Scam letter(s) from Marina Kopytouwa to Paxton (Canada)

Letter 1
Hi! First and foremost I would like to apologize for what I'm worried about you, your email gave me my cousin, they saw your profile on a dating site and told me that she thought that you're a good person and that I would have tried to write to you. Not so long ago I broke up with someone who left me for another woman, I am now in search of true love and serious relationship. I will tell you not much about myself, I'm 33 years old. I'm not when I was not married and have no children, but I would like to have a family and love in my life. Now I'm lonely and want to find love, my sister just met a man through the internet and now lives in Switzerland. If my sister was wrong and gave me not the correct address, and you are not interested in getting acquainted with me, I beg you not to write to me. Once again, I want to apologize if I disturbed you in vain, but if you are interested in getting acquainted with me I'll be glad to get acquainted with you.
Here is my email address if you decide to write me:
I'll wait for your answer! Yours Marina.
Letter 2
Hello my dear friend. For you my letter to you, probably, quite unexpectedly. And you are very surprised to get it? " But honestly, for me it's too big a surprise. And myself surprised that I took advantage of Internet services, in order to get acquainted with a man. The thing that I first decided to try to get acquainted through the Internet, up to this point, I never did not. My cousin, met on the internet and married a good man from Switzerland. Now there are more than two years is alive and very happy. I often get emails from her where she describes how there it is good, as it is valued and respected at work, what her sensitive and loving husband. And in every letter she instructs me to, I also tried to meet with anyone - ever. Well, it helped me to find her look good man, and I tried, I hope I'm not disappointed in you. Well, now you want to tell a little about yourself. My name is Marina, I'm 33 years, I have an unmarried young woman. Live with their parents. Likewise, I have an older sister she is older than me by 2 years. On a horoscope I fish, my birthday is on February 21. I was born and raised in the backwoods of Russia, in a small provincial town Kstovo Nizhegorodskaya Oblast '. It is approximately 30 kilometers from the city of Nizhniy Novgorod. My city though also small, but very ancient, you even can not imagine how old he is. For the first time on Kstovo mentioned in letopyasyah in 1410, but our local archeologists say that the city has appeared much earlier, as evidenced by the various excavations. And the name of our town was the legend of legends, from the Bald mountain located not podaleku from the village, but they say that it is possible that the city received its name from the name of a Tatar khan Yara, seized an ancient settlement.
Our town is very beautiful, many ancient constructions of museums and historical sites. Generally Nizhegorodskaya land is considered very ancient and holy land. We have here a lot of monasteries and temples, which for many years. And people here live very good. By profession I am a children's pediatrician, working in the children's clinic for more than a year. I really like my job, though earnings are not very big, but sometimes in my free time can earn money. I do private people massage at home. In general, too small children - infants. Now a lot of babies are born with different dislocations and pinched, and my work demanded. Still teach babies from the first days of life to swim in the bathtub. Keep them under the **** and a month of classes they have their own well to hold onto water. This is also separately paid, therefore, to life in short supply. I am very fond of children and their profession. Probably because I've always been brought up in a family full of love! My family, we can say is exemplary. Mom and dad are very decent people, and my sister too always brought up in austerity and respect. Are you surprised that I am writing to you from Russia! Why can not I find myself here in Russia itself a good man? But I'll tell you. Because my mother always told me to look decent! I was looking for, but ... One day I fell in love thereof boy at school, in tenth grade, it was my first love. I was so happy and long wearing this feeling in itself, but then decided to tell him everything. And he laughed in my face and told all the boys and they began to mock me. It was a big trauma for me! Mom told me that he's just not a decent man. Then at the institute, I fell in love with his teacher, and he told me that he is married and that his family is not going to throw! Later still there was one case in the bus, I drove to work and one guy for so long looked at me, I thought I liked him, and he wants me to become better acquainted. But when we went out together at the bus stop and all the people gone, he became a tear in my purse, and then all ran away. My mom was shocked and more disappointed in our Russian men. Well, my last boyfriend with whom I had a very serious relationship in general was not super honest and completely broke my heart! Two years ago I visited the permit from work to rest in a sanatorium near Nizhniy Novgorod, and there met a young man, we had a relationship, we met, though he lived in Kazan, but I Kstovo. But he often came to our guests, met with my parents, all came into my life. And when my mother hinted to us about the wedding, which is not whether we want to register our relationship, he joked, then left and disappeared. A whole month away could not hear any news, I decided to write him a letter and soon came with his wife and said that I ceased to take away her husband from the family, and they have kids. At the moment I snapped my heart, I thought that I could no longer breathe and live. It turned out that my lover had long since married man, just his wife worked in another city and had a great opportunity to turn the novels on the side. And I had, apparently, was also not alone. That is such a nightmare I had to go through. But time apparently heals all. Now enough time has passed, and I realize that life goes on, but in Russian men was disappointed completely. If neither a drunkard, it does not necessarily mean-spirited and honest man! So watch and no one else wants. And yielding to the entreaties of my friend, I decided to search the happiness. Do not even know that you and write down what happens. But I want to say that I'm very serious, for me it all seriously and sincerely. I am an adult and educated girl in any game I play I want to find a real man, regardless of age and status in society. For me, it does not matter he is poor or rich, the most expensive that he loved and respected me, and everything else possible to get together, it would be health and love. And more so it does not matter to me what side of the world he lives, I primchitsya it from another continent, I find it on the edge of the universe, if I feel that I really need it! True, I've never been in other countries, but I think that for true love in the world should be without any barriers. Maybe I'm a little naive, still believe in fairy tales about love. Do not know, but someone is lucky, because luck and let me! I'll look forward to your letter. Write me about yourself in detail about his family, where you live, whether you were in other countries and what know about Russia? what are your traditions? Well, I'll wait for your answer! I send you my photo and my angel of hope! Let me finish my letter. Sincerely yours the best, loyal, a friend from Russia Marina.
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