Scam letter(s) from Irina Perova to Wilfred (France)

Letter 1
Dear Sir!
This is the last letter and photo we can pass from Oksana, as her account is not sufficient anymore to provide correspondence between you. My dear Valentino!
Thank you for your letter, i was so happy to get your answer. Thanks for sharing with me, that means so much to me!
Here came the next day of my life which is now filled with thoughts of you and your letters. I'm sad you are not here with me, because i need you so much. And I feel you so much closer to me, that I started feeling a bit excited. To put it bluntly, I want to feel you, I want you. I can't have it if I don't feel the person special to me. And I started liking you to the extent I want you to make love to me. I want you to touch me, to feel my skin burning under your fingers and I want to touch you watching your reaction.
Your words in your letter resonated with my heart! I'm happy i met you, it is that special bond that unites two people and keeps them together through all the difficult times? I want to be with you when you need me to care for you, be it when you are happy, or ill, or whenever. And in turn I will be there for you. Just as a child is dependent on a parent so a partner should be dependent on their partner when the occasion should arise. I want you to look not only at my appearance but also in my soul. I think every person has a choice, you need only to follow your heart. I know your heart has lead you to me!
I wish we meet and go for a walk in the park, holding hands. We'd enjoy nice views showing each other things when one of us doesn't notice them. And kiss in some places hidden from other people eyes. And give each other hidden rubs and pinches, that would be unnoticed for another people and we'd have to fight our growing desire making our faces straight. And then when it reaches the point we can't struggle it we'd rush home and just as the door is closed behind us we'd cuddle to each other, enjoying each other, being so alive at this moment!
With tender kisses, Oksana Sir, you can open a correspondence account with the help of our company between you and Oksana. If you are interested, please contact us at
Letter 2
Dear Sir, Oksana doesn't know English and has no her own computer. That's why she subscribed for our services.
We translate the correspondence between you for her.
You can choose between 3 different ways or correspondence: "Unlimited translation", "unlimited correspondence" and single letter translation. "UNLIMITED TRANSLATION" is the translation of the letters without scanning or printing photos.
3 months "UNLIMITED TRANSLATION" 450 USD. "UNLIMITED CORRESPONDENCE" includes translation of the letters, scanning and printing photos.
3 months "UNLIMITED CORRESPONDENCE" 500 USD. Account can be opened on any amount of money, each letter will be counted with the following prices according to SINGLE letter payment plan:
Translation and printing - 5 USD.
Scanning 1 photo - 2 USD.
Printing 1 photo - 3 USD. You can use MoneyGram or Western Union system.
After making a transfer You should send us a letter with the following information about sender:
*Country, from where the transfer was made;
*The full name the sender (Your full name);
*The amount of the transfer;
*Money Transfer control number (MTCN). Payment should be made on Oksana's name and address so only she can receive the payment and with this You will be sure that the money You sent are spent on creating account for correspondence between you two only. Your Lady's data for transfer: Slipushkina Oksana. Vinnitsia, Vatutina street 44/75. Looking forward further cooperation!
Translating company "Zeus"
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