Scam letter(s) from Janet Mark to Matthew (UK)

Letter 1
Hello Darling..
Good Afternoon to you Sweetheart..How are you doing and how was your day at work.. i hope by the grace of almighty God you are doing good as am i here..Am really missing you so much and thinking about you all day..My day just started and want to say hi to you dear.i have to clean the house wash some clothes and get to the market to buy food stuffs to cook.
Darling..I am thinking about's not like I am feeling that you are far - it's just that I want to let you know again HOW MUCH I am in love with you. I will love you forever and for always, Baby. You are a man every girl is dreaming about and that`s not all ... you are all mine. I don`t know what I did good in this life to deserve you, but I have must been doing something very good in my life! Being with you makes me feel like the entire world is mine. One day we will marry and have a happy family ...
I am dreaming about that. I love you, Baby, and I am yours forever!!
Letter 2
Hello Darling,,
How are you doing and how was your night dear..Am missing you so much.Am missing you so much and where have you been dear..I was here yesterday but you were not online to me and i call your number but no answer..I even send you a test to your phone but you did not repply me ****..wht is going on there with you dear.
Dear, Am lonely here and i was even here with a cam yesterday which i borrow from a friend for you to see me honey..Please come online to me..You are my everything i have in the world.My love, I can not stand this. It is just too hard to be away from you. I am usually okay, but at times like this (especially tonight)
Letter 3
How are you doing and how was your night dear..Am missing you so much.Am missing you so much..
Darling, am sorry for the lost of your uncle ok.. G0d will hide him at his place and how are is your mom doing there and i hope you are taking good care of yourself for me.. i really care about you and it hurt me to miss you so long.I really love you so much and i hope you are ok as am here but am missing you so much dear.
****, i was busy all day as i use to be that is why i was not online when you went to the cafe hoping to take to you soon.. i love you so much and i have borrow the cam here when i show you then i will give it to the owner ok.. i love you so much..Stay bless and take good care for me..
Linda) it just becomes too much to bear. I can not sleep tonight from thinking of you.
Letter 4

Good Morning to you Darling, How are you doing today and how was your journey..Welcome home and i was happy when i read your message thanks for doing that and i know now you really care for me and you show me that you are my true love ****..Am happy for you and you are welcome home and can't wait to talk to you because i miss talking you so much.I miss you so badly darling and i hope you miss me too. Darling. In life, we receive a wonderful opportunity, and that is to love. Love comes in many forms. You love people in different ways and for different reasons, depending upon how they have touched your life. Love is a very powerful word and can describe a multitude of feelings, but its main context carries the same meaning. Mathew..I want to tell you that the love I have for you is undying. It is a love that is strong and enduring and will stand the test of time. I truly feel blessed that you have become a part of my life and I cannot wait for the day that we can join our lives together. I want to lie next to you at night and fall asleep in your arms, only to wake to your beautiful smile. I want to share in your joys and sorrows. I want to be your everything. You are everything to me. You are everything I do.
You see and bring out the best in me. You are the one I want to share everything with - my thoughts, hopes and dreams. Thinking of you makes my heart feel full. You are such a source of inspiration for me. I will forever be indebted to you for all you have brought to my life. So, to repay you, I promise you my heart and all the love in it for the rest of my life.... Yours Love.
Linda Armah
Letter 5
Hello Darling..
How are you doing today and how was day at work ****..I really miss you so much and what is wrong that you are not coming online to me now ****...I have been here for long time now and you are not coming online to me ****..My brother gave me the pictures of the Galaxy tab to show you ****..
Hey, Honey. I'm missing you so much that you've been on my mind all day and night.Darling, but I guess my feelings have made their way to you in the form of dreams. Mathew, you are my happiness, Dear, and my adorable darling.
Mathew..It's been a while since I came online. I miss the way you would hold me and hug me when those sad times came around; I remember when I looked into your eyes, it was like fireworks in the skies. I'm missing you, so please don't pretend, this can't be the end.
You, you, you and you alone... you shall reign in my heart. You are the one I desire without whom I could not be complete. I will live for you alone and I will work for you alone. I will share with you my thoughts, my heart, my mind and my body. I am waiting to receive you. I will never use force on you not even by words. In your presence, I will always be honest, transparent and sincere. I want always to be at your side... I love you, Mathew...
Please tell me why you was not online please am missing you and it's hurt me to miss you tonight..**** did you see the galaxy tab my brother ask me to send it to you fro you to see it and he will tell you something latter ok..
Am missssssssssssssssssiiiiiiigg Yooooooouuuuuuuuuu soooooooo much.....mmmmmwah.
Letter 6
Good morning to you my love..How are you doing and how was your night today **** missing you so much and i have been here so long but you are not coming online to me honey..i really love you so much and nothing can change my love for you ****...YOu are my everything and i need you in my life earch and everyday to make me happy ****..
Darling this are the info to sen the money to ok.. information: Name: Asamoah Richard
Country; Ghana.
City: Accra.
zip Code; 00233 darling this is my brother's infor ok..but you have to send it to western union that you can give me the info about it so that i wil tell my brother to have it for me I just have to tell you, Come online, to share with you that sacred part of my inner, secret life, the thoughts I think that everyone has but does not always say..take good care of yourself for me.
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