Romance scam letter(s) from Jovita Mabar to Emilio (Mozambique)
Letter 1
Good morning how are you today, please i am so sorry that i did not write to you since yesterday, like i told you the Reverend is very busy with his computer that was why i have not write to you, ho i wish i have my computer i will like to be sleeping with you on the computer until when the transfer will be done and i will come over and meet you. But that is by the way.....
Sweetheart am so happy to have spoke with you on the phone did you know that each time i was able to talk to you on the phone that it gives me more joy, hope and happiness, i wish we are together now for me to tell you how great you have always make me to feel any time you talk to me, i love you so much, so much more than a word can tell. You mean so mush to me and my life and i will never jeopardize the effect our love has given me so far, I LOVE YOU WITH WILL MY HEART.
My love, i just want you to know that i heard everything you said regards to when you will send the money to the lawyer and i also want you to know that the Reverend has call the lawyer and explain everything to him and the lawyer accept to wait till Monday like you said.. My problem now is about the feeding money i talk to you about and i wish you will see the reason to understand me and send any amount you can today or tomorrow so that i will not be suffering from too many things in this place, just like i also said my love if you cant meet up with the feeding money you can also let me know so that i will know that i am into fasting no prayer, with faith to be free some day and meet you..
Please, i hope you will not misunderstand me is just that my condition in this place can not allow me to hid situations for you knowing fully well that we are now one. I love you and i feel you always, and i want you to do something fast for my situation to change for the best, i hope to hear from you soon and for your information, the Reverend said that you can send the feeding money to me with his name bellow, i will wait for your respond.
Yours lovely,
Jovita Henrique.
Letter 2
Hello Dearest,
Good morning, i hope you are doing very fine?? sweetheart i am writing this mail to you with tears in my eyes because i can't stop crying when i remember that the lawyer needs some money to get the documents for us and you said you don't have money, i don't know what i will do again because you are the only hope i have in this matter now if you don't have this money where are we going to get this money and the documents is the only thing the bank is waiting before they can make the transfer i am worried because my condition in this place is really getting worst,.
Some times i asked my self why most i pass all this pains in life, why most my case be difficult, why can't God answer my prayer through you, why?? but i have come to realize that he works in a way we can't understand i know and i believe that some day i will be out from this place but my love when will that be???? Please the best thing you will do for me and i will never forget it in this life is to look for that money and settle the lawyer hoping that immediately the bank transfer the money into your account you can take enough money from the account and settle everything bill and every loan please my problem is for you to send the money to the lawyer so that he will start the documents immediately since he said that it will be ready in 2 days please my dear do some fast so that i will stop crying and thinking, so that i will have rest of mind and wait till when i will come over there and meet you please send the money to the lawyer please.
I hope to hear good news from you soon.
Yours lovely,
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