Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Kolimulina to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my dear friend. I turned to you because I'm really interested in you.
I hope that this will be the first day of our conversation and so I really hope not the last day.
I am interested in a serious relationship, maybe during our dialogue, we understand that for us important and that we want to have each other. Now I fully understand your goals and see that chase at the moment. I want to build a serious relationship, may not be the only serious relationship.
I want to make your life happy and do not wish my life was such as it is now. It seems to me grim because next to me there is no man who could make me happy and give me your love. I think what do you understand me, because your heart just is not enough extra energy, which can give a woman, if you fall in love with you. I can love I can give happiness, but I need time and more communication in order I love to see a man or not, the people dear to me or not. I also want to be honest with you always, and in process of our communication. I live far from you in another country. It is not as stated in my profile.
I was born and live in Russia. I did so, because many men think that all women use the Internet love and hurt men, I'm not like and I want to just talk to you about this because I believe that sincerity and integrity must prevail in the relationship. I also support the understanding and think it's just one of the main priorities, which should be in a relationship. I'm not here to play with you in the game or use you I'm really going to build a serious relationship with you, maybe something more. I hope I'll see your Reply to me and we will continue our dialogue. I'll look forward to your letter to me. With respect to you and with great interest, Anna of Russia
Letter 2
Hello my dear friend 000. How's your day?
I'm glad that you wrote to me.
I think it's the beginning of our conversation, we'll be friends and I hope more than friends, because I was really lonely and I have enough love that I can give a person such which I could give my side there. I'm tired of being single, it's hard, my heart is ready to give love and be loved. I want to continue talking about me after all for the sake of our conversation, because I do not know each other, we can not come to something greater, What I was not missing. I am also very interested to know everything about you, where you work, How do you spend your days and in general everything!
I say this because I am very seriously interested, and my interest in you grows every day.
I want to tell you how is my normal day, probably the same day as all the usual inhabitants of the world total.
I wake up at about 6 am, usually my cat Vasya wakes me up.
I wake up when he runs for me and does not just lie down. Then I go into the shower, then I'm drinking coffee, going, I do my hair and go for a stop to go to their jobs. On the bus I ride about 25 minutes, after which I come to work.
My working day begins at 8:30 am and ends at 5:00 pm. Then I go to an internet cafe to check email and write you a letter then I go home and just have a vacation home or when I left forces I'm just going to walk down the street with my girlfriend. Here such here in my dark days I think all this is so because no number of men who would make my day happy and colorful.
I think you understand me. I would like to hear about your day and fully at all about your life in general.
Well, I must go. I will be glad to see your letter. Anna.
Letter 3
Hello, my interesting friend! How's your day went? My day went well and my mood is good?
How's your mood?
I am very glad that you wrote to me and I'm hoping for it and you lived up to my expectations.
I am pleased to continue our acquaintance. I would like to tell you about myself, because I think it is an integral part of our acquaintance, because without knowing each other we do not understand whether we can build a serious relationship or not.
As you probably already knew, and noticed my name is Anna I was born on March 15, 1979 1931. I live in the city of Kazan.
I've lived here all my life. Born here, went to kindergarten here and finish high school, here go my whole life.
I have no parents, at this point they have already passed away and left me alone me to cope with this is not a simple life on their own. I have no siblings.
My height is 170 cm My weight 57 kilogram. I also want to tell you about my interests, that you had no idea more of me.
I love listening to pop music and I really like foreign performers. I have no particular hobbies, but I like to do something new, learn something more then what I did not know at all I'm very curious in these matters:) Spare time I love spending time with friends, they help me to brighten up my solitude!
I forgot to tell you, I worked as a secretary in the Pension Fund. We help the elderly and the aged provides people.
I really like my job, because we bring good people who have lived many times more than us and have seen life in all its manifestations.
They even sometimes have a lot to learn and take advice.
I like the winter season when snow envelops the trees and it seems that you are in a snowy kingdom.
In the winter I like to walk to the rink and skate. I have no partner to make a pair for skating, and you know how skate?
Maybe you could ever make me company! :) Just me to madness like summer! This is just one of the finest seasons.
I'm always glad when summer comes, because you can sunbathe, go into the woods and pick mushrooms or berries.
In the summer my friends and often makes such trips.
I started looking for a man in another country, because here I found my happiness and my love.
Of course, I had a serious relationship, but all these men were not sincere with me and I did not find this man which could give her happiness and love. I want you to just tell me more about yourself and personal interests.
I really very strong interest and you want to know everything about you! I would be very interested to know. Sorry I gotta go.
I agreed to meet with my girlfriend and were going to go for a walk in the park. I'll be glad to see your letter. Anna.
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