Scam letter(s) from Ayrina Omarova to Tim (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello Tim!!! My name is Ekaterina. I am very glad to get acquainted with you.
Forgive, that I have answered not at once you. At me was a lot of work. And just now I had time to write you the letter.
I was registered on a site of acquaintances to get acquainted with good man.
Earlier I when did not get acquainted with men through the Internet.
But me have told, that many people have found the happiness by means of the Internet.
And I have decided to try to find here the good person. I hope, that you will answer me.
I with impatience will wait your letter.
Yours faithfully Ekaterina.
Letter 2
I have forgotten to send you my photo!
This photo is made this summer in my city!
I ask, that you as have sent to me of more photos!
Letter 3
I hope, that I do not write you too many letters!
Now my working day has ended also I be going to go home!!
I will write you in the evening the letter when I will reach my house.
I live far from work. Sometimes I go home on foot. When I fish on foot it occupies from me approximately 40 - 45 minutes.
Now at us very quickly darkens. I am afraid to go at night! Therefore after work I go at once home.
In Russia very often there are various crimes! Therefore I am always very cautious!
How to struggle with criminality in your country? I heard on TV, that in your country there are some criminals! It is the truth?
Now I need to go home. I hope, that you will answer my questions!
Ekaterina! So long!
Letter 4

I have already come to myself home. I have forgotten to tell to you where I live.
I live in Russia. When I filled questionnaire on a site of acquaintances, I not pitch to place the Russian postal index!
On it I have not specified in the questionnaire, that I live in Russia. I am not guilty that a site did not accept my postal index.
I live approximately in 1500 kilometres from Moscow! I live in city Perm.
It is very interesting to me where do you live. Please tell to me not much about your city!
It is very interesting to me to learn about it!
I am very tired after work and I need to have a rest. Unfortunately many children are sick! And I give them a lot of time!
But I am glad, that I can help sick children.
I hope, that you will write to me tomorrow. I very much like to communicate with you.
Letter 5
Hello Tim!!!
I am glad to see your letter!!!
I have now come for work and at once have checked up mail! I am very happy that you answer me!
Unfortunately I now have not enough time! I simply wished to tell that have received your letter!
I will write to you during a lunch break!!
Letter 6
I wish to tell to you why I still one!
In my life there was one man. I thought that I love it.
I thought that he too loves me. I met it about a floor of year. All Seemed that well!
But once I have seen it with other woman!! During that moment I have thought, that my heart will not sustain such change!
I could not believe to the eyes! He kissed and embraced other woman!
My heart has been broken! After that case I did not wish to live!
To you sometime changed?? It is very sick! Even to the enemy I will not wish to go through change!
After that case I have left it.
Since then I have understood as many a pain can bring love!
To me that time was very difficult to go through!! Even now it is heavy to me to recollect it!
I and could not find the love.
Letter 7
But I have not told to you about my father! To tell the truth it is a shame to me to you to speak about it.
My father too drinks ***** much! There were cases when it came home ***** and beat my mum.
Then to me it was very terrible. I have younger sister! We with it were closed in a room and sat very silently! Because of a door we heard as mum and the daddy swear.
At that moment I have understood that never I will marry the man which ***** drinks and beats women.
I do not wish to speak about the sad.
I did not wish to speak to you about my father! But I think that between us there are no secrets. I want that our friendship has begun without secrets.
Therefore I do not have from you secrets.
You can ask me any questions! I will try to answer all.
From the first I cannot sometimes understand your question! Therefore if I do not answer a question that ask me once again.
It is pleasant to me to answer your questions.
Letter 8
Now I on reception had a small child! I surveyed it and it has appeared that it is very sick! At it a bilaterial pneumonia.
To me became so it is a pity it! It has come to hospital one! I have asked where his parents, He has told that they at home - drink *****!
It is very awful! Parents do not bring up the child! It requires medical aid and to parents on it to spit!
I was in a shock when it have heard! To me became so it is a pity this child.
Now I have put it in chamber on treatment. He should recover.
To me has carried that I have a family! My mum always tries to help me.
I already spoke to you about the father. Recently he has started to drink very strongly *****. I many times talked to it that he has ceased to drink.
But he does not listen to me. My mum too tried to talk to it. It is very heavy to me to look as my father every day drinks.
I never drank *****. I drink only on holidays of a few wine.
I do not understand as it is possible to drink ***** every day.
What for people have thought up alcohol? Alcohol has brought to people so a lot of a grief! You with me agree? It is important to me to know that you think in this occasion.
Letter 9
I again have free minute to write to you.
I wish to tell to you about that where I studied to write in English!
At school I very much was interested in foreign languages. After school I have entered the institute and have continued to study English.
I also visited English language courses. But I and have not finished training. I did not have not enough time for study because I worked as the nurse in hospital! I should earn money to help mum.
Therefore I had to stop to study this language.
Probably I do many errors. But I can freely talk in English! It was always easier to me to speak English than write! Therefore I am sorry, that in my letters so it is a lot of errors.
Sometimes I use the translator correctly to write words! Therefore sometimes my thoughts can be incorrectly expressed in words!
If you do not understand something in my letters, ask that I have explained to you!!!
Also do not become angry if I do not answer some your questions! Sometimes I cannot correctly understand your question therefore I do not answer it!
If I have not answered your question from the first set to me still! I will try to answer!!!!!
My sister now to study as the translator. She too studies foreign languages! Now to it only 23 years.
And you know Russian?? Speak that Russian very difficult to learn.
So it is pleasant to me to write you letters. It seems to me that we are familiar with you a lot of time.
Now I would like to eat. I will write to you after a dinner.
Letter 10
Excuse that I could not write to you after work! I had many patients!
Already very much late and I wish to sleep!
I wished to wish you good night! I wish you successful day!
I am now very tired and I wish to sleep! I write you this letter from the house!
Now I have gone to sleep! Bay-Bay!!!!
Letter 11
Hello Tim!!!
Today at us fine weather. Since morning the sun shines and sing birdies.
I have forgotten to tell to you where I was born! I was born in city Perm!!
I live near to the river near to the River Kama!! You probably heard about this river. It is one of the greatest rivers in Europe!!
In the summer I many times bathed in this river! You like to float??
I like to float!
In my city there are many parks!!
Near to my house there is a wood! In the summer I with sister go to wood and I collect mushrooms and berries!!
You were in wood?? You collected mushrooms???
Sometimes after work I walk with the girlfriend on park! bye-bye!!
Letter 12
I just attempted and again I write to you!
I hope, that at you all OK!
By the way, what foodstuffs are favourite for you? That you prefer:
Sweets, meat, fish? Inform me it. I am able very well
Prepares different dishes. My mum has learnt me to it many years back.
You can be convinced of it, in due time I easily do the various
Salads, soups, and also game and fish. In the big degree I prefer
Fish, and also very much to like me fruit: bananas, pineapples and
Melon. Today houses I will prepare the Chinese hen and vegetable
Salad. Probably you love the tasty foodstuffs? At us
There is a proverb: "the way to heart of the man - passes through its stomach
! "I was many times convinced of it when I observed of my father.
Therefore, I will win to your heart by means of mine
Culinary abilities. It is a joke :)!!!
I wait for your messages!
Yours Ekaterina!!!
Letter 13
I wished to ask what do you think of cats?? You love cats?
I very strongly love cats! At my place there is a cat! His name is Vasya!!!
At night when I am cold, the cat warms me.
I always wished to have many cats of the house!
But at my mum an allergy on cats! Therefore at me only one cat! And you do not have allergy on cats??
Also I very much love dogs! I have a dog! His name is Jack!!
It protects our house!!! When the house is not present anybody, the dog starts up nobody to us home!
Speak that a dog the best friend to the person! And you love dogs??
On it I finish the letter! Today I very tired and wish to sleep!!
I will write to you tomorrow before work!!
Your friend Ekaterina!! Bye-Bye!!
Letter 14
I hope, that you liked a poem!
I wish to tell to you, that it is new emotion in my silent heart.
For me it is unusual to begin relations by means of e-mail.
It is very a pity, that between us such big distance. In a current of long time I have understood,
That if to overcome it is a lot of difficulties to achieve the object, the desire increases for achievement of this purpose.
Possibly is one of those things who compels me so often to think about you.
I think, that I should seize your heart that you could not struggle with this female magic :).
What do you think of it my dear?
My dear, I again wish to establish to you some questions.
What main values in your life: a family, work, money or which - that another?
What plans concerning the future?
Write me as your ideas, I will wait your message.
Letter 15
Hi mine Tim!!!
I am glad, that I speak with you! I feel very happy!
I wish to receive your letters every day.
It is very strange for me! I when did not see you, but I feel, that I can not live without your letters.
It seems to me, that my life only begins. I love you! I am ready to give you my love, all my tenderness and my heart!
Never before I tested such bright and joyful feeling!
Today at me very good mood!!!
Now I should go for work.
I will write to you later!
Letter 16
I wish to divide with you my dreams. Actually, I feel alone.
I have mum, the daddy, sister. But in my heart loneliness.
And even when I read the book go I watch TV, I understand, that I am deceived.
And the favourite person is necessary for me. The person with whom I can spend good evenings,
To meet new day and to see off the old! To speak about the future and to recollect the past.
I wish to go and feel, that the strong hand of the beloved supports me.
I understand, that the life without love is impossible! It is necessary to enjoy a life and the love is necessary for this purpose.
You can understand, that the life is really very beautiful, when you love!
There can be you will tell, that I live in dreams, but I know, that dreams will be carried out in a reality.
The main thing to trust in it and all dreams can become a reality!
We live in a real life and on it we cannot dream all time.
To be happy, it is necessary to work. I think, that all in our hands!!!
One Russian poet Sergey Yesenin has told: "We are born, that a fairy tale to make the truth!"
You can be heard about the Russian poets?
They are very known people and their products very valuable!
I will possibly read verses to you when-nibud if you certainly love it.
When the dream becomes obsession, it can bring only a pain and disappointment.
The dream should be an asterisk at night as a beacon at life ocean, the dream should spend you to a victory!
I think, that it is impossible to live without dreams and hopes! When the person has a dream, his life is filled by sense.
Belief and Hope - eternal companions of our life!
And irrespective of that fact, that it - win or the subdued tops, in the end we will remember the best moments!!!
We have forgotten about disappointment and a defeat pain.
You agree with me? I am surprised, that I so write much.
At me when there was no person with whom I can share my dreams.
But now I have found you and is very happy. Forgive me for my frankness.
Yours Ekaterina!!!
Letter 17
I now on work!
To me it is very lonely without you wash the favourite.
I cannot live without you on this earth.
Your letters bring to me a drink of fresh air.
But if I do not receive yours the letter, I do not have no air and I choke.
Please write to me!!!
Letter 18
Today I have left work earlier more to write to you!
From us remarkable weather! In the street to shine the autumn sun!
The truth it is very wet in the street, at me all feet have got wet while I have reached the house! To me it is bad without you!
I think of you every minute!
I think that soon we will together and on a shower it becomes very fine!!!
You we will present to me a lot of pleasure of heat and love!!!!
I do not represent the life without YOU!!!!
You have made me very happy.
I excited for YOU my FAVOURITE PRINCE!!!!!!!
To me it is very lonely without you and every minute, I think of you!
I very much am absent on you and to each minute, I think of you!
I dream of that bottom when we will be together!
It will be the happiest day in my life!
Now I already at home. I wish to make to me a supper.
As it is a pity, that I cannot as to cook food and you.
Letter 19
Tonight I spoke with my parents about ours with you relations!!
Mum has asked, what at me with you of the relation! Even my father has become interested, that between us occurs.
I have told, that I love you!!! I have told, that I wish to be with you!!!
I have told, that my life will lose sense if I is not near to you!!!
I have told to my parents everything, that I know about you. I have told, that you very kind and when you will not injure me!
My mum has told, that we should be together! I as think, that it is necessary for us to meet!!!
I very much was afraid, that mum will not support me. My mum agrees with me.
She wishes us happiness and as wants that we were together!
Now I will try to learn the information, on how I can arrive to you.
Now all already sleep! I wished to tell to you, that my mum agrees, that we were together! My father as not against!
Therefore I learn the information as I can arrive to you!
I hope, what you not against if I arrive to you? Or you wish to arrive to me?
My daddy has told, that very dangerously foreigner to arrive to Russia.
There were cases when people abducted and demanded payment! On it I do not want, that you have arrived to Russia.
I when will not forgive to me if with you to happen something bad! I very much love you! I cannot live without you!
I will study the information concerning a trip to you! I will write to you tomorrow!
With love yours forever Ekaterina!!!
Letter 20
Hi my love Tim!!!
Today I have woken up early to contact mine of uncles.
I have told to it about my problem. But he has told, that its firm has gone bankrupt two weeks ago.
And on it it cannot help me. We long spoke and thought over, where to me to find money to pay for my documents.
But we could not find a way as I can find money.
I will try to ask about the help of my relatives which live very far from our city.
I hope, that they will not deny assistance to me.
Tonight, I will try to contact them.
I love you my dear Tim and every day I dream of a meeting with you.
You my unique man and only with you, I will be the happiest woman on the earth!!!!!
I constantly dream of how we walk with you on park. You embrace me and speak "I love you Ekaterina".
I look in your eyes and as I speak "I love you my dear Tim".
I do not have a head these thoughts. And I when will not lose belief that all our dreams will be embodied in a reality!!!!
And that cannot stop me to be near to you!!!!!
I love you and when I will not lose belief that we will be happy together.
I as hope, that my relatives can help me.
I will write to you later after I will contact my relatives.
I very strongly love you and with impatience I will wait your letter.
With love yours forever Ekaterina!!!
Letter 21
Hi my love!!!
I am glad, that again I can write you the letter.
I could contact my relatives. But unfortunately, they could not help me.
It is very a pity to me, but I do not know that to me to do now.
And to whom to address for the help. I already asked money in all whom I know. But who cannot help me.
As in Russia it is very difficult to earn money.
My love, it is very awkward to me to speak to you about it. But you can probably help me with a trip to you?
At me does not remain to possibility to find money to pay for my documents. You my last hope.
I have made everything, that I could. I asked about the help of all whom I know.
But unfortunately I managed to pay only a part of money, from cost of my documents.
I very strongly love you and I hope, that you can help me.
For us it is very important to meet. Our future depends on it. And I when will not lose belief that we will be happy together!!!
I hope, that together we can find a way how to find money for my trip.
And all our dreams will be a reality!!!!
Letter 22
Hi my love Tim!!!!
I am happy, that you have written to me my charm!!!!
Now I on work. At me the difficult working day.
But I am happy, that I again can write to you my dear Tim!!!
My love, I understand, that at you as problems with money. I have been surprised, when have learnt the price of my documents.
I had money and I hoped, that it will suffice.
But when to me have told all cost, I very much was surprised. I did not expect, that it will be so expensively.
I tried to find money independently. But at me that it has not turned out.
On it I have asked your help. It is very awkward to me to ask from you the help.
I always tried to achieve all. But now it is not enough my forces, that I could arrive to you.
And on it I require your support.
I very strongly love you my charm and I hope, that we will be happy together, not looking on all barriers.
Our love on is strong so much, that can break all i?aa?als on a way to our happiness.
Every day I dream of how we are happy together!!!
I wish to kiss every day you, to embrace and feel knock of your heart!!!!
And I will be the happiest woman if we get married and we will have a happy family!!!!
I wish to live to bring to you happiness!!!!!
Tim, I hope, that we will be together not looking on what!!!!!
In Russia it is very difficult to earn so many money. But I hope, that together we can solve this problem.
And we can construct our happiness not looking on all difficulties!!!!
With love yours Ekaterina!!!!
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