Romance scam letter(s) from Mary Cooper to S. H. (USA)
Letter 1
Hello how are you doing today? i must say your caught my interest, am mary cooper 38 single never married and i have one son by name Timmy who live with me . Am from Australia Sydney but was born in the usa and i grow up there, am looking to find a man,who is honest easy going and hard working.I am new to this online relationship seeking. Do you know that men and women are angels created with only one wing? And they need to embrace each other to be able to fly... I Hope to find my angel whom i can fly with forever. Went through your profile caught my eye,I will like to get to know more about u will like to know what u looking for in a relationship,As for me i am looking for a Man who is honest loving caring kind hear kind hearted open minded who has sense of humuor understandable considerate loyal polite calm and generous person who has a prestige and intergrity.I will want to know more about you, we can send email or chat on msn you can add me on this id.MARYCOOPE / @ / YAHOO . COM
Letter 2
Hello, Am Mary cooper, i was born in, Australia Sydney. I am 38 years old, single. I have been single for about 5 years and am searching for a serious man who i can share the rest of my life with in Love & Harmony. I work as a major marketer in the gem stones industry in Malaysia. I lost my parents some few years back, my dad is a german and my mum is an Australian. my dad worked as marketer in the gem stone industry and as a result of this i was introduced to the same business before he died, while my mother worked with Sydney water corporation The most important thing am looking for in a relationship is happiness, living in love and harmony with my right man who will love me care for me and be honest with me because honesty is the key to a successful relationship. Am a honest woman, easy going , humble and responsible, educated , romantic, loving, and trust worth lady who knows what to do at the right time.
I try my best to be kind, socialize, smart, passionate, friendly, romantic, and i believe in true love..i am really a very sincere person when it comes to sharing feelings and emotions with that special person. I have a big heart and i do believe in dreams coming true. I know its hard to be completely honest..but i try to be who i am and do what i know how to do best. I have come to understand people are different, No one really can change who i am or my personalty cause i believe in myself and my life is based on truth and its all about who i really am..cause i know the kind of person i am and they way i treat others.i really do care a lot about others who care for me..cause i am a very caring person and my heart is so blessed.
About my body status :height-169cm, weight-65kg, slim enough a pleasant appearance, blue eyes,long hair and sometimes i keep it short. educated, successful, attractive woman. I believe that men and women are angels created with only one wing? And they need to embrace each other to be able to fly. Sometimes we make a whole lot of mistakes by considering the age and distance involved,but age is just a number in any relationship that am involved in. I dream about a happy marriage and strong loving family. I have a wonderful Son that means the world to me , and if you have kids, I am ready to become a kind, caring and loving step mother for them. I would like to meet, and to share my life with a kind, caring, dependable, responsible, loving, romantic, sensual, man. I want to become his best friend, tender lover and faithful and devoted wife. I dream to devote myself to my future family, to care about the home, to make family coziness and to keep the home healthy. I like everything in life, music,traveling, sport, keeping fit, healthy lifestyle, family life. I am interested in, housekeeping, reading, nature, physical training, automobiles and lots different, family-oriented. I am a serious, intelligent, practical, romantic, honest person, have a stable character, without harmful habits and manners. I would like to ask some few questions about you,profession,likes,dislikes,how long have you been into online dating service,how many women have you dated online,do you live alone,ever been married,how many kids have you got and how many countries have you visited?? i await your response. Mary cooper
Letter 3
I told you i was born in, Australia Sydney,my dad is a german and my mum is an Australian. my dad worked as marketer in the gem stone industry and as a result of this i was introduced to the same business before he died, while my mother worked with Sydney water corporation.I would like to continue this with you........ You posses the qualities that i do seek for in man.Communication as you know is very important to me and its also important in everything in life. First is getting to know one another,because its the most important aspect of it all. But the important part of communicating is being honest. We can talk and talk and make ourself look and sound good but unless we are completely honest we will be disappointed when the time comes to finally meet each other in person. I have lived and have traveled many places and therefore I feel I have learned to accepted myself for who I am am. I always try to be a good person to myself and others. I prefer people who are nice, kind,respectful and honest. I dislike people who view themselves better than others or think they. I want to find a man who respects him self. Man who takes care of himself mentally, spiritually and physically. I want a man who is willing to work hard at our relationship. Someone who will contribute to improving and helping us grow together as family. Whom will be ready to work hard in other to keep family together with peace and love. We must be the example for our child in raising a family,because he will be the man that i will love forever. There is so much more I could tell you but I will end here. I only hope you can understand where I am coming from. Again, speaking of age - I am at a point in my life - where I do not want to play games. I have opened myself to you like a book and would like to know more about you and see other pictures of you. I have seen the ones on your profile so please send me a new recent picture of yourself. And finally one last thing with regard to age - there is an age difference between us - so I will just come out and ask you - how do you view and feel about that our age difference?But i would say it does not matter to me at all because age is just a number,because age is just a number,because what matter most is that love we are going to share together,also the happiness we are going to bring to our self. Please tell more about when we can meet and what plans you may have for the future.If we have to start up something serious......i would like you to go off the dating site..i will be rest assured am not sharing my man with anyone...
I will like to share my interests with you, i think it's one of the needed steps to get to know eachother better. My interests are: photography, traveling, museums, the great outdoors-camping, horseback-riding, movies, restaurants, antique shopping, wine-tasting, history, psychology, animals, most anything that I haven't seen or tried once.! I am somewhat of a dreamer believing that romance and love is what life is all about. I am a kind and somewhat sometimes over generous person with a heart of gold. I am intelligent and passionate. I love life and try to live it in such a way that each day has a new meaning. I am romantic by nature and loving by soul. I love to help others and love the laughter of children. I believe in love and all that comes with being in love..
I am not your usual woman in thinking that love is how many men you sleep with, but believe that being loyal and loving to one man is what makes love special. I believe intimacy is special in both forms. So many make the mistake of thinking intimacy is the simple act of sex. But to me intimacy is the touching of two souls, the beating of two hearts as one. Romance is a lost art these days and a lot of people often forget that the simple things in life are often the sweetest. How special it can be when two in love can simply swap a kiss, or share a walk hand in hand under a full moon. I do not pretend to be the answer to lost love, or the answer to everlasting romance..
But l love with my heart and feel with my soul. I know what it means to love and to have lost. But without the feeling of pain we can never become the wiser. I truly believe that for each of us we have someone out there ready to win our hearts. But without the risk their cannot be victory. comfort is my watch word and i comfortable in my own skin . i take pretty care of my self and i will do the same for my man.So in having expressed my inner thoughts and desires l will now end this short letter. I will be looking forward to hear from you...........i would like to keep in contact with you through phone calls and sms while we are offline I hope to hear from you soon..... Your new Friend,
Mary Cooper
Letter 4

Hey ,
Its my greatest pleasure to read some lines from you again today, i am happy about the honesty you exhibited in giving me distinct answers to the questions i asked you, my heart is filled with joy knowing that we are looking for the same thing. You are something i never thought could be in existence for my sake.
The most important thing going on in my mind is that i am having this feeling that you are going to fix my broken heart, i like your style of reasoning, to be honest with you, it would be the most pleasant thing ever to be wrapped in your arms and spend the rest of my life loving you passionately. Now that i know you are for real and not a player, i am ready to start up a real connection with you.
I do about a few things for fun, but what i like to do most is hang around with my female friends and have some gist, then i always like to go to the beach too in bikini and like to see new movies too at the cinema, my plan is to settle down with the man of my choice and build a family together with him which i think i have gotten to the right spot if i am not mistaken.
Hope to read from you soonest, have a lovely day
Bye for now
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