so upset and didn't know what to do. I suffer for a log time. I so wanted to be with him, to get married him and have children. We made plans about our future life with him and if you can only imagine my condition when I found out that all my dreams and hopes were ruined. I have bad mood when I remember about this. My father and my friends try not to remind me about this.
And here in Ukraine there are many young man who love drugs or drink. They don't want to study at all, to get job. Many of them depend on their parents. Many people are not serious. I'm alone for 4 years and don't sorry about it. I think it's better to be alone than with wrong person. I thought about it a lot and tried in the Internet. By the way, I'm very glad that I met such kind, educated, handsome and interesting man as you are!!! I hope that you are my destiny!!!
My dear, it's a pity that you are SO far from me, but in my dreams you are always with me. I constantly have an intense desire to meet with you, to see you, to touch your tender skin, to cuddle and kiss you passionately!!!!!

I'll miss you!!! I send you my hot kisses!

Letter 5

Hi, my dearest honey Bryan! Thank you for your letter very much! It lights up,my day to see your new letter in my mailbox. Your words bring me hope that maybe we are destined for each other. I can see the love in your eyes longing to get out and reach somebody. My heart reaches for you each time see your words.
Every time I get your letter, you give me the happiest days in my life!
Dear, I so miss you and need!!!!!! I believe and hope that in some time we'll meet! I imagine our meeting bad yet ;-( Where will be our first meeting?!!! On the shore of affectionate sea! Or in the forest between birches?! And maybe in a beautiful town where there are extraordinary sculptures?!!!
I think it's no matter where we'll meet. The main thing is to see YOU, MY PRINCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I imagine You are so affectionate and calm, but at the same time full of emotions and fresh impressions.
I try to imagine our meeting and dream. Really, my relatives and colleagues feel that I always keep you in my mind. I think about you constantly, when I speak to my dad, when I clean my flat or iron linen, in the morning when get up, wash up, at my work, in the evening when switch on TV, when fall asleep.
You know, my darling, I imagine us on a shore of lagoon, and on a glade of green grass, under branches of old willow above a pond and in a room that is full of sunlight.!
I awoke and it seems that you are next to me. I dream about the day when I'll be able to feel you in reality with all my skin, my face and all my heart!
As for a child, my dear, I want to have it but not at once. I think at first young people must live with each other, then to get married and only then to have children.
I told my parent about you. I said him that I met so fine, intelligent, kind and handsome man. He thinks that it's love from the first sight! By the way, I feel the same!
My dear Bryan, I don't know when we can meet but I think it'd be wonderful to meet in autumn, maybe in beginning of November when the weather is fine, warm and without rains. What do you think about it? Is it possible?
I think that when we'll see each other we'll not be able to suppress our feelings, wishes, embraced our mind and body. We'll come up to each other. I hold your neck with my arms tender and kiss you with my tender sweet lips. Then I'll stroke your back. It'll be as in a splendid dream! You'll kiss me, and then will take me in your arms and carry to the table. You'll caress my legs.
I'll continue to kiss you but already in neck. I'll take off your short, kissing every piece of your skin. I feel how you'll excite. We'll tremble of exciting in our hugs. You'll take off my blouse with your teeth. You'll see my bosom. You'll bite my nipples and lack them tender, go down and down and you'll see my stomach. You'll kiss every piece of my body, teasing me. Then you'll take off my skirt neatly and it'll fall on the floor. We'll cuddle each other. There will be nothing on my body.;-) except stockings. I'll stand, hug you and kiss then I'll take of your trousers and your shorts. then I'll sit on the table again and cuddle you, you'll enter me. I'll tremble of pleasure!!! I'll lie on the table in order you can caress my bosom. You'll move quicker and quicker every time. And then we'll get a pleasure together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My dear, when we are together????!!!!! I CAN'T WAIT TO BE WITH YOU FOREVER!!!!!
I wonder, my baby Bryan, how do you usually spend your free time?
What do you do for fun?
You'll be on my mind! I hope to hear from you soon, my dear!!!
I send millions of kisses!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Letter 6

Hi, my Bryan!!! Thank you for your letter very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Your letters are delightful, every of them! They are very significant for me! Every of them! I love reading your letters and see your smiling face. Your words tell me you love me and I know for sure you are the right man for me! You are not just a man for me. You are my prince; you are my king in our castle. I've never met any other man like you before. You are faithful to only me. I'm so glad you tell me all your problems good and bad., Our letters give me heart good! I'm very glad and grateful to God that I met you! I always think about you, whatever I do: read book, walk prepare food, look at the window, work or just communicate with a friend. And when I think about you I take heart of grace!!!! I hope with all my heart and soul that we'll be together! You attach great force me to live! God has finally sent me someone who I can love and cherish all the days of my life and grow old! Someone who will be by my side through good time and bad times. I can't wait to be with you, caress you, run my fingers through your hair, take care of you when you are sick,to make you smile, kiss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I desire to meet with you with all my heart-strings!
The thoughts make my head go round when I think about you! You know today in the morning I woke up and imagined us together! It was so wonderful, beautiful, romantic, exciting!!!! I imagined you close to me when I closed my eyes, how you kissing my neck, my bosom, sucking and licking my nipples. In this time I caress your hard dick, with my soft fingers. We placed your dick between my bosoms, and my hard nipples stimulated your dick, you caress my hair. After this I gripping your hard dick and starting to suck him and the balls. When I discovered your erection juice, I enabled you that you continued my stimulating. Then I kissing every piece of your body. Your tongue licked my wet pussy. You sucked my pussy and clitoris. You drank my sweet pussy juice. After this when I wished you easy entered in me, we made love, I rode me. It was so fine!!!!
I made circle with your ass. My tempo was very pleasant for you. You heard my soft moaning. We had powerful orgasm together!!!!!
I've never been abroad, and I've never traveled anywhere so I can't say where I'd like to go. I was only in my country.:-(
As for America, I've never been there! Your suggestion was so unexpected! But so pleasant to me! You know, I haven't at least imagination what I need for this? I can't even imagine what papers I need, what documents to go there????!!!!
It'd be very interesting for me to travel somewhere! I dream when me with my husband travel all over the world together! But now it's only my dreams! You know, I think it's so interesting to see another countries, to see another people, to see how they live, to explore their customs and traditions!!!!!
You know, I must go some years ago to England but unfortunately the trip failed. As for a passport, my darling, I have it! When we studied at the Institute we were invited to work abroad and most of our students made themselves passports and me, too. Some girls and boys went to England to work but I had to stay at home with my grandfather. He needed me at that time very much. My parents worked and couldn't care of him. He was very ill. So as you can see my opportunity to go abroad failed. But I think it's good that I made a passport then. So I think we'll not have problems with it! I'm glad that one step to our meeting is made!
How do you think, Bryan?
I think, I'll ask people how I can get to you, I'll try to find out something about the trip to America. When I find out something I'll write you. Ok?
My darling, everything we'll see, we'll do will be very pleasant for me!!!! It'll be so wonderful and pleasant! The most happiness will be that you'll be next to me!!!
My baby, I SO miss you. Every day I fall asleep with thoughts only about you, about ONLY YOU! I desire to see you faster.
To cuddle you tightly, very tightly and don't let you go.
I want to feel your warmth, taste of your arms. I want to wake up next to you. See only you! With every piece of my body to feel your warmth.

Thinking about you, yours forever!!!!!