Scam letter(s) from Julia Solodkova to Dale (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my dear Dale! Thank you, that you answered me. You're right, we're not familiar with. I understand you, it's strange, unfamiliar when a girl asks you for money. I just thought that I can try to contact you for help, because you're the only man with whom I have sincerely communicated, you always respected me. You have become near and dear to me. I want to come and get to know you better, but unfortunately without your help I can not go back. You want me to come to you? Can you help me to come? I need your help. My dear Dale, I hope for your help. I want you to see me ******* in your room on your bed. You're right, a lot of hype on the Internet. I often receive letters, in which a lot of hype from strangers, but I met you on a dating site. I think you should know that I am a real young woman who wants to create a long-term relationship with you! I love you. I'm sad that we have not met in the U.S. before my departure to Russia. If we had seen each other in real life, you could help me. But unfortunately we had no appointment. I swore at me for something I did not come to you before departure to Russia. But I do not have time, I had to immediately go to my mom because she needed help. I miss you. I remember our first letters in which were the words of love, but it messed up the money. I'm sad that it is money is an obstacle in our relationship. I badly want to feel the warmth of your lips, and sweetly kissed you. My dear Dale, you're in my heart. I do not know how to convince you that I really need your help. All I know is that God sees all, and God knows that now I need your help. I will be grateful to you if you agree to help me. Please write me a letter as soon as possible, I need to know your decision. If you say what you want to help me, I'll send you my data for money transfer, but if you write that you do not want to help me, then I just forget you and will try to find a solution to my problem alone. I will not blame you, I just will not interfere with your life. But I'm sure you're a good man and that you will not leave me in the lurch. I miss you! I want to come to you as soon as possible and to get acquainted with you! On it I finish my letter and I am waiting for your answer. I kiss you! Julia.
Letter 2
My dear Dale, you did a miracle for me. I am glad that you help me! I love you. In order that you could help me, you must know my data is as follows: My full name: Juliya Kalacheva
My City: Penza
My country: Russia
My address: Lenin Street, 22-120
Postal Code: 440068 My dear Dale, in order to get the money I need to know your full name, number of transfer (MTCN), the exact amount of money that you send me the name of the city from which you send money. My darling, I wait your letter with information about money transfer! I love you very much! I miss you! My dear Dale, I carefully scanned the letter that I sent you, and received from you. January 12 I sent you a letter with my data. February 15 I sent you a letter in which I told you that I have a broken couch, and asked you whether you want to see a picture of my broken sofa. You got my letter? I think that until you do not get some of my writing, because sometimes I get no replies to my letters, and sometimes I write you a letter with the answer to your questions, but in the next letter that comes from you, you blame me for I can not answer your questions .. I do not understand what was happening. I try to answer all your questions. You asked me about yahoo, this question I already answered twice. I do not have yahoo I do not know how to use it, but I heard that if you use yahoo spent a lot of internet traffic. I have expensive internet. I hope this letter you will receive. I miss you. I love you very much. By the way, my dear, I wrote to you that the International Women's Day is March 8. read carefully the letter in which I wrote to you about it. I love you. I kiss you! Your Juliya!
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