Scam letter(s) from Alla Gulyeva to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my dear,
you made me to be interested in you and I do hope to continue our communication.
Our life is wonderful,but short. A real love will help to make it brighter and more beautiful.
I am here to find my love and to make him happy.
What is our life without a smile of your dearest man?
What can be better than to give your love and tenderness to your beloved man?
We do not know what is waiting for us tomorrow,but I know exactly that I will be waiting for your next letter to get to know you much better.
My e-mail is:
With warm regards, Vera.
Letter 2
My dear,
it is a pleasant ritual for me to come to the office of my translator every day and my heart is going to jump out of my chest when I think about your letter. It seems to me that we created our special world, where just you and me and we do not need anybody else there. :)
It seems to me that we have got a lot of similar things and the same interests. I think it would be comfortably for us to spend our time together. You write me your thoughts and it seems to me that you read my thoughts. It is really very nice! :)
Sometimes it is hard for me to belive that you are far from me because your words are such touching and real, but every time, when I come back home I feel it sharply because of my loneliness.
Sometimes I wake up in the night because of a cold. I want to snuggle to my beloved man and to feel a warmth of his body,but the place, which is next to me in my bed is empty. I embrace my pillow and I feel hot tears in my eyes.
Maybe it is very hard for you to understand this feeling because you are a man. You know,I can't live for myself. It seems to me that I was created for love and home warmth. I want to give my love and tenderness to my beloved man and I truly believe that one day my dream will come true.
By the way,what is a true love for you? How do you feel that you fall in love with a woman? What is the indicator for it? :)
Sorry, but I should finish my letter now because my lunch time is finished and I must go to work, but I am waiting for your next letter very much and...I miss you.
Sincerely your Vera.
Letter 3
This wonderful day brought your letter to me, my dear!!
I am grateful to you for your respond and I should confess that it is a pleasure for me to continue our communication. I get some new information about you and I try to picture your image in my mind. Each detail of your life is important to me because I can feel a deep interest to you.
Sorry, I didn't give to you a lot of information about me in my previous e-mail and I will try to do it right now.
I was born on the 1st of June, in 1979. My parents are very nice people, but they are retired now. I am a single child in my family, but I have my cousins, aunts and uncles.
I live in Lutugino. It is a small town on the East of Ukraine, but I like it because I was born here. My height is about 167cm, my weight is about 58kg.
As for my occupation, I am a cosmetologist. I work in a beauty saloon. I like my work, but unfortunately it doesn't support me financially very well. Unfortunately a lot of Ukrainian people are very poor. My country is wonderful, but its government doesn't take care of its people and it is very sadly.
As for my hobby,I like music,reading, dancing and cooking. I can say that I am a family oriented person and I am a woman of one man. I do not like night clubs, but I like travelling. I have never been abroad, but my dream is to see this wonderful world. Maybe one day my dream will come true. :)
Unfortunately I should finish my letter because I write it to you during my lunch time. I do not have my own computer and I should get to the office of my translator by bus and it takes me about 20 minutes. So, my letters are not long, but belive me, I am very glad to have our connection and I will be waiting for your respond impatiently!!
With the warmest regards, Vera.
P.S. My contact phone number is +38-067-765-31-94. It is my working phone because my own mobile phone is in a repair service temporally.So, please, call me from 10a.m. till 5p.m. Ukrainian time every day, except Saturday and Sunday because I do not work at the weekends. My English is not very good, but I do hope to understand you.I want to hear your voice very much.
Letter 4

I am grateful to you for your e-mail and I would be glad to know you much better. We do not know what is waiting for us tomorrow- future meeting or separation, but anyway,we do not lose anything if we write to each other our letters. :):)
I should confess that it is my first experience in the Internet. I have never used it before because my country is not well developed. So, one day I made my photos in a photo studio and asked my friend to help me with my profile in the Internet. Unfortunately I do not have my computer at home and I can't write to you by myself, so I use a service of the private translator and I am satisfied with her work.
I am sending to you some of my photos and I do hope you will like them. :)
As for my purpose, I want to find my soul mate because my soul is lonely now, but I believe that my beloved man lives on this planet and I do hope to meet him one day.:):)
My English is not bad, but I would like to improve it because I understand its importance. By the way, it would be great to hear your voice. If you like me and if you decide to continue our communication, I will write to you my phone number in my next e-mail.
You know, I do not have any special demands to my beloved man. If he is for me, I will feel it. That is all. :):)
It is very hard for me to describe my character, but I can say that the words "love" and "friendship" mean a lot for me and I will not be able to forgive a betrayal. If you give me one, I will give you ten, but I hate the liars and I appreciate sincerity.
What else?? I do not know. Sorry, I am not a writer and I can't write the letters, :( but I will be waiting for your respond and I will answer all your questions gladly.
With the warm regards, Vera.
P.S. My full name is Vera Lukovetskaya. My home address is Ukraine. Lutugino, 91000, Leninskaya Street,69.
Letter 5
Hello dear !!
my name is Sveta and I am in a search of my true love and happiness. I am a very devoted person and I will be happy to create the Paradise between me and my beloved man. If you are interested in me, I will be happy to know you better and I will be waiting for your e-mail.
My private e-mail address is:
Letter 6
Good day, dear ) How are you today and how is your life? I'm very happy to meet you and to have a chance to know you better! You seem to be a really good man and I hope that we can find a common language)
Thank you for the wonderful photo)) I will tell you a little bit more about myself) My name is Svetlana, or you may call me Sveta as all my close people do) I live in a small town called Schastye that is in Luhansk region (eastern Ukraine)where I rent a flat together with two girls. The owner of the flat is living there as well, but she is a very good woman and never gives any inconveniences to us. My parents live far from me, in Milerovo and I visit them when I can) They are very good people, they gave me a wonderful childhood and a good education) I love them very much!
What about your family? I'm 37 years old, I have never been married and have no kids. I had serious relations 6 years ago with a good man, we have been together for over 8 years, but he died in car crash...I still cannot speak about it easily. After that accident I didn't even want to start any new relations. But now I feel that this is the time for me to find a good man and to become happy at last. A serious man with the wish to love and be loved, a man who wish to give and receive care, a man who is ready for something more than just dreams is a good match for me) I don't consider myself as an old woman, but I'm really tired of loneliness. I dream to see beside me a person that I love and that loves me...someone who will understand and support me. Are you looking for the same? I've decided to use Internet to find my love because of a few reasons: firstly I have no time for looking for men here, and secondly I don't even know where I can find a good man...I don't go out to clubs and cafes, I don't work with men and my work is very close to my home.
It's almost impossible for me. And frankly speaking, in Ukraine I didn't meet a man who could be able to understand my soul...usually men are looking at me as a cute doll. I think that the dating sites is the best way for me to become happy) What do you think? But to my regrets I don't speak a good English, that makes my search a little difficult. For now I have to use the help of my friend's sister to translate our letters, and she does a good job) Anyway,I'm not going to leave it as it is, I've bought a book of English language and will try to learn it at home when i have a free time) What languages do you speak? My desire to find my love is really huge and you will understand it during our communication) Please, tell me about yourself too, and if you have any questions I will gladly answer all of them)
Sorry, i don't use skype now and don't know what is viber. Will be waiting for your letter soon)
Sincerely, your new friend Svetlana)
Letter 7
Hello, dear ) How are you today and how was your day?) Hope I reach you in good mood)Thank you for your letter! It's very pleasant for me to talk with you and to know more and more about such a nice and interesting man like you ;) I really like the way you look for the woman, I should agree with you in everything, because you're really right. I was thinking about us this night and was wondering if we will match each other and if everything will be very serious among us...and you know, I came to the conclusion that you're a good man, and I can't even think that you can act in a bad way with me) Am i right? I know, it's a lot of bad people here as well, but they exist everywhere and if to be afraid of them, how to live at all? Moreover, Internet gave us the possibility to know each other...and it's great!) I hope that you are the exact man I'm looking for) I really like you so much! Talking about me and my life, I guess you're interested in what I do for living?) So, I work as a sales manager. It's a very interesting job, I travel all over Ukraine sometimes and I really love it. Do you like travelling? Well, I think all people like it)))) But to my regrets I have never been abroad( This is one of my travel to beautiful countries such as France, England, USA, Italy and many others. Where did you travel?) Of course it's not my only dream))) What I want most of all in my life is to find my real love...the man understanding, supportive, caring, loving, honest...this is my real dream)
Before I was dreaming to get the second degree, guess which? I wanted to be a teacher of literature. I love reading so very much! Especially English and American books) This is what I do when i come home after work,I open a book and rest) Do you like reading?) And also I like children and to work with them would be nice for me)) Honey, can you tell me about your dreams? Your hobbies? What are you doing after work?
I would be really happy to see you in skype, but I don't have my own computer here and cannot use it. Well, I don't want to make this letter too long, i will stop here. I wish you a good day and sweet dream) Hope to hear from you very soon))
Svetlana ;)
Letter 8

My dear ! Hello) How are you and how was your day? I already miss your letters! You are a good writer and I've got used to you even in such a small period of time) I like the way you express your attitude to life, your opinions. That's why, may be, I'm not afraid to talk with you on any topic) So, don't be afraid to ask me about something you would like to know, ok? Cause sometimes it's difficult to understand hints. I need you to be straight and honest with me, and I will answer you with the same) I don't have many people I can trust to, only my parents and you) My parents are good people and I always ask them for advices, and from now on I will always ask you for advices too because I understand how smart and wise you are. I hope you will not be against it?) Despite the fact that I am a matured woman I still feel like a tender flower that needs a strong protector, lover and real man. All my life i dream, I violently believe that some day I will meet him. I want my man to be caring and gentle, loving and passionate, brave and tough...
Only then I will blossom in his strong hands...and bring happiness) I see that you're such man and hope that we will be together!) Yes, of course you can have my number, but we have no phone connection now and we won't be able to speak. Sorry! You know, my friend and her sister(who translates our letters) are so scared today! Yesterday evening there had been a fight right in front of their house. They have heard that soldiers were shooting from submachine gun really close. It's good that I don't live in the center of the town! How is the weather in your country now? Here it's getting so hot! And we don't even have a clean river to go and swim( I imagine we could go to the sea if we were together) I was on the sea a long time ago, it was wonderful!! I love swimming a lot, it's one of my favourite sports. I also like volleyball and aerobics) From time to time i attend the gym and work out) But my work doesn't allow me to do sports regularly. Do you like sports? What my work allows me to do, is to watch movies in the evening. I love comedies and fantasy. I'm not a "Horror woman", after scary films I see bad dreams. May be I could watch horrors laying in your wouldn't be too scary for me:) What films do you like? You know I have never watched serials before...but the last few years I feel so lonely that I started to watch them. It's so sad( But I believe you will save me from it))) I can continue to talk to you endlessly! But I don't want to bore you)
I hope to hear more from you soon) Have a wonderful day, darling)
Kiss you!
Your Svetlana!
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