Scam letter(s) from Olga Dolgopolova to Michael (USA)

Letter 1
Hi, I'm Olga! I was surprised, when i received your mail. I was born in small town, named Alchevsk, where I lived a long time. My native town isn't beautiful, because it's industrial center of our region (it full of plants and factories), but i love it as much as any human can love native town. I have usual family for this town. I have small brother Dima. He is five years old. He is very talented boy. My brother has perfect ear for music. All my family supposed that Dima will be greatest violinist i our country. My father works at chemical plant. It's a dangerous work, that's why i proud of my father very much! My mother works in medical center. She is psychiatrist. As for me, I want to be psychiatrist too(I want to know more about people's minds and to have possibility to help that people, whose mind has been upset). I've entered the Medical university in Lugansk, and Soon I'll be psychiatrist. My studying is difficult, but I trying to find free minutes, when I can do my favorite tings. I like to listen music, painting and read serious books. I can tell you more and more, but i would like to get to know you! Please write me about you, i am sure you are very interesting person. Best wishes and all the best!
Letter 2
I was glad to receive your letter again! I think you understand the seriousness of my intentions about our relationship. You are a very nice man and I think you and I will succeed, so I think you need to know more about me and my family. I think I said enough about my family, so I'll tell you more about myself. As I said, my name is Olya and surname is Dolglpolova and I'm 25. My birthday is on the 14-nth of July. I like music (it's my hobby. Most loved by me are Scorpions. They are best!) and interesting books. I like cooking and I do it well (I live in hostel, till I study, so I have a lot of practice). I'm a doctor so I can not be romantic, but I think if I meet a man, I will. I want to meet someone for whom I'll wake up and fall asleep. So i decided to try to find my lover in the Internet.
But there is one big problem. We did not learn English in university so I can understand over people a little, but it is very difficult to me to speak English, and I haven't computer at home so that's why i have to using translation agency to communicate with you. Everytime I want to write you a letter, I going to their office, where they provide an Internet and interpreter and translating my texts. It's a pity, bu t must to go to the university, i hope to receive your next latter soon. Please, write me about yourself, your preferences in cooking, music, sports, art, about your dreams! And sent me please some of your photos. Best wishes, my dear, kiss you gently!
Letter 3
Hello my dear! I was on seventh heaven when I got your next letter.
When I read it, I understood, that you are that man, who will make me romantic girl. You understand me well. you are my type of man, I liked that fact, that you played rock. As for me, I think that Folk-music looks like rock (little), so you are rocker too))))). I mean, that folk is not POP. And never will be. It's more close to rock, that I think. If I wrong, correct me. As for cooking, try borscht. You will like it, I am sure. As I said, I becoming closer and closer to you, so I've decided to tell you something more personally about me. I think, if you will hear some of my dreams you'll be closer to my inner world, which I going to show you! From my childhood I imagine few minutes a day as we're walking in the evening beach (me and my boyfriend. I hope, you'll become him), the waves had caress our feet. Seagulls circling somewhere far over the sea and their voices gives some romantically notes to this moment. You hugged me and kissed, like the Prince, who saved his princess from the evil dragon. You gently stroked my body, and I smiled at you, like most people can smile to the most loved ones... But it is only a dream, and I want my wish to come true. Did you ever had the dream like mine, my sweet? My greatest wish at this moment is to see you as soon as I can, and I'll do everything possible to this wish as soon as it possible! I think I'm inloved in you! I hope you share my enthusiasm, my dear. I'd like to speak with you all the time that I have, but my letter can't be dimensionless, i hope you'll write me soon! And sent me pleas your best picts! I looking forward to your reply! I wish you to see me in your dream tonight, my love!
Letter 4

I was so glad to receive your next letter! I consider that it means that you want to be with me as strongly as I want it! It was hurt to hear from you about your unfortunately practice in relations with women from my country, but that is accident. Most women in our country are not like that persons which you meet before me. If it is so important to you about children, I'll be agree with you. Because I know that if you will know me close you would want to have children with me. But if you will not, I'll accept your opinion. On your photo I saw you singing, I want to hear. How can i do it? You asked me about dancing. No, I had not studying dancing, I just took that shoes from my Friend. She is a student of Cultural Institute. I got two things to tell you. First thing is my yesterday's dream, where I had seen you!
It was amazing feeling to be so close to you, to take your hand, to touch your body, to kiss you. In my dream we was walking near the sea again, but this time we was walking by resort streets, full of bright lights and pleasant sea smells. I didn't attach importance to what you speaking Russian as well as me (It was a dream, where everything is possible). You kissed me so gently, and said, that you never lose me after a hard find. Then you hugged me so tight and same time so soft, that I had melted in your cuddles. I felt so happy, protected from all ills, that i wanted to crying from happiness! What a pity that the same moment i woke up and a lot of problems came over me. I should tell you about it. It actually is a "second thing". You remember, I said you about that agency, that helps me to communicate with you. I find it hard to tell about it, but I must. I think we are close to each other enough, so you could understand me. I still studying, and my scholarship is not big. That's why I was able to buy only three letters to you, my sweet. But I can not stop now our relations, because it will be difficult and painfully to me, my dear. I love you more than my own life, and I need your help. I beg you not to stop our correspondence. I had no idea what real life and happiness is, until I met you, my darling! Please, do not suspend our connection that has become a very strong from my point of view! Eagerly waiting for your reply. It will be for me a beacon of light in my gray everyday life.
Truly your's, your biggest lover Olga...
Letter 5
"Red Line Translation Company" Dear Mr. Michaei Tearson!
You don?t need to translate your texts by yourself anymore, because we are here! Is the slogan of ?Red Line Translation Company? since 1992 year. We are leaders in translating industry for 11 years. Most known are our - quickly and the quality of translations; - services; - individual approach and creative solutions; Want to be the best, be close to the best. Please be advised that Olga Dolgopolova has been our client since the beginning of your correspondence. Until recently, she was able to pay for our services independently, but has recently stopped funding. Mrs. Olga came to us with a request to send you this letter and tell you that she is interested in further dialogue with you. If you are also interested, we will send you more detail information about our services. Thank you for your attention. Looking forward for your reply.
"Red Line Translation Company"
Nikolay Petrov, administrator.
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