Letter(s) from Sherry Prieve to Darren (Canada)

Letter 1

Hi Dear,

Hope you are doing ok? Thanks for your email and Introduction once again plese do not be offended at all with what I wrote previously as i hoped you would reply to me, This is not one of the numerous scams one might get on the internet. I a hionest and god fearing and a military officer.

I am presently in Thailand for few days due to the about confiscation of my already expired deposited tenure funds., which i intially had intentions to build a resort with down here but had to stop due to then economic recession..

Its giving me worries as i intend to transfer it out but need a trusted partner due to my still active time in the military so i may not be able to finalize that and been that the new USA Government has increasingly been keeping an eye on soldiers for a while now.

I have sent you 2 forms that I pray that you will fill out in full and forward it to the Finance Company and I will give you 25 % and go to your home and we can love and live together and open a business in you home town or city.

Thanks you once again as i will write to you again so i can have any concrete solution to do this as am really confused on who and who not to trust. Do take care always as i do look forward to reading from you.

Your Sherry