Letter(s) from Nabal Salifu to Christian (Switzerland)

Letter 1


My Mysterious Stranger,can you guess who is writing to you?!
The Warmest and Sincerest Greetings from Anya from Ukraine!!!!!
I know that you will wonder who is this Girl and why she is writing to me,right?! :)))
I'm ready to answer on this question ahead...before it will come from you!!!!!
So,I'm just an ordinary girl and like everyone of us,I just want to take a Little Piece of a Big Pie of Happiness in Life :)
The I-net is a new thing for me and I'm a new person here and,to say the truth,I have never thought that I will look for My Personal Happiness Here...but,as we all know,life is life...and sometimes it can be really unpredictable...all can happen. So,here I'm writing to you,Mysterious Man :)
I'm calling you like this cause we do not know each other yet but if you decide to write me back,we will have an opportunity to get acquaint with each other and know us better :)
My Mysterious Man,hope it's ok for you if I call you like this for the moment... :)
As people say,I'm a nice girl with kind heart and also a devoted friend and a good daughter...I prefer not to tell about what kind of person I'm...I think that it's better when people can see what kind of person I'm by themselves.
Also I can say that I'm a serious girl with the serious intentions and this means that I'm not here for playing some games cause it's not for me at all and I'm not such kind of person. My Mysterious,you can write to me without any fair and I'm sure that you will not regret and we will see what we can share together,do you agree with me?! :)My Mysterious Man,you will make me Very Happy if you write me back after reading this little and lovely letter from me...I will be waiting for your Reply with a Great Anxiety and Impatience!!!!!

With Best,Warm
and Sincere Wishes...