Letter(s) from Maria to Michael (USA)

Letter 1

Hello, it's Marya! I want have chat with you. Waiting your answer, best regards,

Letter 2

Hello Michael! I'm very glad and very excited to see your letter. I think that very interestingly when two people have dating by internet. I`m very bad to use a computer and i hope that correctly attached my pics. I want to know about yourself more, but if you have any pics, please would send me them. I want to tell you about myself. I was born in Germany on July, 2nd 1983 but my parents have divorced. My father has thrown my mother and I it more never saw. As my mum Russian we did not have an exit and to us was necessary to move to Russia to the relatives. At that time I was absolutely still the child and I remember nothing. I all it has learnt later from my mum. Excuse me, but I do not wish to speak about it much... I hope that you understand that to me very painfully to recollect it. Now I live in Russia in the city of Cheboksary, me of 27 years. I think that the attitude of distance will not be a problem for you? You agree with me Michael? I'm looking for a man who desires to live for living and love for love. I believe that those find the treasure who seek for it. I want him to be strong, caring and attentive. I want to feel that strong shoulder i may lean on. I wish to feel me as a real woman beside him and be sure he can defend me. I don`t believe in divorce because family is something sacred for me. Michael, i search a man who will consider me as usual female, as the wife and mother him children. My man has to respect a woman, take care about her and understand that she was created especially for him. I prefer to see a man without very bad habits, healthy, optimistic, loyal, sociable, honest, smart and intelligent. I'm looking for my special man in this beautiful life! I don't want that man was especial but if man me will understand and love for me he will most special. I'll be glad to answer your questions, please write to me if you are interested in the further dialogue with me. I with impatience will wait for your letter.
Sincerely yours new girlfriend Marya.

Letter 3

Hello again Michael! I`m very happy to see your letter and your pics!!!. I would like tell you more about myself. I'm 171 centimeters, my weight 53 kgs. Michael, i have very interesting work. I work in a beauty salon, i'm master on escalating of nails and eyelashes. I very much love my work as with its help i to become the creative person. I was never married and i have no children. Now i have no boyfriend. I`m very romantic woman. I seldom have bad mood and with optimism concern to the life. I very much inquisitive, in life i wish to see and try everything, in fact the life is given only once. My passion is the cookery. I 'm delivers great pleasure to do various dishes. I like to communicate with interesting people. In men i appreciate such qualities as honesty and fidelity to the beloved. Fleeting novels it not for me. I'm ready to give completely myself only to that person whom i'll really love. I want to ask you Michael. Tell me please, what woman you dream to see every day near yourselves? For the sake of what woman you are capable to make everything, that to take hold of her heart and always to be together with her? Excuse me Michael, probably to me still early to discuss with you such frank things. But it's very interesting to me to know, what girls draw your attention. I short written to you my prospects on my future. If for you it interestingly then we can discuss these themes in more detail. I'll wait your e-mail. Sincerely your Marya.

Letter 4

Hello again my friend Michael! I`m very glad to see your letter. I want to learn you better and i will speak more about myself in the letter. Michael, i wish to be with the person who will give me tenderness, love and passion with which we will meet every day our life together. And we will enjoy our love every day and to bring each other happiness and good mood. All this depends on mutual understanding people, man and woman should understand each other at first sight. Trust - the most important source of creation of attitudes between man and woman. And if people wish to create good relations to not break off them up to the end of a life. It's necessary that everyone trusted each other, and never lied. I dream of finding in this world of the only man for love and marriage, to be together with him and to be true to him. The main thing to be loved and still will arrive to us. I think so!!! You agree with me Michael? I like you and your letters is very pleasant to me. On it i'm finish my letter, i hope that i`ll receive your letter it soon. With best wishes Marya.

Letter 5

It`s so good to hear from you. Thank you for your letter again. Dear Michael, your letters as beams of the sun warm my heart. I`m glad when receive them. And you become interesting to me every day. I`m glad that we can to learn each other and i would know about you more. You are like me? I very much would like to learn more about your interests, what you do at leisure? I hope you can able send me your new pics? How you like to have a rest? For example,i like to have a rest on the nature, especially in village at my grandmother. I like to walk on coast of river Volga, it proceeds about that village where there lives my grandmother. I go there usually when i have holiday on work. There are come my relatives, my cousins and sisters sometimes and we together go to make barbecues. What kind of film are you like to looking? What kind of music are you listen? What are you doing when i sleep, when i write you letter? My favorite film are "Perfumer". I like films about love and serials and also i like comedies. But i haven`t more spare time for looking cinema because i working a lot of time. Usually i listen radio because there are many different kinds of music, i like pop and dance music. Sometimes i have a time which a not good and in this time i like to sing songs but not very well. It seems funny and silly but i do. Michael, i hope that you will be always sincerely with me? For me it has very much value!!! I sincerely and i'll tell to you all that you will ask. I 'm nothing hide from you. I hope that you will tell me all too. I wouldn't want that we had secrets one from another! I send you my kiss not many but one and very hot. I hope that you receive it when will open my letter. Where your letter? Write to me faster if you can! Your Marya.