Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Rusinova to Andrew (Australia)

Letter 1
Hello my friend Andrew !!!
I am very glad that you have written to me back.
I would like to correspond with you.
And now it is a little about me,
My name is Ekaterina , I live Russia in small city which refer to as Kugesi .
My city very small it is in the Chuvash republic.
To me of 36 years.
I of 171 sm of growth and my weight of 57 kg.
I work as the manager on sales in one small firm.
I very much like my work but in what that degrees it boring and delivers many efforts.
I spend a lot of time on work to provide itself.
I prefer to listen to music on mood. I can listen in the evening to classical music and in the morning
I can include radio and hop while I prepare for breakfast.
I have no harmful habits, I do not smoke and never used any narcotic substances.
It happens that I can drink easy alcoholic drinks, but it happens only
during holidays and in the company of my girlfriends.
I never was married and I have no children.
I do not know why but I could not find the pleasant person for dialogue of an opposite floor,
I was possible has not met the person necessary to me.
For this reason I also have decided to address in this agency.
I hope that with the help of correspondence I find second half.
If you have any questions that ask me, I with pleasure shall answer it!
I am very glad that you have sent to me to a photo, they to me very much like thanks you for them.
I shall wait for your letter.
Ekaterina .
Letter 2
Hello my dear Andrew !!
It was pleasant to receive for me your following letter today.
How are you? At me all ok .
And how there at you weather??? How your parents?
By the way what character at you the my dear friend?
However I wish to tell in this letter a little about these to which like to eat and prepare
You know, that I very much like to prepare!!!
Also should brag these in me, it very well appears.
To all I have been studied by my mum it in me also the good cook.
I prepare almost for all. They - various soups, a ragout, pies, salads and many other things.
In the best way in me it appears our national Borsch
You have heard about it?
I prefer our Russian kitchen more.
As from an Italian cuisine I love a pizza.
I still wish to send you the photos.
I hope as the photo very much to like you the my dear friend Andrew.
I should tell to it to me very pleasantly to read your letters.
I any more do not wish to have something with the Russian men.
I have suffered because of them very much. And more I do not want it.
They think only of themselves and do not know, that it is necessary for the woman to be happy.
In my life everyone was only the person with whom we during long time leave.
Again and again it seemed me that kind and attentive.
I trusted it, and he has deceived me all time.
It has changed on me with other girl. And I have not forgiven it to it.
For me it is difficult to speak about it, but I think, what we should not hide something from each other?
On it I will be to finish this letter.
I hope for your prompt reply.
Yours Ekaterina!
Letter 3
Hello dear Andrew!!
I am very glad to receive your letter again.
In this letter I will tell to you little bit more about me directly.
I love employment by sports meets. They help to support health and number which is rather important for any woman.
I am engaged often in sports and as I run in the mornings as it gives you vivacity for forthcoming day.
As sometimes I go to fitness club but it happens more seldom as I spend a lot of time on work and very much I get tired.
And you love sports?
At leisure I usually sit at home, and I have read books.
My favourite genre - Novels and adventures.
Sometimes I watch TV. I like to look serials and various interesting displays news..
I like to visit theatres. And sometimes with girlfriends after work we go to theatre.
There are such days when I very much become tired on work, and I do not go somewhere.
As in me at home not a small collection of musical disks.
I very much like to listen to music and to dance.
I like our Russian executors.
From foreign executors I listen the Madonna Modern Talking.
In its very beautiful songs.
I would like to call you tell to me please number.
I will be very strongly glad with you to speak by phone.
To hear your voice. In following your letter I will wait number ok?
It is not a pity that I can leave number as my phone more recently has been broken and now is under repair.
I think, that you interest my character.
I very kind and silent person. I was very difficult for indignation.
Often my friends are surprised as at me, it, it appears, remains such silent.
In people I like honesty and frankness.
It is not pleasant to me when people say lies. Lie it very much not high quality.
I very strongly love animals.
I hope, that now you can know me better.
At me to you also is a few questions.
You love children?
What do you love in the woman? What is the understanding of a family?.
On it I will finish the letter.
I will soon wait your answer.
C respect yours Ekaterina!
Letter 4

Hello dear Andrew! Today it was very pleasant to find for me your letter today.
In me all it is good. I hope, that you also remain in good mood.
Today in me difficult day on work was.
And I am very tired, but when saw your weariness of the letter as the hand has flied up.
Today I will be in all evening of the house which I will read a little.
And then I will watch TV. Also I will lay down to sleep.
Dear I think to you, it will be interesting, if I to you tell about the city a little.
The population makes 11,7 thousand inhabitants.
My city is located approximately 900 km on the southeast from Moscow.
To it of 420 years. It is the small information concerning my city.
My city very beautiful and very recovered.
In it there is no to big vanity as in the big cities in it all easy and pleasantly.
I would like that you have written me as about the city more in detail as to me it very interestingly.
As I send you some photos of the city I hope they will make upon you impression.
I hope now, that you have a few representations about it.
I wish to ask you, what you feel now under to me?
It is important for me and our relations.
In me to you very much a warm feeling. You the good person and you likes I.
I feel, that at us the relation will be good continuation.
And how you feel?
I very much hope that at us very light future.
Road probably I will finish on it the letter.
I with impatience wait your answer.
Sincerely yours Ekaterina !
Letter 5
Hello my dear Andrew !
How are you?
I am very glad to receive your answer.
It is very pleasant, that our acquaintance is advanced.
I wish to tell to you as about the family I hope that will be interesting to you.
I lived with mum and the daddy till 12 years the daddy have left from us with mum to other woman.
I very strongly regretted mum it often missed on it as very strongly loved.
I to it supported as understood that to it very difficultly to raise one me.
And as could and helped it.
My mum the most remarkable mum on light I love it very much.
Mum for me the most important in a life.
And now therefore I wish to choose to myself the real man which never me
Will throw and will be with me till the end of a life and me will always love. At me as is it is a lot of
Relatives from the daddy I communicate with my grandmother and the grandfather till now.
My grandmother abused the daddy but the daddy did not love mum.
And nobody forced to love it as he has solved for itself himself.
I think that now I can tell to you that ours with you the relation on the Internet very fine.
I am very glad that I have got acquainted with you Andrew
I to you wish to tell about the childhood.
I when went to school always acted where could.
Since 7 years I have gone to school for actresses more precisely me mum there have sent.
And there very much it was pleasant to me. And my performances by all were on customs.
At school I always acted on evenings, on holidays and at me it very much turned out.
I even sang songs, but to me it not so was pleasant as to sing it not mine.
In the childhood I very much hesitated of boys.
They gave me gifts, and at all did not love them as very much hesitated.
I was the timid girl.
I liked to study in me very much the school liked.
I always was interested in study as wished to be very clever.
And to know all all that it is possible to learn. I liked to tell verses to sing a song to act at concerts.
I went to theatre and watched different representations.
To like me the theatre as there unlike cinema actors which play see you and you them see.
They can be mistaken but play very really.
At theatre all feelings of the actor which it are visible tests.
I very much hope that you liked my story about the childhood.
I wish you to ask to me a little to write about the childhood.
I am seriously interested by you Andrew. You to me very much dear.
In my heart you occupy the most part.
Here I finish the letter as I do not know that to you still to write.
I will wait with the big impatience of your answer. Yours faithfully yours Ekaterina.
Letter 6
Hello my dear Andrew !!!
I am very strongly glad to see your letter.
Each time when I see your letter and I start it to read in my soul as though that that varies.
At me the pleasure feeling of happiness of love wakes up.
I'm fine, and how you there mine dear the Andrew???
Dear the Andrew you very good and attractive person!!! It is a pity, that we far apart now.
I very strongly hope that at us all will be good.
I think, that I could be the good wife to the husband. Each woman searches
For the person who will love and respect her.
I appreciate in the man of quality of love and romanticism.
I search for that man which me will love all heart and to respect me.
To appreciate every second spent together.
Here I search for my which ideal of the man.
You approach fashions my ideal dear the Andrew.
You should know, that I live not in the best country.
I want, that my children had the best life, than I.
I want that we had relations very good.
I think, that you, that the person who is necessary for me. And how you consider?
I very strongly hope that at us in the future all will be good?
I will hope to receive news from you. Sincerely yours Ekaterina.
Letter 7
Hello my dear Andrew!
I am very glad, which has received your new letter.
I wish to tell to you more about my character and my soul. I think,
That you should know my private world.
I wish to tell to you about me directly maximum, I do not search
The rich person for me it is direct.
I search for the person who will divide with me love, the person
With which at me can be a happy family!!!
The majority of men in Russia does not come nearer for marriage,
Because they use many alcohol, tobacco, drugs.
I am very glad, which has found you.
You very kind deeply loving person. You are similar to the person of my dream!!!
I consider me as very romantic woman. I think,
That I can trust completely you.
I can discuss with you in a friendly chat various themes. I can
Speak with you about problems.
I wish to find in you the supporter, the friend and the husband.
I can make kindness and tenderness your life fine.
From human qualities I most of all do not love flattery and a deceit of some people.
I very much would like, that all people on the basis were happy.
I receive many pleasures from dialogue with friends and interesting people.
I as love to execute it is a lot of house time, I love an internal cosiness,
I love calmness. At this time I listen to music, silent slow music,
Which brings many calmnesses and the consent.
I very much love flowers, especially red roses.
But nobody gives me them already during long time.
I dream, that during such beautiful season I will have the love and I will go with it
To street with red roses in hands and a kiss with it long long.
It, all will be so beautifully and romantically, I already during long time
Do not check such feelings, and I wish to feel it very much!
I hope, that you have pleasant moments in a life when my letter is read.
I very much would like to study you more.
I with impatience look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely yours Ekaterina !!!
Letter 8
Hello my dear Andrew !!!
I am very glad to receive your letter.
For me the great pleasure to answer your letter. I am very grateful
You for attention and interest for me.
It - very much pity, that we, while far apart. We are divided on
Thousand Kilometres and the big ocean.
But I think, that we can break all barrier by means of love language.
Even the most difficult obstacles have not a force close to the such
The strong, clever and cautious person as you........... My love I will be
Remember day of our romantic meeting all life.
I very much wish to speak about love. I a lot of time dreamt, as we sit in a fireplace.
Candles burn soft, pleasant light. Wood of fire is a little
Cracks in a fireplace. We look against each other and all our ideas concerning love.
I always try to continue traditions of my family. My parents very much
Love each other. They always help and hang together.
My mum always studied me to be independent.
I very much love clever and strong people who have a point of view
From representation concerning a life.
I try to surround me honour and sincere people, having
One rare feature to which kindness as addresses.
The love to me means freedom. A freedom in choosing of the favourite person.
I should choose freely it the person whom I should give to all sincere kindness, to all feelings.
I think, that family creation should be based on love. If
Marriage is created not on love, it will not be long and happy.
Love - a gift which is made for the sake of the favourite person.
If the soul of the person is remarkable, its weaknesses remain not noticed.
The love allows me to look at the world on the new.
I wanted, will have love for which I am ready to give a life. I would be
Like to have such understanding and affinity, for the sake of which I
Would be ready to give all.
I wish to tell to you that you very much deae for me the person.
I want that we with you the relation were simply remarkable all with you a life.
What do you think about all it? What love in your opinion?
Our courses of life have met. Allow them to burn as a bright star of our surprising love.
I will wait your answer. I hope for destiny. Love and kiss.
Yours. Ekaterina!
Letter 9
Hello my dear Andrew !
Gratitude How are you doing? For your letter.
This big happiness to receive news from you.
I hope, that you have today a good day.
I constantly think of you...
I have found existing love and romanticism in relations with you. I think, that you which that person I searched.
Which that person I searched in a life.
I thought of ours with you of a meeting. You wish to meet me?
I have got tired of letters I wish to see you.
I want that we could embrace with you each other and our lips gently adjoin and we will kiss. What do you think of a meeting?
I think, that we is very close to our happiness. You think also?
I know you not long time, but you seem to me the most fair, kind and sincere person.
My mum always says, that me, that I should be fair with people, and I never deceive nobody.
I always inform mine mum on our successful relations. It is very glad for us.
It is glad, that I will not be one, and I will have a family.
I wish to share with you our happiness.
I want, I know, what can to make you happy?
Please give me chance to like and the dear.
I will wait very much for the answer to my letter.
I think of you......... Every second.
I wish to tell to you, that this summer we with the girlfriend have gone to to have rest.
And there very much it was pleasant to us. I wish to send you photos from the sea
Where we with the girlfriend had a rest, I hope it to you very much to like.
I am very glad, that we have found with you each other.
I with impatience will wait for your letter.
Each your letter encourages me. Your love Ekaterina!
Letter 10
Hello my love Andrew !!!!!!
My dear I hope it in All of you well.
I am glad to see your letter. Each your letter brings a heat in my heart.
Today magnificent weather in the street.
It is so pleasant. What is the emotions overflow me.
I wish to tell to you, that I like you.
I hope, what your feelings are mutual???
It is very difficult for me without your words, without your letters, without you.
I have understood, it searched for you all my life.
You are intended me by destiny.
I am very glad that you have agreed as I wish to meet you and that we could take a walk to look together the TV
to descend in theatre and many other things that it is possible to make together. I dream that when we will
watch TV you me embrace also I will lean the elbows about your shoulder it so fine. I will do documents in
agency.I hope that it will be easy to write it to you.
I should connect a life to you expensive deposit.
I am happy, that you - the deposit. I do not want, which you have lost.
You are very expensive to me. I want it, we have met. How you think it probably? If I arrive to you???
I very persistently wait, when I can grasp you and feel your breath and your warmth.
I am serious with you, I wish to accept a family.
I hope, that we will have a remarkable life. How you think???
You simply remarkable person I wish to open to you heart.
Though you already in my heart. You my ideal.
I in a life did not see more fair more fairly the person than you.
I never met the person better than you.
I am glad, which you we have acquainted, and is grateful to a site of acquaintances.
I hope, that soon we can spend much time together.
Loving each other, we can slide together on a watching TV sofa.
My mum is glad for it, that I have found second half.
When I have shown to mum your photo, she has told.
That you in eyes have a big perfect feeling and love.
Your heart reduces love to ashes. You the person of a class.
It sends you the big and warm relations.
I hope for your prompt reply.
It is many kisses and love.
Your perfect Ekaterina!!!
Letter 11
Hello my love Andrew!!!
How are you doing??? Very well!
Expensive you the remarkable person and I check to you the big feeling of love.
I hope, what you feel the same to me???
During enough short time I became liking you.
I think, that you also are rather various to me.
I want it, we had family and the perfect house.
When you have left in job, I have made buildings, the supper has been cleaned.
Road as you think we, we remind each other???
I for me can directly tell, that you to me are very pleasant, also I like All of you heart.
It is very good me as me, to meet you in my life. I to be however never so is not happy.
I as though to leave in heavens.
Something it is not necessary for me except for your letter and you.
I yesterday to think of our relations and about our feelings.
I already to become enclosed to you. I think, which during that time when we are copied,
we have very much rallied and between us, the feeling has appeared,
I think, that we are necessary each other. I constantly think of you, you took a place in my heart.
You to like me and I think, that our relations can be deeper.
Now my feelings to you are very strong me pressure to! You, as though a magnet.
Your letters really do my mood highly.
To me it becomes joyful on a shower.
I understand, that our relations all become more serious and more serious.
Your words heat up my soul and heart. You in my heart every minute.
Well I think, that I will finish on it the letter.
I with impatience will wait for your perfect letter.
With the big and gentle kiss yours Ekaterina!!!
Letter 12
Hello my love Andrew !
I am glad to receive from you the letter.
With each your letter to me there arrives great pleasure.
I very insistently wish to meet you.
Every second I think of you.
In me excellent mood how you do?
I have gone today to agency and in me, documents already concerning last phase of job have told, as will be soon ready.
I am very glad it to fast to a smog to be with you.
As your full data are necessary to me. Send me them please!
I so wish to be close to you.
I think of you every second and always I represent what,
There will be we with you the first meeting as I can embrace and kiss you for the first time.
I am already tired from that that we communicate only in letters I very strongly
I wish you to see in a reality.
At you you the remarkable person I did not meet beautiful photos better than you earlier.
And I am very glad that have met you on a site.
I am grateful to this site.
Well I think that on it I will finish the letter.
And with impatience I will look forward to hearing from you.
I kiss you gently.
With love your Ekaterina!!!
Letter 13
Hello my love Andrew! How are you? I'm fine.
Dear Andrew I always think of you when I have a free second I think of you.
As I wake up I at once I think as you there as you have woken up what mood at you.
And I when wake up at me always there is a fine dream with your participation.
My dreams are fine together with you. As I will present as we will kiss
Each other. Your gentle and damp lips to adjoin together with mine.
And we will be gently and to stand and kiss long.
When you embrace me that I will thaw with happiness that we together.
And I am very glad that soon we can to carry out ours with you dreams.
I have gone today to agency to take away documents.
I have paid for the visa it the 80 euro cost.
I will receive the visa when I will go to Moscow in embassy and all other documents have received.
Documents has not made the big work to make as at me all remains from a trip on rest.
But I have to you a bad news. The matter is that the ticket in your
country costs 730 euro .
At me is 300 euro this sum insufficiently. Does not suffice very little.
The darling it is necessary for me more very few 430 euro I so am upset.
I hoped that the ticket will be cheaper also I can pay it.
But I have been disappointed. I tried is borrowed money at friends but they do not have money.
I do not have choice more. I so strongly wish to be with you together.
I ask every second to myself this question and I can not find on it the answer in any way.
I do not wish you to lose my love Andrew. You to me are the most expensive on light.
The darling understand me correctly to me it would not be desirable it to do
But I am compelled to ask you the help.
You know what to me the sum does not suffice for the ticket. You could not send me them?
I understand that you me never saw but try to understand me ours with you love.
Ours with you love on distance but nevertheless
I very strongly love you and I wish to be with you.
But in this situation all depends only on you.
You should decide to help me or not. You should show the love to me.
After all this money not only is necessary to me but also you after all
I treat to you instead of to whom be still!!!!
I live for the sake of love to you. The love is meaning of the life.
For the favourite person everyone will make all that can.
It will make all hundred to be necessary for its significant other.
The love cannot be felt hands. Love in heart and in feelings. And I feel this love to you.
And my love to you is infinite I love you most of all.
I very strongly love you and I hope that you will help me.
I love you and gently whole in your beautiful and remarkable lips.
I will look forward to hearing from you with the big impatience. With big love your Ekaterina!
Letter 14
Hello my love Andrew!
Andrew I am glad to read your letter.
Andrew I am very glad that you will help me with money, me the truth very very pleasantly.
Andrew but I do not have phone, I the truth do not know what to do, Andrew I do not have phone,
I do not use cellular communication, my phone under repair, understand?
Darling Andrew you can give me your phone number and if I have a possibility that I I will call to you.
Andrew I wish to tell that at me the contract with agency, and I should pay money during time in time for the contract,
I do not have not enough 430 euros understand? Andrew that to me to do?
Andrew I love you, I will wait for your answer!
Your Ekaterina!
Letter 15
Hello my love Andrew!
My love Andrew I to you already has told that me telecommunication personally does not interest,
it is not necessary for me. Andrew in Russia always existed and there will be a problem with cellular telephones,
many teenagers steal cellular telephones in Russia, and on it phone is not necessary to me.
Darling Andrew I thought that at first I will arrive to you to Australia, and then we together will go there where you will want, well?
Andrew I cannot tell to you my airline, flight, that is the exact information because I yet have not bought the ticket,
Andrew as soon as I will buy the ticket to me at once will give all my documents and the ticket
and then I can tell to you the exact information of flight that you could meet me.
Andrew here a site of agency with whom I have concluded the contract
Here email the address of the manager of this agency
Here my data: Name:Ekaterina
The country: Russia
City: Cheboksary
Street: Kirova 16 My love Andrew I do not understand to what so much questions? Andrew you and have not answered my question,
you will help me or not? Andrew I can hope for you?
I will wait for your answer!
Your Ekaterina!
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