Scam letter(s) from Natalia Mayorova to Jean-Jacques (France)

Letter 1
Hello the stranger!
My name Natalya. If to be fair, I do not know what to write to you as I for the first time get acquainted on the Internet. But I however Will try to do it.
I never got acquainted the first with men, actually men always start
Acquaintance to women.
I in general am very happy, which could write to you as I awfully know
The computer and during long time could not be registered on a site. But
With the divine help in me it appeared. I was interested with yours
The data and I am courageous to write to you. I with impatience shall wait
From you the answer. Probably you my second half!!! I very urgently
Want to find to me directly the partner in a life concerning me 31 year, and
I have no my family and I have no children. Actually time leaves very much
Quickly and we shall not notice, which the life has, has already passed
, And we also have not understood for for what we lived. Forgive, I already
Have probably disturbed you by reasonings:).
I want to write to you a little about me:
My growth 5.7 foots, weight of 54 kg. I have attractive appearance, a beautiful figure in a combination of pleasant appearance of the person.
I - very cheerful and joyful person with sense of humour. I like
When concerning the person and the woman, the leader the man. You can
The leader be in relations? I always listen to opinion concerning the man and
I adhere to it. I the silent woman also do not love quarrel. Well, on it
I shall finish the letter. Tomorrow I shall arrive again to the Internet
From cafe and I shall be very happy to see your letter. I shall give you my
E-mail I can send you her without problems.
Mine address:
I with the big hope wait from you the letter. Good-bye.
Letter 2
Hello Alexis, writes it to you Natalya. I am very happy to receive news from you so soon. I am pleased, that you have answered me, and I hope, that my e-mail was the big surprise for you my friend. Truth? I do not know how me start letter, as I did not communicate on the internet earlier. I very much hope, that we can be friends, and can be and more, in the future. You probably want to ask, why I search for someone through the Internet.I want to answer sincerely this important moment for me my friend. I can name you friend? I had the boyfriend from my city with which I was happy. I even wanted to become his wife and to have from him children, I think myself the happiest ******* light. But this person was the ordinary deceiver. He spoke about a beautiful life and about the fine future, and I was naive and always trusted it him. Then I have learned, that he has other woman, I was necessary for him for the sake of entertainment or an game. My friend, I not shall tire any more you with it. It is unpleasant to me to recollect it. Well my friend. I shall not do it. Simply for me it very much an important point. Ok, I to want speak you, not a lot about itself. I hope, that it is pleasant for you to communicate with me as well as me and also it is interesting to learn each other it is more. As I to write to you I live in Russia, in the city of Novocheboksarsk, republic Chuvashiya, it very much fine city and which there are very beautiful streets and parks in which it is possible to spend time very well in the summer, it very much to like me to walk in the evening on to beautiful park of our city, isn't that so, that it is romantic? I have been given birth on December 21, 1980. To me of 30 years. On a nationality I the russian girl, on religion I Christian also I believe in God Jesus, I never was is married and not have what children also. From opinion my friends and relatives I cheerful, clever, the girl possessing intelligence, for what to me very much it is pleasant to learn about itself such good words. The my dear friend I would like to return and more to tell to you about my city, Novocheboksarsk is approximately in 650 kilometers from capital Moscow. It is not so far, from the center of Russia, also in it city there are cold winters, because of what people should dress only warm clothes in winter time, and what concerning your weather? At us in the winter the temperature sometimes reaches up to -28, it is very cold. and in the summer also there is very warmly up to +30, it very much well, in general my favourite season this summer, to me very much to like when at this time year sing birds and to go somewhere on bathing, it is very pleasant for my soul, I think, that each person is individual and to it the character traits, the truth are characteristic??? My friend Alexis, and what your the most favourite the season, is pleasant to you summer? I think, what yes as summer this time of holidays and resort trips. My friend I think, that it will be interesting to you to learn about my work so I to want to tell to you about it. I work as the hairdresser, seems to me, that - good work for me, I very well cope with it, and it is interesting to me to know concerning your work. I have higher education, on a speciality the lawyer. I was trained at myself in city, at university on this speciality. But unfortunately I could not find work of the lawyer. And I have finished college, on the trade hairdresser. But it is good work, I never to feel like lonely, I receive there very polite dialogue from my colleagues on work and also from our polite visitors. My friend, I want to ask you about mine english language, you understand my letter to you? When I studied at university I also studied, to the English language, I think, that you should understand me it is possible even with a smile, but me very much it would be desirable to learn your opinion in this occasion, well? Also I want, to tell you, that I write to you from the internet cafe. I think, that I can always hold with you connection. Probably I cannot write to you every day, but you do not worry because of it, I shall necessarily write to you. Well, I shall finish the mail to you my friend. I shall be very grateful if you write to me also. As your family, whether the truth that your city is big, well let me to stop on it. I have placed the photo and I hope, that you will find its good. Well my friend, while. I hope to receive news from you very soon. I speak you DOSVIDANIYA, is on Russian good-bye. Sincerely, your familiar from Russia. Natalya.
Letter 3
Hello my friend Aexis!!! I so am pleased to receive news from you again, it very interestingly for me to learn you in person. I start to know you more, and it is very pleasant for me to have dialogue with you my friend Aexis. I also hope, that too it is interesting to you to study me as the person. My dear friend Aexis, I want to tell to you very important point which has forced me to write to you. 3 years ago when to me there were 27 years I had the guy from ours city about which I already spoke in the previous letter, in general here in Russia I had then still girlfriend Irina with which I always shared the ideas concerning the love to this men. Then she was going to leave abroad and has told to me that I have made the same. Most of all, she to tell, that the Russian men are not reliable, and on them it is impossible to rely. Also it is impossible to feel like behind them as behind a stone wall, similarly to the protected girl in reliable hands of loved man. But I did not trust in it, and hoped to find happiness here. Also did not trust words mine girlfriends Irina. But unfortunately her words appeared the fierce truth for me minefriend Aexis. Then I not find here it is more any another the man, simply I could not make it after my closest person has not made it that is to change to me with other woman which is much more senior than I... To me hardly suffered it, and still I could go through it and find in myself forces, to write to someone on the internet, in general I have decided to engage seriously search from the internet and to not want to play game, and to want to find itself the worthy person which can understand in all me and to allow to me all love and care only to me one, simply the Internet is my last hope to find the happiness and unique love in the person. My friend Aexis I want tell you to about girlfriend Irina, she still then when I to have attitudes with this person to start to search to itself for someone from the internet. I thought, that it and in the waste of time, but as appeared, that she to find to herself happiness there, she now lives already in France, in the city of Marseilles about 2 years. Its husband name Jacque and she is happy with it, I too am glad for them, I cannot simply transfer all pleasure for my the girlfriend, approximately 2 months ago she to write to me the telegram from the city of Marseilles to me, she to write in it that at them the son was born, and that that she does not want that I remained here in Russia and to tell to me that I tried to find somebody through the Internet also, and thanking to its words I have decided to try to make it, I do not know, that it will turn out from all it, but nevertheless I think, it is real. Strange, but to her husband 52, and her only 26 years, and not looking on this difference in the age of they could find in the friend the friend that all people on the ground search is a love. I too trust to men which is more senior than I, I simply to not want, that my history with my first love has repeated again. My friend Aexis I do not know, how affairs on the Internet are, whether I do not know people find happiness here whether or not, it is very interesting to me to know your ideas on to this occasion, I am good, simple for the first time to use it as I never thought, that it is necessary to me to take advantage of the internet, to search for happiness there. My friend Aexis I do not know it, and I hope that I can make it as I seriously to solve it for myself. Aexis probably in the future we shall learn each other more probably also we can do, something for the sake of it, but I think, that we have time to learn in the friend the friend to those people which approach on in love pair of people and to build the happiness together, but while early to think of it, I simply have very strongly reflected while I write to you this letter. It can be named mine the most sincere dreams of the life, it is correct dreams? My dear anyway I all the same shall be to dream to find the happiness here on the Internet. I think, that will suffice to dream. Now I want to tell to you about my family: my mum name Elena. And also my younger sister Masha which else to study in to school, in 6 class, my sister only 12 years, and she already adult girl which can understand people. We frequently talk to it about its affairs at school, and even sometimes I help to do to it the task which to it have set on the house at school of its teacher. My mum the seller of clothes shop, we always share with it impressions after the difficult working day, also we joke in this occasion behind a cup of tea with sugar cookies. My mum has divorced from my father when to me there were 6 years. I since did not see him and almost I do not remember. Mum tries to not speak with me about it and always translates conversation on other theme when I try to ask about him. I heard, that he was the thief and even sat in prison, but i was then the child and i many did not understand. Well, I think, that any more it is not necessary to write about it. Let this remain in the past. I am glad for our family my friend Aexis. Our family lives without what or conflicts, we have very good understanding between the each other. And I to want tell you, that we live in an apartment with two rooms, it not as abroad, but all the place always suffices us to invite even visitors. I want to tell to you, that I to speak the mum, that I has got acquainted with you my friend Aexis... she to understand it and to tell, that I the clever girl and do only as it will be better for my happiness and a further life, she are simply very much concerned with my past with this guy, and wish me only good luck and understanding from loved which person I could name the destiny. My friend Aexis I would like to return to the work and to write to you it is more about it as I to tell earlier I work as the hairdresser (female master), in our city people basically only polite and never are not rude to us, but there are also exceptions that spoil mood for all stayed day, but it happens very seldom. I very much would like to learn about your work more, as it is very interesting to me to know as live and people work abroad? Aexis I to want to tell to you still, that never was abroad and to not see that there occurs. My dream still consists in travel in other country, I to want it as well as the small child probably, but nevertheless it is the fact of my dream. My friend Aexis I probably have tired you with it, well I shall finish my mail to you, and I shall write to you more tomorrow. I only want to transfer you warm greetings from my family, I hope for your answer soon. Natalya.
Letter 4

Hello my friend Jean-Jacques!!! How your mood today? I feel perfectly. thanks for your last answer of e-mail, on mine to opinion it is very wonderful that we write each other, the truth? You do not represent as me to like to learn you in the person, I am simply glad to this as the small child. I trust you as a whole when I write to you these lines from mine hearts, I think, that to you it is also interesting to know me. I even could not assume, that to me will be so pleasantly to communicate with you and to learn about you practically all your life. In general I am glad and happy to all this very strongly. Well my friend Jean-Jacques I think, that to you will be it is interesting to learn about my enthusiasm as a whole, the truth? I like to listen music of foreign executors. I do not have loved from it, but to me like listen songs in English, me it seems very beautifully, whether the truth my friend Jean-Jacques,and that be relative your tastes to music, you listened to Russian executors? In general to like me all modern music, I like to listen radio station Europe +, you heard about such, there sing almost all those songs which I like to listen. My friend Jean-Jacques still to like me to look romantic comedies from foreign directors. To me very much to like film "Girl Next Door", you looked such, the truth I to not remember names of those people which were removed in it film, but all this my favourite film. My friend Jean-Jacques what do you like to look at leisure? To me very much it is interesting learn it from you my friend Jean-Jacques. My dear friend Jean-Jacques I to want tell still to you all those things about foodstuff which like me most of all: very much to like me a fried potato with a chicken, also I to love almost all kinds of soups. Also I love fried meat on coal, a barbecue. My friend Jean-Jacques and to like you a chicken, I think, what yes it so is tasty especially then when is hungry. Also I love very strongly a pizza with cheese, it I to be able to prepare very well as me to learn this my mum. I want to tell, that I like almost all fruit and vegetables. And it is especial oranges, bananas and a gentle fruit a banana. You like my tastes on foodstuff, is simple to me very much it would be desirable to know it as in other country have I peep. At me a correct sight on I peep, or it harmful at you. But nevertheless it will be interesting to me to know, how you eat. My friend Jean-Jacques probably it will be interesting to you to learn from me what hobby at me, I go to club harmonous figures due to what I can support myself the figure. And besides it is very useful for health, it is very good. In the winter I like to go on a skating rink with my girlfriends, and to go for a drive on skates, it so impresses also it very quickly, you are able to do it, I think that I possible sometime can to learn you to this, it so fascinatingly and will cause warm smile on the person, it so is romantic when two loving the person go for a drive under a moonlight night together on ice. About, the my dear friend Jean-Jacques I again dream very much. But will suffice, still I want to tell you that I like read, at leisure. To me as well as all women very much to like watch last fashion and on this I to like read female magazines such as Cosmopoliton, you heard about such, it is very good. My friend probably it is very interesting to you know my dreams, simply I remember it since those times when my girlfriend Irina told about men abroad, I was good to want tell you that my dream to learn drive the automobile, but as we to not have in family of it I be not able to do it, I think, that it also is wonderful as well as fast driving on skates, the truth? By the way, my mum and friends ask about you all time, it is very pleasant for me. I have told mine to mum, that you are very decent person! They are very pleased, that we have dialogue with you. My dear friend Jean-Jacques, my mum probably trust in destiny and trust that probably once we shall together, and she to wish us only good luck in it, strange probably but I too probably hope for it, but while I want to tell to you, that you become to me as the close friend to heart. For what it is very pleasant for me to have the friend Jean-Jacques. I feel it, really. You are so good friend, you can understand me as a good friend to good friend, and I think that it's important thing in the life. Jean-Jacques, I see that you trust me, as I do it with a great pleasure to you, and I think that it's so good thing in our friendship, really, Jean-Jacques? I hope that you understand me, Jean-Jacques, that in my opinion, all people in the world must to understand each other in spiritual a dialogue. Do you agree with me, Jean-Jacques? Tell me about it, ok? By the way I want to say to you that believe in God very much, I believe in Jesus, I am a Christian woman as I said you earlier. I like to go to Church. Our City's Church is a very beautiful place, there is a lot of an beautiful icons too, I like this. The priests sing beautiful songs and I like it very much. This so calms my soul when I have a bad mood too. But now, I want to say to you that your e-mails calms me too when I have a bad mood, I feel it, Jean-Jacques. I want to say to you that some people of our work personal, here in our hairdressing saloon know that we with you write to each other by the Internet. They said me that it's so good for us, they ask me to say to you a friend hello and they, as me, want know more about your country, about your culture. I want to tell to you that it would be very pleasant for me to speak with you by phone if you not against certainly, you can to leave to me the phone number that I could cause you from Novocheboksarsk post office, you probably are set why from post office, but on our family has no constant places of a call as it is very expensive for us. But I promise that I shall make this all efforts to cause you from post office. If you not against certainly Jean-Jacques. I shall try to cause you very soon if you give to me this number, I shall try to do it. Also I have asked director of a hairdressinq saloon, to take telephone number of a hairdressinq, but to me refused, to me have told to this call not for the personal purposes, that is very much pity to me. I also asked the friends to take advantage their phone, but I also was refused, as it is only them, and they do not want to give to me it, but anything I can to do it of post office from the city. My dear friend Jean-Jacques still I want to tell you, that mine to liked color blue, it is my most favourite color, as it very much calms eyes, you like this color? Well my friend Jean-Jacques probably on it I shall stop the mail to you, also I hope to see your answer also soon. By the way my mother and friends also transfer to you most kind and warm greetings, also you speak that very much the kind person in the whole, it is very pleasant for me to hear it from them the my dear friend Jean-Jacques, and to you. yes the my dear friend I nearly have not overlooked, that I cannot cause you at once as it is necessary for me to receive earned payment to do it, I with impatience shall wait your letter. Sincere and respecting yours. Natalya.
Letter 5
Hello my most dear Alexis!!! I have received your answer as usually, and I was so it is happy from your words again, for me it now the obligatory part of a life to receive the letter from you to feel like normally, I so am glad to this! Your e-mails help me to live better, and to feel like only perfectly and to have only good mood from yours of warm words to me. I am simple I cannot now without your letters, so I want to have with you dialogue that I can not describe at all this in words, but I think, that also it is pleasant for you to have dialogue with me. The Truth Alexis? I want to tell to you Alexis, that my favourite season, summer. In summer I can take holiday on work and have a rest. I very much like to spend time on a beach: to bathe and sunbathe. At us near to city to find the river "Volga", probably you heard about it. It is the most known and big river in Russia. You like to spend time on a beach? When I think of you Alexis, for me there comes summer in soul, and I even represented us together. You will not believe, but it was so perfectly to see us together, and besides it so is romantic, I have presented that I have sat down to you on knees and you gently having embraced and having kissed me have asked me about my past, we for a long time talked and shared the most good ideas with each other, it was so pleasantly to have with you such dialogue, but is a pity, that it not a reality, and dream, probably I carry delirium, but nevertheless everyone the person in the world should think of what that good, as each person, the truth should have dream? My dear Alexis, it seems to me, that mine colleagues I start to envy me of that I have such good person as you Alexis. So it is pleasant for me to feel it, and also it is a shame before you for all this, that my girlfriends on work think of you. My colleagues also have asked me about a parcel gift to me from you Alexis, but I have told him, that we with you clever people and the most important for us with you it to have dialogue by e-mail as we with you trust this more, than usual mail. Especially, as I already spoke you, that our mail works very badly. And if you send me, that be, it can be stolen. And even intervention of court will not help with it. As on mail it is very difficult to prove theft. All speak me, that we with you have only good and kind dialogue, also that probably soon we shall together, when to me it speak, at me cheeks redden. It so is pleasant for hearing, that you probably even cannot imagine it, but nevertheless it the pleasant fact for me and as it for you, it is pleasant for you to hear such, from me, my mum and all mine friends, I think, that also it is pleasant for you to hear such. My dear me even more often visit, washed about us with you, I did not sleep at all the last night and thought only about it as we would be happy together, but besides it only dream, and a reality far from our eyes, and I think, that we can learn each other and to write beautiful letters each other. Certainly I never was outside Russia, but I hope, that I can sometime visit you my dear Alexis. It is my other dream.But I did not think of it seriously, but now I to want to learn it is not a lot of about it, it so is interesting to me. My dear Alexis it seems to me, that my feelings grow to you and become more and more warm, but I am afraid to speak it to you, I am afraid, that you can not understand me, but nevertheless I do not want to hide from you something. The Truth. I to feeling to you attachment of the close person, and then if I did not sleep night, and thought only of it, I think, what it should mean something, the truth? in general it seems to me, that it is more than friendship. I feel this voice of my heart and soul. Well my dear Alexis, probably on it I also shall finish this letter to you, I wait for your letter tomorrow with impatience and I hope for it all heart. Also I transfer you only warm greetings from mine families and which respect my kind friends you as sincere person.....!!!!!!! Thinking and dreaming only about you, yours it is sincere Natalya.
Letter 6
Hello my dearest Jean-Jacques! I want to tell you, I am is happy to receive this mail and especially the answer on I wash last e-mail, it is very pleasant for me. I so wait for your warm letters for me, I want to speak, that I cannot now without your feelings to me. That you write to me, is now integral part of my life, it on so important for me now to not lose touch with you, your letters to me are a source of pleasure of my life. I want to tell, that occurrence of you in my part lonely lives, it has turned up to unrecognizability, I do not know, that occurs to me and my feeling, it is strange probably, but when to me badly I think of you Jean-Jacques, and in me the good mood wakes up only and sincerely pure ideas with which I hasten to share with you, also shares everything, that at me is concerning ours beautiful and very pleasant dialogue with you Jean-Jacques. I want to tell, that I speak these pure lines of the hearts only with sincere care of you mine Jean-Jacques. Also I want to tell you, that I have come to a conclusion, that at me such feeling to you which I not wakes up to test earlier, so it is pleasant to feel it such to you. I constantly think, only about us with you mine Jean-Jacques, and about our acquaintance on the Internet, it was so quickly, that, now to feel such about what I even did not think! I start to understand that I even am afraid a little to speak such to you, it so is important, but I do not know as to express that I have to you with my feeling which it has been closed for everything, but for you at all that, that was earlier, I do not know, that occurs, but I think, that I should not hide that all people on this search to blue planet, which I cannot describe this that feeling words, it that forces to live on the ground and without what, is impossible in general, I to want to tell to you Jean-Jacques, that I start to understand that we are not indifferent each other. And it forces to be pleased me every day. before going to go to bed I dreamed all evening about us with you my loved Jean-Jacques, also can be to understand that is possible soon we we can appear together and to have a happy life, I cried from all it, there can be I have understood that now I cannot to live without you further and to understand that I can name strong feeling of love, I so am afraid of all it, what even with fear I speak it to you Jean-Jacques. I thought that we can create strong the family to live and be pleased to this gift of destiny. Jean-Jacques as you count my most dear it is possible in the future, it so fingers my soul, that at me hands are shaked when I write it to you Jean-Jacques. I cannot explain all it in words, as I am lost in myself, it probably delirium any, but I want to tell you that I have to you such feeling as love! Else want to write you my loved Jean-Jacques, what I said about my feelings to you my mom. And she fully understood and supported me in this, my mother said that she is very happy for you and me. Because she wants me only happiness in this life, and my mother was confident that I made the right choice! Mum hopes that we will be happy and that you will be able to take care of me and give me all your love warm. I hope and believe with all my heart that soon we will be able to see each other. Mum have told, that if I have such feelings to you, and I receive same back, it means that to us at a door of a lonely life has not appreciablly crept true love which I am ready to give this key to the feelings and the sincere soul. My mother have asked, that if in the near future we shall be happy with each other as then will be further, she have asked me where I want to remain, and I hastened to answer, that I hope to be in yours the country as for me this happiness and is very joyful. It is dream of all my life to have such love as you! And then in Russia it is a complex vital situation, from which people hardly get out and struggle for the life both hands, it very sadly to speak about it. My love I want to tell to you, that my mum wish us only good luck, sincerely pure care about each other and certainly the purest angelic love! My dear I have important question to you, which is very important for me especially now, when I so it is close to your heart, you write to other women? I think, that was not present, as I am sure, that I have only fair attitudes to you which I build only on trust to you my love Jean-Jacques. But nevertheless it is important for me to hear it from you, I hope, that you will understand me, that I do not want, that you had dialogue with other women. I do not write to whom except for you and I do not need in anybody,except for my Jean-Jacques. I do not want to have loved other man because you're the one who has illuminated my days with light of pleasure, hope come back which I wait for love already for a long time! I already can not imagine my life without you and your letters. I fell in love with you. And I'm sure that had found what I was looking for in this life. In my opinion you possess the majority of qualities of the present of the man. And to me seem that I fall in love with you with each letter more and more and more. I a little to be afraid of this feeling. Whether you see you so are far and one God know it is fated to us to meet you... Also the last night I asked God, that he would help us to meet. I thank him, that we have found each other mine Jean-Jacques. I shall pray for both of us and I am sure, that the god will help us!!! My love Jean-Jacques you probably asked a question, as I shall leave all in Russia and my work also, but I do not worry in this occasion, as all my colleagues are glad for me as for native and are ready to take it on itself, for, that it is very much - very much pleasant for me to hear such from colleagues. I think, that my favourite person should change my lonely life up to the end, as all people on earth build the private life as they want it, the truth? Also my colleagues speak me, that they is very strong will grieve without me, but I have told, that if I gather to you my love Jean-Jacques I was necessary I shall write to them e-mail from your country. I want to tell you, that you on the very first plan for me than my work and my colleagues, also I has decided, that I should be near to you as I cannot so for a long time to suffer on distance, I hope, that is fast we shall have a meeting with you my loved Jean-Jacques. I want to tell to you my love Jean-Jacques, that I shall necessarily study about my arrival in you. I know from words of my girlfriend Irina that to me passport for travel abroad is required and visa without which I cannot be in your country. I shall necessarily study in all this very soon, I hope, that you also wish it as well as, I am sincere I hope for it and I trust you the heart! On it I finish the letter to you mine love Jean-Jacques, I hope to receive news from you soon, as I cannot without it. Always thinking only about you, and hope in my heart to receive news soon, with hope and sincere love to you, Natalya.
Letter 7
Hello my love Jean-Jacques!!! I have received your warm words from your last answer on my e-mail to you mine Jean-Jacques. My dear, my love Jean-Jacques, in my last to e-mail I have told to you about my feelings of love you, I have written to you those expensive for me which I have feelings at present the life. I cannot simply hide all that care of your heart, and I can not hold such in myself, it is simply impossible. I want to speak about my feeling to you always, I think only about it I cannot simply hide the love to you my unique Jean-Jacques my soul has induced me to make it and now I cannot speak about something the friend. I think, that it is impossible to hide the feelings to the favourite person, the truth? So it is a pity to me, that we can incorporate only by e-mail, me very much it would be desirable to see us together, what even saw it in dream, I never could trust in it, that is possible to find that love in the most unexpected for you place and for us with you this thing is the internet. I am very grateful to this and I do not know as to describe all that which I have pleasure now in my soul. I do not know, that I shall do without your e-mails, if we shall lose withyou contact I simply I am afraid of it. They are necessary for me as a drink of fresh air. I love it and I love you my dear angel Jean-Jacques I want to tell, that my mother and my close friends are glad that we have found each other here, and transfer you all that pleasure, which they have for us with you my love Jean-Jacques. My love on my work so all are glad for me, that I have met you, but one colleague was comprehended with envy. Her name Olga, she disappoints me these days. Olga always disliked me, and now when she knows about our dialogue, starts to gossip about all it and to mock at our feelings. She to not trust all this, and is especial in love on the Internet. It is not strange, that she has no any husband though to her 45 years. She speak such cannot be, that we loved each other. And that we could not grow love each other so quickly. She speaks, that it not feelings, and simply game with feelings, but I cannot understand this which she has in view of, I am simply confused from all it which she speaks, she is not right, I know, that our feelings are pure and we trust each other destinies and hearts. But it seems to me, that she does not want to believe at present love and to give will to the feelings, she has become isolated in itself and now does too most to people surrounding her. She is not right, the truth mine Jean-Jacques. My dear I do not know, why she speaks so about all men, but I know one, that these silly gossips do not concern us. I want to speak loved about us with you my love Jean-Jacques, my mum ask all time about my achievement in you, I speak, that I am ready on all for the sake of our happiness, she to understand me and speak only good words in this occasion, in general she are happy for us with you my angel Jean-Jacques. And also as well as I give you this cautious care of you in fact when they young they have passed through it, and now can understand me as itself in the past. My dear and most favourite angel Jean-Jacques, I still want to tell to you, that I start to learn, that to me it is required for achievement of you, I have the aunt which lives in Moscow and works in travel agency, she agrees to take great interest in registration my documents for achievement of you mine Jean-Jacques. I so am glad to this, that I will be helped me by my aunt. My love I love you and I want to be very fast with you, I hope, that registration of papers will not borrow much time as my aunt Svetlana, will accept in it very big participation, I rely on it. I am ready to accept all those forces for an our meeting, also I hope, that soon we shall see each other face to face, I believe in it all heart. The meeting will help us to do serious steps in our further life, the truth loved Jean-Jacques? I gradually study, the information be relative all it also I hope, that I shall soon have all the necessary information for achievement of this purpose! I shall inform you it as soon as possible, as soon as I shall have it... I so am excited about our meeting. I cannot constrain some tear from this day, I want that, you have embraced me and I shall cry on yours strong shoulder, I am simple I can not without it, as I even now cannot constrain it in myself. You only do not pay attention, if in the first day our meeting I shall cry for pleasure, which you have brought to me with the warm feelings to me. You promise me, that you do not pay attention to it, also will not understand it seriously, well? I so want, that you have captured me the hands and gave me the heat. I want, that our meeting was a first step to ours to happiness, let's do our life happy and long. I want, that the union of our hearts was strong as steel! I want to love you all my female heart, I want to give all that care which I have in soul! We should overcome everything, and hope against each other as a whole as for us it is necessary to do it. Well my love I shall stop, and with expectation of news from you, I shall pray for us with you, and our happiness in general. Natalya with love and tenderness... All for the sake of love to you Jean-Jacques...
Letter 8
Hello my most dear and gentle angel Jean-Jacques!!! I am so happy to receive your letter today, I so is glad to receive news from you my angel Jean-Jacques. It is so joyful to receive all necessary love and care of me my angel Jean-Jacques. My Jean-Jacques, also again I want to share with you my some problem in my job, it's again Olga... I want to say to you that I heared from Olga so bad words to my side again recently. As you remember, as I told you earlier, Olga think about our love very very bad! I think that simply she envies us very much, really, Jean-Jacques? She said that all men promise to the women a happy life and love on a beautiful words, and she said that you are not exception :( She said me that you speak a beautiful words to me only, and that you willn't to undertake all of effort for our quick meeting and she said also that simply, all men are people who promise on words very much, but on the actions, as since sides of the gentleman, they are weak people. Also she said that you willn't do all things for our meeting my dear Jean-Jacques, it was insulting for me from her words. My dear Jean-Jacques, I cried from her words very much, she said me a ***** lie!!! Realy, my Jean-Jacques? She think about all men very bad, I don't know, I don't understand!!! WHY? Why she think about men so bad? I think that she don't and willn't understand so happy feelings as the LOVE between woman and man! My Jean-Jacques, I want to say to you that I don't want to work in this hairdressing, it's so pity for me, because from this so bad and silly Olga. My lovely I any more do not want to speak in this occasion, let's better talk about us. My most dear and favourite person Jean-Jacques, I love you and do not present as I shall live without your letters to me, it so is necessary for me to receive your care and all your love of your heart. You are so necessary for me, an inseparable part my life angelic love Jean-Jacques I speak about it seriously as you know as I love you a my dear angel Jean-Jacques all the days long and every second I did not forget the life about you my angel Jean-Jacques, all these days I think only about us with you also I dream of our further life, I dream as we shall build our life together I have only the most gentle impressions from all it I know, that I am waited with that moment when my love will meet me at itself at the airport, I want it all heart to see each other to face and to hold each other it is gentle for hands and to whisper most gentle words on this blue planet, I the happiest the woman on light because I has met you my angel Jean-Jacques I want that all people on earth were also are happy, I know that to us with you Jean-Jacques that key fortunately and is given to pure love, and to us is given chance to get in this number of the happiest people on earth as our love is very pure and it is sincere. The love this that feeling which forces to live and to be pleased for second half, and also to be happy on always and to have all tenderness lived happy days together near to the favourite person. Our love this that expensive feeling, of which all people on earth, our love dream this my most expensive feeling which I very much value. Also I hold it at the most gentle place under the name heart. My love Jean-Jacques I so grieve without you my angel, to me so it is bad, that my second half is far from me, but the love does not know distances, she surrounds us the heat always also gives pleasure on the person and brisk eyes of happiness every day our life Jean-Jacques. My dear angel Jean-Jacques I very much wait for that moment when we shall be together, I do not overlook about it not for a second, yesterday I badly slept from it, but it was the dream of us with you my most dear person on earth Jean-Jacques, I very much I want to share all it with you my love Jean-Jacques. while we with you far apart us surrounds the purest and mutual love of heart, but divides us very huge distance, but it is not important as it close and the love gives us chance to be beside for ever and to like each other pure and gentle love, in that time as it I cannot far hold your hands, I cannot feel your gentle breath, I cannot to hold you it is close to heart, I cannot embrace you and to kiss you in sweet lips, but nevertheless I can feel it on distance from you mine an angel Jean-Jacques, I can to see you in the dreams and to hear you in ears, you can be on other half of earth, but you always in my warm heart and I always feel your care. Here it is far from you my light angel from heavens Jean-Jacques and while I have your warm letters you always in mine heart and always in my ideas. My love Jean-Jacques, I hope, that you like these lines of my heart, these are my ideas about us with you my angel Jean-Jacques, my love I dream of you always, you always in mine heart and you always in my ideas on you Jean-Jacques my love. Else I want to tell you, that I learn everything, that is required to us for my travel to you. I run on all travel agencies of the city also I learn full details concerning it, but while I have not enough information in this occasion, but I hope, that within the next few days I can inform to you about all this... Well my love probably on it I shall finish today this letter to you Jean-Jacques. Also I transfer you Hello and care from my mum. I love you my heavenly angel Jean-Jacques. Natalya who has sincerely fallen in love in you.
Letter 9
Hello my love Jean-Jacques. Today I very much hurried up to read news from you again. Please do not count me impatient, but I am simple i can not now without you on such big distance from each other my most precious Jean-Jacques. My loved and sweet Jean-Jacques I think, that now, when we on became so close to each other, nobody can prevent us to meet each other in the person and to build our the further life my prince Jean-Jacques. I very much want to meet you in the person. It is the most important dream in my life. I very sad that we not together. We cannot look each other in eyes, we can not embrace each other and to kiss. But I very much hope, that my dream will be very soon a reality! Because I love you and I am sure, God will help us to meet. And we shall be one family! Now I to want to tell you all concerning my arrival in you. Though to me I am much sad in this occasion, but nevertheless should speak you all about it my dear Jean-Jacques. I to learn that the visa in you will cost for us with you 450 euro, including medical survey, insurance and the passport for travel abroad. My love I need from you in funds for clearing mine of documents, that is I will need this sum within the next few days. My prince Jean-Jacques understand me correctly, that I cannot simply pay it, I cannot simply make it one, without yours the help. I have already prepared all documents for this purpose. My aunt has told to me, that can prepare all documents very quickly. Svetlana the agent of travel and can help us without problems. I am very happy, that I have such fine aunt. I am glad, that she has agreed to help us! Without my aunt, release of documents would occupy a lot of time. But with the help of my aunt we can be together very soon! I to learn all concerning it and to understand, that I can to be in you from 90 days,I think, that this time will suffice us to learn each other better. As for these days we can do our plans on the future. And if we shall decide to get married, I shall stay in you for ever! My precious Jean-Jacques to me it is very sad to speak you about price of all it, simply understand me only it is correct. I realize, that it is not easy for you to make it for me and to send me such big money, but nevertheless, I to not see other exit in this situation. before to write you it, I to talk about all it with mum and to tell her about the wild prices for visa. We spoke with mum almost 3 hours on our kitchen, she to tell me that I did not worry in this occasion, as I find the good future husband which can to understand me in all it, else she to tell to me, that will be to help me with some funds for mine movement to Moscow and to give its some savings. When I heard it in my eyes to appear the tears, my mother looked at me and started crying too. We could not restrain the tears, but it were tears of happiness. My mum very happy for us and she confident that we will be happy together. Then my mum tightly embraced me and gave us with you parent blessing. I also learned how to transfer money. My loved Jean-Jacques I want to tell you, that you can to send me it on reliable system Western Union. My girlfriend Irina has used this system, is suitable for almost all countries. You must know address of the bank through which I can get it from you. CHUVASHKREDITPROMBANK Country: Russia City: Novocheboksarsk And my full name in which you will need, name: Natalya surname: Mayorova My loved Jean-Jacques else I want to tell, I learned that from you else it is required to me what number mtcn which will consist of 10 numbers, I must know this to receive from you funds. I shall wait it from you very soon, mine Jean-Jacques, and I very much hope, that you can help me with it. So I shall wait for news from you soon. Wanting to be with you so much my love Jean-Jacques, truly, your love lady for ever........ With love and sincere hope in heart, Natalya.
Letter 10
I so am happy that you have not refused to help me with the visa, I very much experienced for it!!!
My lovely I ask you to inform me exact day of when you will be
To go in the western union and to send to me of money for my arrival to you.
It is necessary for me to know exact day of that I could plan
My departure from Russia.
We with you shall be happy together I is sure in it!!!
I know that you will protect and protect me when I shall arrive to you!!!
Mum also knows it and trusts you!
Yes separation from all my relatives and the native land it will be
difficult for me, but I am sure that with you I shall overlook about all on light!!!
I so am glad, that things go well between us. We shall soon
Together and we shall have happy time together. I want to connect ours
Hearts! I so am excited about our meeting! I shall cry for pleasure,
When I shall see you the first time. You only please do not pay to this attention.
OK? I so want to feel your care of me. I so want to understand,
That you love me. I shall be true only to you. I want to love you.
I should tell, that my old electronic address now had crash and it
Any more does not work. So it is a pity to me, because I might lose with you contact.
I am very glad, that we did not lose our contact. I want to arrive to you and never to not feel any more
Similar feelings. This fear from men sweated loved to bring in my heart the big grief.
I love you and we shall be happy together.
I was more today can not write than anything as I am overflown with happiness and I do not have not enough words to express it! I am very glad that between us exists Trust, I am simply happy to realize that my loved trusts me. Except for that I become more sure that we soon shall meet you, because love May overcome any distances.
Certainly there are difficulties which prevent To us to reunite, but
we together should overcome them, because all in ours Hands. We should
meet you because we may not live the friend without The friend, you agree with me? I wait for your answer, eternally loving you Natalya.
Letter 11
All of you understand it is not necessary to pretend innocent. I loved you and you have considered me very bad. And now I shall make all that would put you in prison for your lie. I have already addressed in police and to me have told that to me I shall help and find you very soon. As you is obliged to incur punishment for your lie...
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