Scam letter(s) from Svetlana to Pedro (Portugal)

Letter 1
Hi Agapes!!!
All apologies for my delay. I really did not have free time before to write a reply sooner. Anyway it is so pleasant for me to get your letter.
So let's begin...
I am so tired to be single with no male so I decided to use internet for finding lovely male or just good friends, so therefore I am writting to you...
I tried to use some dating sites and I found your profile on one of them. It was OKCupid or ConnectingSingles dating site as I remember.
I liked your profile and decided to write to you directly to learn more about you.
As for me I must write next.
My name is Svetlana. I am 27 years old right now, was born on August, 11, 1983. I was born and I live now in Russia in small city Seversk. So if you are interesting to know where is it you could use some search in internet to leran more about my city.
It is in about 3600 km to east from Moscow in Siberia region.
I am an average woman, I am not model or something else.
But my friends says that I looks no badly for my age.
Cause I am trying to keep my body fit.
My hair color is different time to time as I color my hair like most women I think. But my real hair color is dark blondie.
But often I am blondie.
My height 5 ' 7 ", weight about 60 kg (120 pounds).
I do not know how is your system of measurements but here is in Russia we make it in cm, so my measurements from top to bottom are 91X64X93 in cm.
I have never been married before and do not have any kids. But I like kids.
I can not say that I know English perfect, for example when I am writting letter to you I try to write it in English and when I reach difficult words or phrases I use translator-programm's help.
But I hope you will understand me no bad.
OK I will try to send pics in each letter so you will see how I am looks like, I think photos will say more than words. Today I will send to you a one pic.
This pic just shows to you how I am looks like just one I have with myself, so I promise to send more pics next times.
Anyway I hope you are interesting in our contact and will continue to write to me. I will wait for your reply soon.
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