Scam letter(s) from Catherine Solary to Mats-Erik (Finland)

Letter 1
Your wife told me, That you did not get my mail that i sent to you since on monday here it is again........
Good day sir,
Am DR micheal from Queen Elizabeth hospital,
Thanks so much for your mail to me it seem you are a caring man because i wonder while catherine my pacient was asked of my mail address from me about 4days ago now and she told me that her boyfriend wanted to mail me and ask of some question from me like wise you did here now.Therefore,inafct while it was on saturday night while i came to her in other to know one of two things about her health condition then i was discover that she was likely to be unconcious because while i check her private part and saw all those black blood that were coming out from her private part then i told her friend that she needed to be flush and clean all her inner private part in other for her to be ok then..but then her friend told me that there was no way to get the treatment bill that the hospital required from her inshort later at the midnight her friend rushed to my office and woke me up explained that catherine has collapsed i rushed there to know what was going on and saw her that she was unconcious then we immediately rushed her to the theartre took on the operation and thanks God that the operation was successfully took place,But it was her friend that sign for the undertaking paper which the hospital management asked them to do before any other took place now your wife is ok now there is nothing like black blood again from her private part because i just left her bed now,
This money must be pay before 7 working days or latest on 27th of this month which is monday sir because hospital used to work 24hours ,And your wife is going to be discharge today sir
So back to your question concerning the payment of the money ..this is going to pay by the person that sign for the undertaking because be cause if this money fail to pay latest on next week monday the person who sign onbehave of the pacient must be quilty if she fail to come and pay the money because it was her friend that sign onbehalf of her so she must come to hospital on monday with the raw cash even not in cheque or anything like account...I hope it is clear to you now?
Letter 2
Hello sir good evening and how has been your day sir?
it has been long time we chat last.
Pls sir i just want to remind you of tomorrow because its tomorrow that i promise those hospital sir and i am also chat with catherine right now
Letter 3
You dont need to be sorry i knew that i had made a great mistake for me to help catherine and i would have left her to dead if i know this is how you are going to behave later...Listen if i losse my studentship because of this i will never forgive you and your wife sister catherine because i thought that you are going to be a good man and behave normal that i have not let your wife dead of sickness but it seem you wanted to pay me bad of good things i did for you.
I dont have any account that you can send this money to and eventhough when ever my grand MUM used to send me any money she used to send it through western union for me to get it. Again you want me to loan money from my family again is that how they do things in your country sir?
PLS and PLS dont let me to blame my self that i render helped for sister catherine and try to do some thing today other wise that is mean i am going to lose my student ship because if those hospital management try to trace me to our department and that school management rusticate me from the school i will never forgive you and your wife
PLS try to fix this today i beg you for the sake of mercy i had for your wife
Letter 4

Good day,am mr reynorld samson by name yes am lecturer to cathetine solary,a student of city of city university of london nursing department,she is final year student,beside she whould have graduated pass 3sections ago but I guess this was due to financial problem that she used to have every section they ask them to pay for their school and with ttansport fear to another school for their examinations,therefore with your question about the payment and when exactly the day of the payment shall due or end its this friday because it has been commence since almost 2weeks ago now sir so if she is also going to be the of those student that is going to write the exams because is commence on monday 7th of this month.ok concerning the webcam and the cell phone this has been cancel since almost 10year ago because there were those old student of this unversiyty that they were using to make on *** with some of their boy friend which is not autorised by the school discipline and which they also abuse the use of cell phone. So those are the reason why with webcam and the cell phone.concerning the photo there is nothinh we can do with that beside catherine solary she is one of the best student in my class. Sorry that it took longer before I can reply this mail. So I will like to stop here so I will ne expecting your reply. Sorry for shortly note am busy with the duction of forth coming exams
Letter 5
Hello good morning honey,How was your night ?
I am very sorry for what happy honey again but you know this is not my fault honey beside that you have to understand me that I can't mean this my self to hurt. Because if I knew this before I would have tell you that they are still going to have their money back honey
So this problem is collectively with felicia now because they said she also involved in this case the other day she signed for my undertaking or ref for me
So I don't know what am going to do now
Beside I knew it is Because of this that did not make you to mail me and say good morning to me honey
I love you I did not mean to do this is not my fault honey
Now they said if I did not pay this money before we finish our school exams then am not going to allow for another school exams honey
Letter 6
My dearest xxxx, good morning my darling here is another love letter from me to you, its great that i can write letters that so exactly says how much you mean to me and how i cant tell you how much i love you every second of every day you have no idea how much i do love you and i will continoue to tell you day and nite for ever. i will do anything to win your heart i love you so much, it hurts so much my love for you it love fills my heart to overflowing it hurts cause i have so much to give you and when you are away from me my builds up in your absance and i need to release it...I love you so much
You are the most thing that make me feel happy always and we shall never let each other without meet in person soon
I want to be in your arms for the rest of my life honey take care of your self and never do what i will not do
Says from your wife
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