Romance scam letter(s) from Larisa Nowiykowa to Trond (Norway)
Letter 1
Hello!!! I'm Dancinglarisa from Meetic. You gave me email there. I try to write you short letter just a check that it's right email adress. Write me more about yourself, send me some photos. I really want to got acquented with you. Wait your letter. Bye.
Letter 2
Hello Trond!!! How are you? It's great, that you answered me. Thanks for so many photos. I am very happy to get acquainted with you. A litle bit about me. My name is Larisa, 26 years old, birthday November 5th. Live in Tallin, Estonia. Worked as a trainer for the step-aerobics in the "Arctic Sport Club". I'm 1.75m, 63kg, non smoker / non drinker, dont take drugs. Love dancing and traveling. In my free time taking lessons pop dance and choreography. I'm signle now, never been married. Dont have kids. Live in own apartaments. I never knew my father. My mother raised me alone. She died 3 years ago from heart disease. I was graduated at the "Tallinn Technical University" in a trade logistics. There I learned good English, hope you'll understand my letter. But my vocation always thought dancing and aerobics. Therefore, I'm a coach now. Most recently broke up with my boyfriend and now wants to be alone a little bit, but on the other hand are lacking in care. So I decided to try to find interesting men on the Internet, in order not to rush into a relationship. May be friendship will be anought for me now but who know... I do not exclude the possibility to meet a new love here... And what are you looking for here? Why internet? I send you my photos. Hope you'll like me and you will be interested to communicate with me. I'll be happy to see your letter soon and some of your photos. Bye-bye.
Letter 3
Hello Trond!!! How are you? I'm happy, that you do not mind communicating with a girl from another country. it was amazing to see so many pictures and even videos of you. I see that you are very happy father. you have a beautiful daughter. To tell the truth, I would have dreamed of having such a wonderful child. Of course, very sorry that it can not be with you always. As I have written you, I can not promise you any serious relationship. For the beginning, I can promise you the friendship and full sincerity. For me now, it is important not to give up on men. But I'm afraid to find a man in Tallinn. I know that I have quite a beautiful appearance and many people think that they can buy me with beautiful gifts for some nights, or simply by offering money. It's tiresome to deny such men. Even on the Internet, many men are offer money for the night with him. It's awful. Sometimes I feel that my appearance is not even a gift of nature, and penalties. That's why I decided to try to find interesting men from abroad who will see me as interesting conversationalist and a good friend. Firstly, I thought to use not my photos. But then I thought that it will be not good to lie someone. It will like I use him for myself. It's why I send you my photos. I want to be honest with you. Perhaps eventually we can have something more. You see, my ex-boyfriend was my friend from school days. We were just friends for a long time, but then it turned into a romantic relationship. I just unlucky and after a trip to Italy he met a girl, because of which decided to abandon me. I have a grudge against him. He was honest with me. Apparently a new love was stronger. I wish them luck anyway. Now you know all my goals and why I decided to get acquainted with you. What do you think about me now? Do you want to continue to communicate with a girl like me? If yes, I wait your letter with impatience. Write me soon. Wishh you good day. Bye-bye.
Letter 4

Hello Trond!!! How are you? I'm happy, that you agree to continue our dialogue. I hope you will not hurt my words. I'm in love with your daughter already. You can not even imagine how I would like to become a mother one day, too. I am so grateful for these videos and photos. I would love to get acquainted with your daughter one day. I guess we can not understand each other because she did not speak English ... but I would love to meet her one day. I see you are very interesting man. I'll be happy to tell you a little about my life, my city. I love Tallinn. I already told you that I love to travel. I have visited many countries of the CIS, Italy, France, Turkey and Egypt. I saw a lot of different cities, but my favorite will always be Tallinn. This is a wonderful city. Especially his old part. I think that when you get to the Old Town, then goes to a few centuries ago. I live in central Tallinn, Ehitajate tee 102. It is near Lake Harku. Wonderful and beautiful places are not far from my house. I would be happy to show you this, once you decide to visit Tallinn. My work is also located near here. I have already written to you, that i'm coach of aerobics. Also, on my initiative, Sport Club opened a branch of modern pop and RnB dance. We even have a small troupe, which appeared a couple of times with the dance numbers in the club not far from our Sport Club. My dream is to have a great performance with a good dance number. A very long time my idol was a Russian ballerina Anastasia Volochkova. Although lately she's doing too much scandal around his name. This is very upset me and now she is no longer my idol. I also worked as fashion model for some time, but soon abandoned it. I just do not see anything nice to do some photography for advertising clothes ... I always thought this dance art. Are you agree with me? Tell me more about your life? What employments did you have? Any idols? I'll look forward to your letter. Bye-bye. Larisa.
Letter 5
Hello Trond!!! How are you? Any news? I'm fine. Very pleased once again to write you a letter. You see, I'm not so good in internet correspondence. But I would very much like to continue our friendship. I try to be an interesting conversationalist. You can tell me about anything, you can ask any questions. I promised you to be frank with you, and I will fulfill my promise. Do you believe in friendship between a man and woman? I believe in it. I feel a little ashamed to admit you, but maybe I did not even have real friends in Tallinn. I often spend time with my former classmate, but that is only friends with whom you can go to drink coffee or watch a movie. I already wrote you about my little dance troupe, but this is also not the people with whom you can discuss the problems of life. My best friend has always been my mom. Do you have a lot of friends who can trust completely? How often do you go to cinema or you prefer to watch a movie at home on DVD? I often go to the premiere of any movie. Watch a movie at home alone is not very fun, because then even with whom to discuss individual scenes or shots from the film. I love comedy and thriller. Maybe that's because I had no one to share my experiences, I was so hard to survive a break with my ex-biyfriend. I find it hard to explain it, but I'm so easy to write about it. Maybe people were right when they say that talking about their problems the easiest way to a stranger. I do not want you to think that I see in you, "the shoulder on which to cry." You really like me and I hope at least to be your good friend. Maybe in the future, we will visit each other for a cup of coffee or even go watch a movie together. Do you like coffee or tea? I know a great cafe on the shore of Lake Harku. I'd be happy to show you this once. Write me soon. Wish you good day. Larisa.
Letter 6
Hello Trond!!! How are you? How was your day today? I'm happy to write you again. I am so grateful to you, that you keep sending me your videos. It's always great to see. I would like to show you my dance, but do not have any videos on it. Maybe soon I'll do it for you and I will send to you or do it on Youtube. I have just returned from work made myself a cup of coffee and decided to write to you. I do not have much to do at home. They can say that I can perfectly plan my household chores. I always have time for cleaning or cooking dinner. My mom brought me a good housewife. Although many people think that I'm absolutely nothing I can do. I will not hide that some of the clients of our sport club is not even able to cook their eggs or cup of coffee. Yes, girls or women from wealthy families have already forgotten about such obligations ... I can cook very well. I do not like fastfood and prefer to dine at home. After all I have to observe certain diet to keep myself in good shape. Yes, we have to give up some things to doing things you love. I myself take care of my apartment. I love to take care of home with flowers. I love pets. I have a small dog. This is my best friend. I send you our photos. It's name "Forzik '. Do you have any pets? Do you like to cook? Do you have any food preferences? Maybe it's a bit silly questions ... but I've already written to you that i'm not good writer. I just want to know a little about your life, I want to tell you a little about yourself ... Because if we got acquainted on the street one day, then maybe this is what we could say ... although maybe we could discuss the beauty of the sky or the weather is nice ... but why do this in his letters? Correct me if I started to affect the boring topic of conversation for you ... I would be happy to tell you anything from my life. Write me soon please. Bye-bye.
Letter 7
Hello dear Trond!!! How are you today? Anything good in your life? I'm fine. I just returned from my job and decided to find a couple of minutes before taking a bath, to write you a letter. I take a shower at work after trainings and dences, but today is my journey home was longer than usual ... I was stuck in an elevator for almost an hour. I do not even know why decided to go on the elevator to the second floor. I always get walk by upstair to my apartment. But just today for some reason I went into the elevator ... Interesting coincidence, isnt it? Did you have a life-threatening situation when you did something unusual for you, as if someone invisible was made you do it? My friends and colleagues for some reason, call me unpredictable ... Although I do not see in myself. I prefer a measured life and I try to plan it. And what about you? You, too, prefer to plan your life or spontaneously decide? In general, I would like to learn more about your character. Many people say that in different countries, people are completely different. But I do not notice it during my travels. I do not see any difference in people other than language. Everywhere you can find good and friendly people, but also wherever possible to meet rudeness. Maybe that's why I'm so easy to choose you, because I do not see any difference between us. Perhaps the only difference that you do not speak Estonian. But this does not prevent us communicate normally :) Write me soon please. I miss you. Larisa.
Letter 8
Hello dear Trond!!! How are you? I'm fine. Today I came home on time. I'm not going to go on the elevator. Once is enough to get into some kind of a bad situation, then to try to avoid it. But not all his life running away from some problems. I do not understand people who are morbidly afraid of something because of any cases in their life. After all, everyone has the willpower. I'm not going to be afraid of elevators now, I'm just not going to go to the second floor on the elevator now. I know so many people who struggle with it. In our sports club has a special program for disabled and I am struck by the courage of people out there who do. These people do not need pity, they try to be independent. Why did I start this conversation? After all, I too can say the beginning of "run" from one problem in my life and it does not lift. I had a severe wound of love and now I am afraid to fall in love again. Just today I realized that it is impossible to be afraid of something forever. Needed to overcome itself and try to build their lives on. I want to try not only be your friend. I can not say that already have some feelings towards you. But you really attracts me. If we do not succeed, then we can always again be just friends. I just want to again try to open my heart for these feelings. But I'm afraid to have a new acquaintance. You know a lot about me and maybe for us is not that hard to open up for each other. I know I have invited you in Tallinn. But now I ask you to give me a little time before our first meeting. I would not want to rush into relationships, I do not want to hurt you or itself. Therefore, the relationship at a distance will be ideal for us now. What do you think about this? Write me soon please, Larisa.
p.s. By the way you have probably noticed that Larisa - a Russian name. Because my mom had a Russian father. that is, my grandfather was Russian. A couple of times I visited Moscow. Unfortunately I do not speak Russian, though my mother wanted me to be taught this when I grow up. Maybe one day I'll do it.
Letter 9
Hello my dear Trond!!! How are you? Today I decided to send you a picture since I was a model. To tell the truth, but the beautiful photos I have no good memories of those days. I hope that you will like it ... My dear Trond, I wrote to you that I want to not only be your friend. But now I do not know what to say to you, so you can feel how much you are important to me. I still do not know how I express my feelings to you in writing. After all, my feeling is stronger than the usual sympathy, but it's certainly not love. At least now it's not exactly love ... You see, I have no experience to build relationships at a distance, but on the other hand I am afraid to destroy our relationship if we decide to meet now. Help me please. Help me to communicate with you so that you have not thrown me right now. I am very afraid of this. I feel a little inexperienced girl who never had sympathy for the boy and did not try to start communicating with him. Although my experience was not too rich, because except for my ex-boyfriend I had no other men. Now I realize that I do not want it to be the only man in my life. I am confident that I can love and be loved again. Write me soon. Bye-bye. Larisa.
Letter 10
Hello my dear Trond!!! How are you? Today I decided to send you some photos that were taken immediately after dances training. It is my normal clothes for training RnB dance. Do you see a toy in my hands - it is a gift of one of the viewers in our first submission. You can say that even the mascot of our little troupe of dancing. On that day we did all photos with this bear. Do you have any mascot? Do you believe that any thing can bring good luck? I really need luck soon. After all, our troupe of dancing will participate in the prestigious competition in variety dance. I really hope to get first place. Now we have reinforced the rehearsal. Excuse me if I write you not so often ... Sometimes I come home absolutely exhausted. Not even sufficient strength to cook dinner. I know that I have a good job, but really want to achieve something not only as a coach but also as a choreographer. The fact that we are decided to be not only friends, gives me inspiration. I look forward to a romantic relationship with you. I really hope for a happy ending to our story ... What could prevent an attractive man and a pretty girl to be a happy couple? I think that nothing can stop us. Thanks for your phone numbers. I'll try to call you soon. Hope we may talk. In my last letter, I was too hesitant and scared. But now I realize that in any case we have enough time to find the right path of development of our relations. There will be a short meeting and we decide to continue only until the correspondence is not so important. Much more important than simply listen to the voice of your heart. Write me soon please. Your letters give me strength and inspiration. It is necessary for me now. Kisses. Larisa.
Letter 11
Hello my dear Trond!!! How are you? I'm fine. Although this is probably the wrong word now. Yesterday held a competition to which I have written to you. We got 4 th place. But this is a huge victory for me. After all, this competition was attended only by professional dance troupes. And in my dance group, only girls who do this as a hobby. We are terribly tired yesterday after the competition, but found the strength to celebrate this little victory. I saw a burning eyes of these girls. Now, they have not only a hobby but a passion for dancing. It's nice to feel like a winner for us was absolutely essential that we have not taken the first place. But that's not all good news. I was invited for an interview at a big school dance studio. I do not know what they want to offer me, but I hope that this is some good suggestion. I send you another photo today. It seems it was made in Italy. I do not remember it now. Now a little chaos in my head and I do not know what to write to you. Excuse me. I've never had so much joy. Perhaps you have brought into my life so much good. This is a good sign. In fact, after getting to know you on the Internet in my life but good things happen. Perhaps it is a sign of destiny. We must not lose each other. I so miss you. Write me soon please. Yours Larisa.
Letter 12
Hello my dear Trond!!! How are you today? Did you miss me? I missed you so much. It seems destiny has presented me with a good chance. I told you before that I was invited for an interview at the Studio School. I did not know that I was invited for an interview at a school show-ballet "Todes". Have you heard about this? This is a great school variety dance around the world. It was created long ago in Russia, but they also have an office in Tallinn. I offered to come to a few lessons of choreography and dance technique. It will be absolutely free and if I can prove to be good, then they will take me into their school, and then maybe I'll have a place in their dance group. That would be fine. In this case I have to leave my job ... This is a big problem for me. No, I'm afraid to leave work. But my little company there. We have achieved this victory together, and now I'll have to throw them ... It will look as if I used them to achieve their goals ... what do I do? Sometimes fate gives such good things, but it also brings great difficulties. Have to give up something ... It's a very difficult choice for me. Maybe you can advise me something ... I am sorry to burden you with my problems. But we decided to be together one day and I hope I can share with you all ... Write me soon please. I really need you now. Larisa
Letter 13
Hello my dear Trond!!! How are you? How was your day today? I'm fine. I attended a couple of lessons in that studio, and they invited me first to study them and then I get a good job there, which is so long dreamed. For me it was a very difficult decision and I therefore decided to discuss it with people who participated with me in the contest. This proved to be the most appropriate solution. They did not hurt me. They immediately understood me, because they see how important it is for me. How long have I dreamed about it ... In any case, one of my colleagues promised to continue to dance with them. Also sometimes I'll have free time to come to class with them. My dear Trond, excuse me, these couple of letters I've been so busy with my problems. You should not think that they became for me the second place. For me it is very important relationship with you. I want you to know that if it was a choice between someone I love and my dream of professional dancers pop (I do not exclude the possibility that one day we will be able to love each other), then I will always choose a lovely person. After all, despite the fact that my dream has an important place in life, but much more powerful dream of having a real family. I want to have a loving man and children. I do not want my children to grow up without a father. My mom gave me all they could grow up without a father is still very difficult. That is why in spite of fatigue and a lot of things right now, I'm not deliberately stop our communication. Moreover, I even wanted to plan our meeting. I just can not promise anything to you now. I need to quit my job and started work in "Todes". Despite the fact that I will only pupil at first, but I will have a salary. It has almost the same size as a sports club. I really hope I can become part of the creative team. Really miss you. Write me soon. Larisa.
Letter 14
Hello my darling Trond!!! How are you? I hope that in your life and many pleasant surprises, as I am now. Today I first got acquainted with all the teachers and choreographers from the studio "Todes". It's amazing to see so many talented people. Some of them are famous not only in Estonia, but even at the international level. I would be honored to take lessons from them. I'm surprised that most of what the competition chose me. They think that because I get a very talented choreographer and dancer. I'll try to do everything possible not to disappoint them. My dear Trond, I am so grateful for your support. For me the really important communication with you. Suppose now we can not give much time for our relationship we would like. But I am confident that we shall still have a chance to do so. After all, even correspondence gives us a lot of emotions and feelings. Many sages say that the present and begins with a strong sense of friendship. And we go on this way, we're not counting on anything more than friendship at first. But now I'm quite confident I can call you my boyfriend. I really have very warm feelings to you, who long ago crossed the face of friendship. Really I could see a dream, where we first kiss, if you only have a friendly feeling. And it was a dream I saw a couple of days ago. I hope you enjoy the photo which I send to you. Write me soon please. Kisses. Larisa
Letter 15
Hello dear Trond!!! How are you? I'm fine. I just really miss you. Now I do not have much free time. I have to do even at home. Of course this is not some kind of physical exercise. Just in the studio gave me several DVD recordings of speeches of their team. I must see it to have little idea of the choreography of the ballet. Last night I watched it for about an hour and then decided to relax a bit. I have long wanted to see one movie. It was the "Hachiko, A Dog's Story". I have never seen such a moving film. Without modesty should tell you that, starting from the middle of the movie I was crying without stopping, despite the fact that the film was in English. If you have not watched this movie, I highly recommend watching it. This evening I wanted so much to have with me a loving man to lie on his shoulder. Despite the fact that this film is about a dog, but I think that in this world still have a real love, there is still a real loyalty. This is amazing but after this movie I did not even think about my ex-boyfriend or my new job. I thought only of you. You really have become very dear for me, my darling Trond!!! Write me soon please, I miss you so much. Kisses. Larisa.
Letter 16
Hello my darling Trond!!! How are you? I hope you are fine. I'm very glad that again I write to you. I have another news for you. It seems I have to go to Russia for a couple of weeks. I do not know anything for sure, but it seems apart from lessons in Tallinn, I need to get some experience from the Russian choreographers and even Alla Duhova. I'm just a little afraid to go there, because I almost do not speak Russian. I only know "privet", "poka" and some words. All the paperwork involved in my employer and if I refuse this, then I lose all chances of getting a place in the Estonian branch "Todes". But you need not worry. It's not hinder our communion. After all, I shall be there to have my laptop and the Internet. If you could in the next 2-3 weeks to come to Moscow, then we could have a great time together there. I visited Moscow a couple of times, but I know about this town is very small. We could walk there together, like 2 tourist. What do you think about this idea? I do not know the date, when should fly to Moscow, but I will tell you about it. Just do not worry about me. I still have very warm feelings to you and still dream about our happy future. Write me soon please. Kisses for you. Larisa.
Letter 17
Hello my darling Trond!!! How are you? Today I decided to prove to you that very trust you. I am sending you a couple of my photos in a bikini. This was done seems to be in Turkey. Then these pictures did my ex-boyfriend, it's for him, I send this kiss. But now I do not think about it and this kiss is for you. I am very grateful for your support for your advice, for what you are always near to me in your letters ... For me it was very important to have met a good man and I am thankful for our meeting. I decided to go to Moscow. I think that my English will help me there, because English is spoken in so many people. Besides the dances is not important word ... For me, not necessarily understand the teacher to take his classes. He can teach me to dance or just new moves ... After a couple of days I'll have tickets and an invitation from the Russian branch of "Todes" I was told that I can not worry about the place of habitation. There is something similar to a dormitory, where I will have a separate room. Trond, My dear, I beg you not to leave me. After all, I would be very lonely in a foreign country where no one even speaks Estonian ... Write me soon. I miss you. Larisa.
Letter 18
Hello my darling Trond!!! How ar you? Surprisingly, today I am writing to you from Moscow. I just arrived here this morning. Have not yet had time to properly settle in the room that they gave me, but I hasten to write you a letter. Today, I'll have a day off to a little walk around the Moscow and rest after my journey. Then begin exercises and training. It's hard to call the school, because there will be a final selection of who gets a place in any of their offices. If my nomination is accepted, then I can have a job or even a dancer, choreographer in Tallinn "Todes". That would be fine. There are a lot of girls from the Baltic states. I'm already familiar with some of them. Couple of girls from Riga, Vilnius, one girl from Warsaw, and of course lots of girls from different cities of Russia. Almost no one spoke in English well, but we understand each other well. Tomorrow first day of our trials and this causes great excitement for me. I miss you very much and think about us. Write me soon please. Larisa.
p.s. I do not know when I can make a new photo for you. Sorry my darling.
Letter 19
Hello my darling Trond!!! How are you? I hope you are fine. My dear, I re-read your last 2 messages. I do not understand why you are so offended at me. I thought that you will understand how exciting time right now in my life. OK, maybe I was a little inattentive. I'll try to make Yahoo messanger, so we can communicate. I do not go meetis more, because I met you and I do not need another man. I think for us it is more convenient to communicate in messanger. I will try to find a way to call you soon. Excuse me, that was inattentive, but I'm really so excited by this upheaval in my life in the contest and hit in Todes. I am well walk in Moscow yesterday. I've been to Moscow a couple of times before, so I already know some of the sights. In any case, I love to travel and walk around the streets of another city is very nice. I thought I was in Tallinn, vulgar man, but the Russian guys were even rougher. Do I look like a girl who is looking for sexual adventures ... at least 2 men yesterday tried to strike up an acquaintance with me yesterday. It's awful. I guess I will not walk one more. Better to go with someone from my new friends. Today we had the first day of school. It was amazing, I met many girls. Here, the normal adversarial atmosphere. Everyone wants to get a job in the team "todes", but hope only to its own talent. Now the world is very much to solve the money, but here the winner can only be a really talented dancer. I am a bit tired now, but I can not rest until it has written you a letter. I miss you. I would so like to now we were all together and you could protect me from these terrible boors on the street. Write me soon please, Kisses to you. Larisa.
Letter 20
Hello my dear Trond!!! How are you? I hope all is fine. It's only dinner, but I was so very tired. Yes, I feel a bit lonely here. But I always think of you. I know that you too are thinking about me. I would love to talk with you over the phone. In the near future I will go to the telephone station to call you. I would be happy to give you a phone number, but that's only hostel ... There is no such luxury, although I will not hide the fact that here are pretty comfortable and have all the necessary things. We even have a small TV. Today we had a "dance marathon". More than 3 hours of dance without stopping. Only short breaks to make a sip of mineral water. I have never had such an intense workout. But we were told that the team "Todes" is a common thing, and before major speeches, they can rehearse even more time. Today it is a couple of girls left because they were unable to sustain it. But I'm not going to surrender. I'm too long gone on this way and I want to be a winner. I now have almost reached this goal, but on the horizon of my life there is one dream that I want to achieve. I want to create a happy family and have kids. I've even met a good man, I even almost certain that loved him. It's you my darling Trond!!! Soon I will have a new job and then nothing would stop us from planning our future. I am very grateful for your concern for your support, for your tender letters. Write me soon. I miss you so much. Kisses. Larisa.
Letter 21
Hello my darling Trond!!! How are you? I'm fine. Last evening I went to telephone station and tried to call you. Unfortunately, no one answered at two numbers that you gave me. Maybe you were too busy ... I'll try to call you again soon. I would love to hear your voice. Today was not a very difficult day and maybe I'll even have time to go for a walk along the Moscow bit. I'm not going to do more this alone. We are well acquainted with the two girls here. One of them from Russia from Saratov, the second - from Riga. We are very aware of each other in English. We became good friends because we have very similar goals in life. Each of us thinks that dance was calling of our destiny, and we dream of being part of a team "Todes". This selection is also a lot of girls who want to get a place only for good fees. But we have other goals. For us is more important just to do what we likes. My dear Trond, excuse me if I did not write you about my feelings much. I just want you to know everything about my life. You have become part of my life. Just circumstances are such that I have now a lot of attention to my dancing. But you should know that you are my inspiration, and only you give me strength. I already know that if my candidacy, I will have about 1 month of free time. It will be like a vacation to a lot of rehearsals and training. So in the case of my victory, or even in the event of my defeat, we'll have enough free time to schedule a meeting. I would love it. Once again, I beg your pardon, that so little attention has been given to you. This selection takes so much energy. Besides, I do not feel very well, because I can not call my friend who cares for Forzik. I am very worried for him too. Write me soon please, Kisses, Larisa.
Letter 22
Hello my darling Trond!!! How are you? How was your day today? Me and my new friend good walking yesterday. It is a pity that we do not have camera now. I could make so many interesting photos for you. It was a lovely evening. Yes, walking is not one proved to be much safer. It was amazing to go to the cafe. We hardly have found a cafe where we would be able to understand in English. I do not know how is this situation in Tallinn, but I think in any cafe to be an administrator who can understand English. Are you agree with me? After all, Moscow - the capital of Russia and cafes have to think that they may be visited by tourists. Now we have a lunch break after regular workouts and I hasten to write you a letter. To tell the truth, I need your help a little. It turns out I need to make a portfolio, in order to participate in one of the last test. I never thought that it might be necessary, because usually it is required for the model. I took it and now I have to either go to Tallinn (that I can not afford). If I go now in Tallinn, we'll have to miss at least one day of training and just lose the opportunity to get a place in the team "todes". I could do protfolio in a photo studio in Moscow, but it is too costly. I just do not know who could help me quickly now, so I decided to try to contact you. I do not need a lot of money. I need to pay only one photo session. This is about 300-400 euros. I hope you will agree, but I really have nowhere to turn. I do not want to abandon my dream, when left to do only a couple of steps up to my goal. Email me your response as soon as possible. Kisses. Larisa.
Letter 23
Hello my darling Trond!!! How are you? I'll try to call you as soon as possible. I hope you understand that now I'm too busy with all these exercises and drills. I come to the hostel just exhausted. I am very grateful for what you have agreed to help me. To tell the truth, I even think that if I had to choose between a place in the team "Todes" and the relationship with you, then I would choose you. While I will not hide the fact that very happy that I do not need to make such a choice. I have not been able to find a solution for my problem. Trennirovki and selection continues, but I still can not make a good portfolio. I tried to contact my bank, but it turns out my credit card was closed due to the fact that I left my past work. After all, he did a sports club credit card for me. I think that the only way you can send money to me - it is Western Union. I used their services before. You only need to know my full name, country and city where to send money. My full name: Larisa Nowiykowa, you should send money to Moscow, Russia. ok? I need 400 euros. In order to receive the money I need to know your full name, your full address and reference number, which you will be given when you send money. When you are able to do this? my dear, I hope very much to you. Write me soon please. Yours Larisa.
Letter 24
Hello my dear Trond!!! Excuse me, I could not write you earlier. Yesterday was a very busy day and I did not have time to write to you, because right after supper, I just immediately fell asleep as soon as my head touched the pillow. I have just returned from the telephone exchange, but it does not work today. So we'll have to wait until the weekend and then I can call you. I hope that this time, take the phone so we can talk. If you would be uncomfortable to say when I call, you simply need to tell me about it. I can call you after a while when you already will be convenient to speak of. ok? I so want to hear your voice. Excuse me for saying this, but I also want to talk to you over the phone, because I hope that after this you can help me solve my problems, so my dream has come realnosityu. I understand that it is selfish and ask your forgiveness for it. But I do not want to deceive you in anything. This is a place in the team Todes's really important to me. But I want you to know that my feelings for you are much more important than this place. For me, more importantly, that at last I can hear your sweet voice. I will try to write you again tomorrow, if we have not too much trennirovok. I really miss you, write me soon. Kisses. Larisa
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