Letter(s) from Faith Larsen to Finn (Denmark)

Letter 1

thanks for your message i really do appreciate it ,i would love to know you better, i mean what are you looking for in relationship,what you do for a living,where do you live,are you single,do you have kids or want kids?if you can send some pictures of you,i would so much appreciate it...dont hesitate to ask anything you want to know about me,i will be waiting to read from you soon....take good care of yourself.


Letter 2

thanks for your message i really do appreciate it and i would love to tell you more about myself,i will start by saying my real name is Faith,i am single mother,i have a daughter but she lives with my aunty in canada due to my financial problem...I was born by danish dad and mom in united states of america,i have also lived in denmark when i was very young,we left when i was 5years old,at the moment i am in united kingdom to claim my late father's property and i would love to relocate to any country where i found the love of my life to settle down ,i am the only child of my parents, i have no brothers nor sisters and i was born when my mum and dad was old because it took them longer than enough before they could give birth to me,Well i will like to let you know because i believe in transparency and honesty that i lost my both parents long ago in a motor accident and is a really painful thing telling you this because is a very sad experience..and whenever i remember this i cry out my eyes out and it makes me feel bad,i am 5.7feet tall weigh 76 kg with brown eyez,i am single and as for my work i was into buying and selling of asian antiques and textiles but i stopped when i had a financial problem.....and this was the business i inherited from my late parent because is profitable and they travelled all around the world seeing places,i broke up with my ex 3 years ago becuase he slept with my friend and that was the end between us and since then have been living alone till a friend introduce me to dating online,i just wanna try it maybe its for real.

i am patient,generous, kind, and loving, am always upbeat, have a positive attitude about most things and I like to have fun. I love museums,romantic dinners, seaside resorts and sunsets and I am a fun loving person who is ready to love and hook up with a man for a better future for the rest of my life. its my first time of trying this internet of a thing ,so am new to this i pray it works for me.

I'm seeking for Someone special to capture my heart and knows how to handle it with care,one who will cherish me and be willing to share life's greatest joys and sorrows. Someone who's willing to spoil, pamper and love me unconditionally,whom is kind, sincere, honest,passionate, loyal,sense of humor,someone that can make me laugh and wants alifetime of passion..Its strange to think how i got so attracted to your profile.i believe strange things happen to make extraordinary things come in place.the fact that you are meeting someone online is strange,the fact that you make something remarkable come out of it makes it extraordinary,i’m a lonely person in a big world and i’m searching for a honest man,who is eager to find his second half and perfect fit,life is not so easy and i am too naive to understand this,i believe in happy future. Maybe you too? So, though my life wasn’t easy,to find my desire.i need a man who will be strong enough to care about me and also ready to explore new things about my views of life, who will love me passionately every moment of our future happy life, who won’t use me and my feelings,a man who has similar interests looks, race, religion, size, and age don't matter to me,i look for whats in the heart,not the outside......these are things i believe you should first know about me and every other things comes after..i would love to move down to any country where i found the love of my life to settle down...feel free to ask me everything you want to know about me...take good care of yourself and hope to read from you soon.



Letter 3

am sorry for not getting intouch with you but i was thinking the distance between us is a problem for you that was why i stopped talking to you,am sorry for everything but if the distance between us is not a problem for you please let me know...i hope to read from you soon

Letter 4

am so glad to read from you and i really do appreciate it,i really want you to know that there is a reason why people in our past dont make it to our future.......have been hurt and it takes me 3years to get if off my mind....infact i promised not to love again...but later i realised that life is too short to wake up with regrets....i need to move ahead with my life...you don't marry someone you can live with - you marry the person who you cannot live without...life is the great teacher because its gives the problem before its presents the lesson,today is tomorrow's memory to reminiscence so i want to make the best of it...if we fall we should fall life a seed to germinate not like a leaf to die....a man can love a millions girls,but only a real man can love one girl a million ways,i m totally new to this dating online and i want the best of it....to get something we've never had,we need to do something we've never done,a life with love will have some thorns,but a life without love will know sorrow....the right time doesn't come on its own,the right time is always a choice we make...most importantly we dont have allow fear to decide our fate.

I just wish more than anything that i could meet a man i can grow together with, love together, learn together and laugh together, forever,a man who has a sense of security so that he will always be there for me when i am sick or when i grow old or flabby...someone i can walk on the beach and stargazing,Cuddle on the sofa and watch a movie,taking a bubble bathtogether,Cuddling together,sitting on the beach at sunset and talking,kissing,giving a backrub,laying together in front of a fireplace and talking,looking into each other's eyes and having a romantic dinner together.... a man with sense of humor and great ambition...dont forget..we can only try we aint perfect ok...i love to swim,romantic walk at the beach,listening to music (classical,blues,r&b) i like action,thriller,comedy and romance film..

what are the favorite dishes you like?

do you wake up early or like to sleep late?i wake up early

do you smoke?i dont smoke

do you drink?i am a social drinker

What do you like to do in the evening after work hours?love walking

do you mind cleaning the house, ironing and washing with your wife?

do you mind working in the yard? (light work like weeding trimming dead flowers/branches)

do you consider yourself active or more laid back? am laid back

how often do you read the Bible?i dont read

how often do you pray daily?i rarely pray

if i was upset at you for something you might have done,how would you try to change my mood and bring me back to my joyful nature?

how much do you think you know how to please a woman ?

do you like to dress and look sensual to your woman or do you prefer the casual jeans and T shirt look?

do you like to socialize a lot?

are you easy to get along with, are you verbal,out going or shy?

Food. i love pasta dishes. i love any kind of meat. pizza has always been a favourite of mine although i do love a roast dinner to.

I am an early bird. i always get up early in the morning as it is fantastic to go for a walk when the streets are not busy. Especially when it has rained the night before and you can smell the fresh grass. i do sometimes go to bed late but not often. i suppose it depends who i am with.i do not smoke. i do like a drink to be social but not to the point of being drunk.in the evenings after work i like to watch a bit of TV or if it is a nice day i like to go for a walk, sit down somewhere and watch the sunset.i have lived on my own for 3 years now and i'm domesticated. i do all my own washing, ironing, cooking and cleaning,although if i meet the right man i believe in sharing the houshold choars.

I don't mind gardening,pottering around then laying back in the sun enjoying the day......even having a picnic or two.

I am a laid back person in general, but can be active when the situation arises.i'm not a religious person so i don't read the bible.i would like to think that there is an after life, but if there isn't then we should make the most out the life we have got. i go with one saying. it's better to fill your days with life than your life with days.if you was upset and it was my fault,i would cook you dinner.only after approaching you and putting my loving arms round you and whispering i'm sorry whilst gently kissing your lips.i don't like to argue and believe in resolving a situation. i'm very open minded and always look at both sides to a story.

As for pleasing a man, i believe in taking your time with the one you love,gently kissing and caressing whilst whispering sweet nothings before making love. Not sex. With the special one that you love i believe that making love is a sign of affection and intimacy.

I do take pride in my appearance, but do like the jeans and sexy top approach, although i can dress accordingly dependant on the situation. i do like to dress smart for the right man.

In general i'm very easy to get along with. i'm always in a good mood and can be sociable. with the right man i would dedicate my time with and want to spend these precious days making him happy. making him feel special. the simple things in life are always the best when you find that special person. i would like to have children, but won't be disappointed if this does not happen...take care of yourself and hope to read from you soon.



Letter 5

am sorry for not writting you dear,just that i have not been happy for some days now because of my current situation,am so worried and frustrated and no help from anywhere,i feel like i am the only one left in this life.....i wish my parents are still alife,i am tired of been lonely dear...i need to get out of here and i am not able to make it up with the tax fee...i will write you soon dear.



Letter 6

i feel relived to read your mail,i think i should tell you everything now.....i will start by saying,before the death of my father, he secretly called me on his bed side and told me that he kept a trunk box worth of ($3,000,000) left in one of the private security/finances trust services house here in united kingdom as a family treasures that he used my names her only daughter for the next of kin in depositing it,the real content was not disclosed

However that i should use it for investment purpose such as real estate management or hotel management at the appropriate time...he also explained to me that he might not survive the situation he was at that present...when everything went wrong and there was nobody to help me,i gathered all the money left in my account and i took all the required documents and move down here,on getting to the security company here,the document i came with was carefully verified and i was told to go and pay 3,950 pound for united kingdom tax revenue for the tax clearance document,but all i could raise was 3,200 pounds and i have deposited it as part payment and i need 650 pounds to balance it,since then i haven't been able to pay the remaining amount,that is why i am still out here,i tried all i can,there was no hand in help,that is reason why i decided to live here,i find it hard to trust,since i have been hurt in the past but since i met you,i feel that life worth living,what i have just told is a big secret of my life which i have never told anyone,but a life without a seconds half or someone you can trust is full of emptyness...i hope i can trust you with my life,i want you to know that trust is what allows us to have meaningful relationships with each other, without it we cannot converse without wondering whether each other of us speaks truthfully, we would be unable to believe what we are telling each other..dear i have been feeling so bad since, i knew this because there is nobody that can help me with the money,i am so tired ,worried and unhappy because i dont know what to do again,i will so much appreciate your help if you can...if helping will be a burden on you please do not bother yourself...take good care of yourself and i hope to read from you soon.