Scam Letter(s) from Anastasia Shabalina to Roland (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello my love Roland, how are you doing today?
I went now with my agent of travel in western union to get your transfer, but to me have told there that you have taken away this transfer. Thus we could not receive anything now. And I do not know why you have made it. In your letter you have told that have corrected all.
Now I have read your second letter and now I cannot understand you at all. Why you took away it? Anyhow it was not possible to me to get transfer and to pay a trip today
Forgive I really called to you last night, but at me it was impossible to do it. When I called to me spoke that there is what that a mistake.
On it forgive, but I really called to you last night. I will as try to make it still
Well Roland, I now am in the office in hope of that that you will appear online
I love you very much, and I miss on you!!!
For ever yours Nastya

Letter 2

Hello my darling Roland, forgive me please, but I again tried to phone to you, but at me it again has not turned out...
I do not know why it. There can be my card did not work, or my phone did not correspond for this purpose. Today I will go in telephone aooeo to type you so wait from me is sonorous. But I promise to you, I will necessarily phone to you my love!
I very much wish to meet you, and it is very a pity to me that it was impossible to us still. I could arrive to you this week but it did not go further!
And by the way I said to you that right now I did not have a passport which is document ID! And on it I could not will receive money for the name!
I should give it in travel agency that they on have more likely renewed to me documents, and I only tried that all was ready more likely! But as always it has turned out only worse
Today you even are not present online to talk to me. I think you have taken offence at me because of that that I could not phone to you in any way
In general I any more do not know that to me now to do. In agency at me already shout, for that that I already the second time refuse a trip. I have made it work which it did not pay. And because of it they are very annoyed on me. Similar I now in general will remain without a thing
My favourite Roland, I did not think that such problem becomes for us that you sent money. Is better I would earn everything, and did not listen to all your insults in my address. But I as understand also you, and at all I do not know that to me to make now
I love you very strongly
Forgive that so it has turned out, I will call to you today
For ever yours Nastya



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