Scam letter(s) from Shan Williams to Edward (USA)

Letter 1
Hi ***,

Thanks for your email.please i want to know if you will still have interest in having a serious relationship with me after you might have read all about my life.I really looking for someone who can share TRUE LOVE with me and i will reciprocate thesame thing to such a man too.Im Tiffany from Latana town in florida,i meet a man in the state who happen to be one of the finance minister in Philippines.He promise me love and marriage and we both came back to Philippines here.After a short period of time i lost my finacee.He was assasinated by his fellow comterparts here in Philippines.I will be very greatful to you and expecially to father almighty who have directed me to choose only you in this great venture to rescue me out of the lion's den to live a better life in your country,You may not understand very well why i use the word "lion's den". i am going through **** right here in the Philippines and i have gone through a lot of humiliation in the hands of this wicked and heartless family of my late finacee.

Im right now in the state of delima ever since i lost my fiancee years ago.When my husband family realised that i have no child for there son that is why they started to mistreat me and wanted to send me away.But the only hope i have now is the money which i inherit from my late fiancee which is amounted to $650,000.This money was deposited on my behave by my fiancee in a security company in London.And it was conceal there as family valuable.*** this is where i needed your assistance.You will have to help me in bringing this box of money out of the security company where the money was deposited,that is the more reason why I contacted you because I will not want our family name to be involved in this great transaction for some security reasons of my safety and the safety of my funds.All you have to do to make this transaction a true successful venture is to call the security company and give them your correct safe residential address where you want the box of money to be deliver,then they will use their diplomatic power to ship the money to your address with immediate effect. Alternatively,you can personally travel to London where the security company is situated to see things yourself and perfect the signing and claim of my trunk box from the company as my business partner.If this option is suitable for you,i will send a letter of authorization to the security company and a copy to you stating that my business partner will come down for the claim of our trunk box presently in their custody for safety. Before the box of money get to your address or before you travel to London,I will give you the key pass code to open the box for you to send me some money to arrange for my travelling to meet up the arrival of the box at your address where the box will be delivered.So that we can both plan and start a new life with you over there.Please, i hope there will be utmost confidence in this transaction?as it will benefit both of us because i'm willing to offer you 15% of the money inorder to express my gratitute to you for your assistance. I am ready to give you the security company's contact number and the documents that I used in depositing this box of money which is the certificate of deposit they gave me on the very day when I deposited the box of money with a code as family treasure,I will also feed you with more informations and guide-lines for you to discuss with the company without making any mistake. Upon your confirmation of this email,I will send you more infomation,my international passport and certificate of deposit by email attachment so that you can call the security company in London to give them your address where they will deliver the box immdeiately. Awaiting to hear from you,while I look forward to meet you very soon.Bye for now and remain bless.

All my love,
Letter 2
Hello ***,

Thanks so much for your email and your sincere concern about my present situation to help me finalise this transaction and make up with you over there to build our relationship.I am most greatful for your kindness and honesty towards your assistance with the highest confidence.For you to prove to the company that you are truely my business partner as i wrote to you in case the company ask you,I have attach my international passport and the certificate of deposit with the most important security deposit codes and the security company contacts number for you to call them and arrange the shipment today.

Name of company:

London,Unites Kingdom
Telephone: +447045724385
Fax number +442079500963
Contact person. Captain. Felix White


Please when you call the security company,just tell them that you are my business partner and give them the DEPOSIT CODE which is the most important thing to prove to them that you are my business partner so that the shipment can take place immediately.You should also tell the company to ship the trunk box directly to your address by using their diplomatic power to make the shipment easy.

Please also take proper note of this point:do not make the mistake to tell anybody in the company that the box contains money because i deposited the box with a code as family vaulables for safety reasons, so should in case they ask you just tell them that the box contains family valuables and that is all.To make it ease for you,i will also send another mail just now to the company by informing them that my business partner will be contacting them for the claim of my trunk box .

I will be waiting for your good news from the security company in your next reply so that i can give you the access opening code of the trunk box for you to open the trunk box and send me some amount of money from the box to cover my travelling expenses to meet you soonest.

All my love, Tiffany.
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