Letter(s) from Donna Panter to Dale (USA)

Letter 1

Thanks for getting back at me..i feel touched now writing back to you and i would be waiting to hear from you again.i am a wonderful woman i want you to know that some one like me wants some one like you since i am a wonderful woman a wonderful woman is meant for some one special so i think you are a special man. i just want us to be friends first and see what comes out of it as i am looking for LTR..i am from i am from fort wayne but i live in Alabama right now with my uncle and mom ever since my ex boyfriend throw me out.I am 5'6", 120 lbs, 32yrs old,don't smoke or drink and my food is rather healthy balance meal. I roller-skate a lot and I also enter into competitions and do dances on skates like tangos,waltzes, blues etc.... you? i really think that you are a great son of God and that God likes you and you like him too same to me too.i place God first in anything i do and anything comes after that.i want you to know that Knowledge is power. And the Bible gives power. The Word of God is life.i am a great believer and i go to church also.
i am not a sinner i am a honest and a loyal person i am not a cheat nor a lier as i like what god made me. lol..Well,i don't know if you've checked me out or not but here it goes! I'm a very laid back and easy to get along with type of man who doesn't like drama.I'm also very loving and affectionate,honest and above all faithful to the one that I'm with.I don't like cheaters! I'm very romantic and enjoy cooking romantic candlelit dinners for that special someone.I'm also a lover of music. I consider myself a friendly lady who loves to get to know people and spending time with them. I love to laugh more than anything and I want to enjoy living. but with the man I'm looking for. I'm looking for the real thing & to me, that's a meaningful, healthy, long lasting relationship with one special person. I'm hoping to meet a nice man that knows himself well. I think it's possible to settle down without settling for less than you expect from your lover.let me stop here, i would be waiting to hear from you again.