Scam letter(s) from Olga Semikolenova to Lee (Ireland)

Letter 1
Hi Lee!!!
All apologies for my delay. I really did not have free time before to write a reply sooner. Anyway it is so pleasant for me to get your letter.
So let's begin...
I am so tired to be single with no male so I decided to use internet for finding lovely male or just good friends, so therefore I am writting to you...
I tried to use some dating sites and I found your profile on one of them. It was OKCupid or ConnectingSingles dating site as I remember.
I liked your profile and decided to write to you directly to learn more about you.
As for me I must write next.
My name is Olga. I am 27 years old right now, was born on May, 21, 1983. I was born in Russia and right now I live in Russia in small city Asino. So if you are interesting to know where is it you could use some search in internet to leran more about my city.
It is in about 3500 km to east from Moscow in Siberia region.
I am an average woman, I am not model or something else.
But my friends says that I looks no badly for my age.
Cause I keep my body fit.
My hair color is different time to time as I color my hair like most women I think. But my real hair color is dark blondie.
But often I am blondie.
My height 5 ' 7 ", weight about 60 kg (120 pounds).
I do not know how is your system of measurements but here is in Russia we make it in cm, so my measurements from top to bottom are 91X64X93 in cm.
I have never been married before and do not have any kids. But I like kids.
I live alone in apartment. My mom lives in my city also not far from me.
I can not say that I know English perfect, for example when I am writting letter to you I try to write it in English and when I reach difficult words or phrases I use translator-programm's help.
But I hope that you will understand me.
OK I will try to send pics in my letters so you will see how I am looks like, I think photos will say more than words. Today I will send to you a one pic. This pic shows to you how I am looks like just one I have with myself, so I promise to send more pics next times.
Anyway I hope you are interesting in our contact and will continue to write to me. I will wait for your reply soon.
Letter 2
Hi again Lee!!!
But I still do not have any reply from you.
Did you get my first letter at all???
We met on OKCupid or ConnectingSingles dating site if you forgot.
You have given your e-mail address from there so I have contact with you.
OK I am trying for write more info about me which I did not write in my first letter to you. May be this reason why you are not writting to me. Or check your spam box, may be for some reason it came there from me.
First of all I must inform to you that I do not have any computer at home therefore I use Internet Cafe service.
This is paid service of granting of work on the computer and grantings of using of a network the Internet. Therefore sometimes I would not be able to write to you everyday. Please sorry for it.
OK here is some more about me and my family.
My mom is 53 years old but she looks much younger. I love her because it is the one person of my family for this time. Because my daddy has died when I was was 24 years I mean 3 years ago.
He had got in car accident and next day he had died in hospital of loss of blood. But time flies imperceptibly and I have reconciled to his loss.
Few thing what I like. I love sports very much: tennis, swimming, volleyball, ski. I love to see sport on TV such as hockey, football, racing, even boxing sometimes. Also I love to see some extreme kinds of sports such as windserfing, skateboard, motorbikes shows.
I also love winter kinds of sports: ski, skate, snowboards.
Winters in Russia are long so most people likes winter kinds of sports.
Do you like sport? Do you like to see or enjoy youself? And what kinds of sports you like?
I do not smoke at all but if someone smoke around me I am OK. Every man choose life. I will not ask you do you smoke or not, because really it is not important for me at all.
As for drinks sometimes I drink wine, champane or ****. I tasted Russian ***** but I do not like it. What drinks do you like? I thinks as a man you like some strong and hard drinks? Let me know...
I like to cook. I love Russian food, but it demands very big efforts. I think that preparation of Russian dish this present art. Some dishes demand very long operating time above them, but then the dish turns out very tasty and appetizing. Also I like Italian and some Europe food. Sometimes I like to eat in McDonald's but not regulary only 1-2 times a month no more...
And what kind of food do you like???
Ask me anything you want.
I will try to answer everything you are interesting.
I will wait for your next letter plus pic would be pleasant for me also.

P.S. Here is my pic again. May be you did not get it and therefore did not write to me for this reason...
Letter 3
Hi my again my friend Lee. Thanks for pics.
I do not have a FaceBook account here so sorry.
Again I came to the Internet Cafe just to get a letter from you. It brings me so much satisfaction to read what you write me, about you and your life there.
I work as a seller-consultant in local woman shop. My work consists in consultations about clothes to people which come to buy it in our shop. Also I help women to try on dress.
Our shop calls "Bershka".
In general I like my job, but it does not bring to me the big money.
I see and communicate with many interesting people there.
But it is a hard work because I have to stay there till late and walk from one place to another. But this job allows me to have an independent life and to earn for my living.
I have high education and my profession is economist of light industry but right now I have work to not my profession because I can not find a place because here are not enough companies work in this sphere. May be one day I can find my work but it would not be in our city.
And do you like your work? What do you do at work?
What is your profession? Do you work on your profession or it is some other job?
I like music and movies. I like to visit cinema. And do you?
Most off all I love a comedy and historical movies. I love some new movies but mostly I like such movies as Dumb and Dumber, Ace Ventura, The Mask with Jim Carry, Troy, Gladiator, Brave heart and many others. These movies I can see few times and do not tired of them. Also my favorite actors are John Travolta, Nicholas Cage, Bruce willis, Johnny Depp, Cameron Diaz Lindsay Lohan and etc. Also I like to watch 3D movies in cinemas, it is amazing!!! Here are so many movies here in our cinemas and I do not have enough free time to see all new movies.
And which movies do you like mostly?
As for music I like various styles. I listen to different music from classical music to rock, new waves depending on my mood. Here are som of my lovely misical groups and singers: Lady Gaga, Enigma, Zemfira, Prodigy, Madonna, Scorpions, Sting, Garbage, The Cranberries, Era, Metallica, Guano Apes, P.O.D. Paul Van ****, Paul Oakenfold, Armin Van Buuren, Eric Prydz, Pendulum and David Guetta from DJ’s music, some songs of pop music, also I like instrumental music and some classic of course.
And what kinds of music is pleasant to you?
Do you like some the same as me?
OK I will wait for your next letter with answers on my questions.
Also please feel free to send to me any pics of yourself, it would very pleasant for me to get any of them.
Sorry but I do not have home phone at all.
Some pity but I can not use to call to you a work telephone because it is forbidden here. I can not promise to you anything about phone callings…
So please do not be mad at me, OK???
Here are two pics of me. They were maden in different seasons.
I hope you like these pics anyway.
Also feel free to send me your pic or pics also, I will be glad to get any of yours.
Bye till the next time,
Letter 4

Hello Lee!!!
So pleasant for me to see and read your letter again.
I believe in God but I can not say about myself that I am religious woman, but I usually visit church 1 time a 2-3 months.
I am Christian Orthodox religious.
OK here is some more about me.
Sometimes I like to read books. Most of all I love Russian classic literature. I love to read Michael Sholohov, Lev Tolstoy, Aleksander Pushkin, Anton Chehov, Dostoevsky and Bulgakov...
Also I like to read Victor Hugo and Stephen King.
Do you know some of these writers???
I do not have a car or bike. Simply cars are expensive in Russia and I do not have enough money to buy it. Here are in our country Japan and European cars mostly such as BMW, Audi, Chevrolet, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Mazda and some others.
I like all kinds of motorcycles, but I have riden on motorcycles about 4-5 times in my life, you know motorcycles in Russia are not famous because understand that we have only about 3-4 months warm weather in Russia and other time we have weather colder that 5*C try to understand that in that weather to ride on motorcycles is not comfortable and our roads under ice and it is dangerous, therefore people do not buy motorcycles, mostly cars…
I love animals very much especially cats, dogs, horses and dolphins.
You know 2 years ago I had a little kitty, but one day she ran from me. I cannot find her from that moment and now I have not any pets too.
May be some interesting for you to know about my past relations.
Anyway I am single now. I have not a boyfriend also because I can not find him…
Although three years ago I have had a boyfriend, but he have left me to other girl because she was rich. I think that he has acted **** though it is his affairs and I am not in the right to decide for him.
Now I have no boyfriend also because I can not find the good person.
Here in Russia it is very difficult for making because many men drinks alcohol and rough with girls.
I am so tired to search a male for future life or just a boyfriend for myself because I am tired to be alone. But to find good male here is really difficult mission for women. Therefore I am using internet to try to find some good male or just a friend.
I want to be honest with you. You know I have communicated else with one man on internet before. But right now I am not interested it him, I want to write to you only.
I have few friends although they quite good people. We frequently meet with them on a camping and we have a rest, play volleyball and badminthon, we talk, sometimes we drink **** or wine.
But I can not find a male for myself among them, because almost all my friends in pairs.
And how does you and your friends have a rest?
Do you have alot of friends or few good friends as me?
OK today I am sending to you my pics again.
Hope you like these pics.
Will wait for you next letter,
Your friend Olga
Letter 5
Hi my favorite friend Lee.
Hope it is OK for you if I call you my favorite friend but it is truth. You are very pleasant for me as good pen-pal and simple friend. I called you favorite because I like to write and discuss with you on some themes which I do not discuss even with not all of my girlfriends.
Your letters are very pleasant for me. Thanks to you, really...
I feel better myself after reading your words.
Why I am writting these things to you??? Because I want to let you know that I am trustful for you. I do not like jokes or lie so that's way I am writting to you about my last relations, that's why I am writting to you that I have written to someone else but now I communicate with you only. I hate lie in any kind so I hope you will not lie to me also or play some joke with me OK??? I mean our communication must 100 real and with no any jokes or games with my emotions or feelings OK?
I want to be honest with you and I want you will do the same.
Sorry for such words simply my last relations made me such opinion to word relation, any kind of realtion: is it just friends or some more must be honest and true always.
Yesterday everning after work I went out of my city to some village about 20 miles from my home to my girlfriend. We have some picnic.
Simply one of my girlfriend buy a car and she celebrated it.
We drank tea some wine and made a barbeque.
All my girlfriends were in pairs with males and I was alone still.
They smiled a lot and I have seen on them and was some sad.
I am so tired to be alone.
Do you like picnics and barbeque???
As for me I like picnics and barbeque very much.
Russians likes go out of city any time of year.
Most holidays are celebrate on nature.
We have a lot of Holidays here such are Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day, Women’s Day, Men’s Day, Victory Day, May Day, Child Day, Independence, different Birthdays, Thanksgiving, and etc.
My favorite holidays are my Birthday and New Year Ave.
What's holiday do you like the most? What holidays do you celebrate?
You can see my pics here again. Hope you like these pics.
On pic with umbrella I am on left...
OK till the next time I write to you bye,
your friend Olga
Letter 6
Hi my dear friend Lee.
Thanks for reply again.
I can not write to you that I am travel very much because I have never been outside of Russia even and travelling would very pleasant for me because the first time.
Yesterday I left work some earlier and went to home to have rest.
I decided to come to home and just watch TV because usually I come back from work very tired and just go to sleep, therefore watching TV is some holiday for me...
I look some program on Animal Planets.
Do you have this chanel? I think you do.
I like this chanel and some other such as History, LuxeTV, Fashion TV, Discovery, also I like movie chanels.
What's your favorite chanels?
I had some bad mood today, so tired to be alone.
I have already written to you why I am still alone.
Here in Russia it is very difficult for making because many men drinks alcohol and rough with girls. I am also so tired that males sees on me like on beautiful picture only but not on woman.
I feel your good intentions in our communication.
That's why I feel so easy myself with you.
I have never felt it with another males.
I am so happy that I have found such good internet friend as you.
I will wait for your next letter. You know when I read your letters my heart begin to beat fastly and more strongly. It feels heat and tenderness.
You know I never tested anything similar and sometimes begin to think that I have more feelings to you than to a just friend.
And do you like my letters? How do you feel about our communication?
Here is my full name and address also, may be it would interesting for you to know it:
Olga Semikolenova,
3 Repin St., apt# 11,
Asino, 636841,
It is just in case if you wish to send me something in the mail using post but I do not think that it is good idea because I think mail would come to me in few weeks if would come at all.
OK it would be pleasant for me to get your address also if you can.
Here are some more pics of me.
One of them was made in Sochi City in mountains where will be Olympic Games in 2014, I have some fun there about year ago on snowboard. Two others are pics was made in Sochi also but in summer season on Black Sea coast. Most Russians have rest there because it is the closest place with sea and mountains. So I like that places also.
Hope you like these pics of me too.
I will wait your answer with impatience...
Letter 7
Hi my dear friend Lee.
Thanks for reply again. So pleasant for me...
How are you??? Hope you have wonderful day.
As for me all day at work I thought about you only. My co-workers asked me why I am such dreaming, but I did not begin to speak them about that I have some feelings and dreams about you and me. I can not understand what happens with me. I can not say that it's love but I like you and it's true. I am in such good mood!!! Thank you that you are in this world!!! You make my life happy!!!
Yesterday everning I decided to visit my mom.
I told to her about me and you. I told her that I have more feeling to you than just to friend. My mom understood me and she was very glad that I have communication with you. Because she saw me and my mood was better than in the past.
It would be very pleasant for me to meet each other one days.
Lee, how do you think about it?
Will it be pleasant for you if I would come to you one day?
I will try to learn what I need to do and to have to come to you.
I have already given some documents to register international passport few days ago, will see what happen there soon.
I will keep you informed about it.
OK I am sending few pics of me for you today.
All these pics were maden in Sochi city also on Black Sea coast where I have some rest about year ago. I hope you like these pics...
I would be happy to get pics of you in your next letter also, if you could to send of course.
Bye for now...
Yours Olga
Letter 8
Hi, my dear friend Lee.
I became very happy to receive your letters. I am very tired from our city, our cold, from cold in my spirit.
I want to receive heat and love from your words, your touches.
All my ideas and dreams about you our meeting only, I live dreaming to meet you in person faster.
But right now I do not know alot about visit you so I will learn about it more and will inform to you.
Lee, I can inform you about it soon.
As I am going to visit you I will try to learn about what I need to do for it.
Do you dream about it?
I think you would become happy when we shall meet.
I feel some new energy in my body that makes me so pleasant to live by idea of our meeting. I wait for this meeting very much.
My friends have noticed that I became slightly another, but they are happy that I feel happy myself.
I love to dream of you.
It so good and pleasant for me.
And here are some pics of me again for you.
Hope you like these pics of me in swim suit.
All those pics were maden in Southern Part of Russia in city Sochi at Black Sea coast, I have some rest there almost each summer with my friends.
Send me any kind of your pics also if you can.
OK now I will go to get more information about visa.
I must get very important information in few hours.
I must hear good news about ready some document for visiting you.
But I need to pay for registration.
May I hope for your help with it or must I find a way myself???
Just let me know it OK???
So I will learn about it and will explain to you too.
Would you like to meet me? Are you ready for it??? I bet yes.
Think only how it would cool to meet each other in near future.
Only one dream about it makes me so happy...
Bye for now
Yours Olga
Letter 9
Hi again my lovely friend Lee.
I am writting this short message to you just to inform I have very good news for you!!!
I just return from travel agency few hours ago and I got international passport.
So I will add a copy of it even so you can see that I really got it.
I paid for it on my own 3050 russian rubels which is about 105 $ US.
But I am so happy right now that I have passport!!!
We are one step closer to our meeting!!!
Now I am ready to visit you!!!
I hope you are glad for me also!!!
So right now I plan to learn more about my visit to you what else I need to have for it.
But to plan my trip to you better please send me info about what is your closest international airport or some of them.
Simply I want to learn how much it is costs for me to come to you. It would better for me if I will know it faster.
So let me know it in your next letter, OK???
Now I must go...
Yours Olga
Letter 10
Hi my lovely friend Lee.
I went to travel agency to learn about visa. I could get it.
But one problem I have. I do not have money for visa registration. I had some money before but I used it for my international passport registration.
So now I need about 265 $ US for it total.
This amount includes:
- medicalsurvey (I might have blood testing before trip).
- payment for visa registration,
- payment for quick registration (because sometimes registration might borrow 6-9 months)
- interview in embassy.
I plan to register a student type of visa because it is the easiest way to visit you.
Other types of visa has some difficulties in registration or theirs process are long.
But I must ask money help from you for payment for registration of my visa and for visit your country, because I do not have any money right now.
So I am asking this money help from you.
I must pay for visa and passport myself only because I must prove my solvency and payability this way, therefore I must do it myself. That's why I am asking money help from you cause I do not have it. Cause I have already paid for internetional passport as you know and now I do not have money for visa registration.
If I don’t pay for it now, I could have problems in the future with getting visa.
And I don’t want to loose this chance.
People in travel agency needs me to pay for visa registration in 7-12 days and no more. If I would not pay for registration in this period my visa access will stop at all and so I will not be able to register it again because it is really not easy to register visa for such young woman as me. The possibility to register visa takes once a 2 years and if not now I will not have chance in future 2 years to register it at all.
So please try to find way to help me this money sooner, so I might pay for registration sooner because as you may understand the process of registration visa will take few weeks.
So if you would send money help that amount today or tomorrow I will be able to pick up your money help faster and pay for it so we would not loose any time, so it would take less time and we could meet each other faster.
It would very pleasant for me if you will be able to help to me amount for visa sooner. I hope for your help. Simply I do not have any other way to find this money because I spent money for passport already.
Or I must let you know something if you would help to me this money it will nessesary to do it via Money Gram or Western Union transfer system because we have only these kinds of transfer system in our city. Also as I have heard it is faster and easy, because sending money via mail or post office is some dangerous and crazy like I have already explained to you, even our Russian post office has attention papers:
"Do not sending money and expensive things via post".
Also it is not nesesary to send via any other system because simply we do not have any others in our city really.
If you could make it today it will be very pleasant for me.
If not today please let me know when can you do it???
So hope for your money help today so I could pay money for registration that will take about 2 weeks.
As I learned all you need to know to send money transfer is my full name and location, so it is - Olga Semikolenova, Asino, 636841, Russia, and then you will get some control transfer number which I would need to know for picking up it.
So I hope for your money help today or tomorrow with hope so I would start visa registration process sooner.
OK here is some pic of my for you again. So here is you can see me with international passport in my hand which I got. Once again I want to show only how I am real for you and really I plan my trip to you but still need some of your money help only.
Lee, I want to be only yours.
I need you and I miss you.
Yours and only yours Olga Semikolenova
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