Scam letter(s) from Kelly Bates to Dale (USA)

Letter 1
Hi my Love
Can`t go to bed without you here my Love ... I want to be with you so that i can give you some Sweet Love **** .. I want to treat you right all on Night shift **** .. Oh baby come Hold me tight because i feel you Now ... I Love you **** and i know that there is something more that you have that you have not tell me .. I want to know you all **** as a wife should know his Husband,I hope you do understand me my Love .. Never think that i am something that i am Not because i have giving you the Prove you ask me to and don`t turn your Back on Me ..I want you to know that i have been in a relationship before and not ones but twice,All my hearts gt Broken and that the reason why i came on the Internet .. I am such a responsible woman and Open minded,I mean my Words and never cheat in relationship because i am one man Woman and don`t even get time to juggle with two Me,Any woman who do that is a ********** because i have never learn that from my Mother ... I have been trained well as a Educated and a Loving girl at Home and will never do anything to shame my Mom or let her Regret by giving birth to me so i love her and make all my Effort to make her Happy as a Loving Mother .. We are not Much in our Family and when it comes to my Family,I and my Mom,Granny and my Uncle,That all the family i have and for my Dad after the Divorce of my Mom he decided to travel away back and for now i don`t know where my Father`s is because he has prove Stubborn to my Mom and i have no time to go and search for Him ..So my Uncle is the Father i have now and he has been so Good and caring to the Family as a True Father as well ... And with my Family they all want the best for me and they can`t wait to see me Happily married someday with someone i will like to be with and spend the rest of my Life with .. Dale i think for now we need to talk more and know something more Important about our self.. I Love you **** and also want you to know that fo what i do for a Living,Mom do has a Shopping Store over here which i am the Accountant here at the Market as you know ii used to go at the Market .. I work 7 hours on my Working days and Wednesday is my Days Off.. I get at work 9am and get closed at 4pm,I go the the Market at 5pm and make sure that i get Dinner prepared my 7:30pm.. So my 9pm i need to prepare the bed for Mom and Granny then later be with you on here so that i can Complete my day .. I Love you **** and that is why sometimes i do Miss you on here .. I hate missing you my Love and i know that for now you Understand me and will let us schedule everything on time so that it can move on easy for Us .. I Love you Dale and can`t wait to be with you .. Never mind about anything because our hearts are connected to each Other and we do feel the same hear beat.. . With this is say Good Morning to you and have a nice and Blessed day today ..Yours Laura
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