Scam letter(s) from Britney Jones to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1
Hello thanks for the email, i want you to know that am not here for fun,joke,games or one night stand, i have my reason for being on here i want my soul-mate, my happiness, my dream come true, i want an endless relationship, I DON'T CARE ABOUT AGE,I STRONGLY BELIEVE THAT AGE IS NOTHING BUT A NUMBER, all i want is true love,honest and care.Most people say i look young well if you see my mum,she looks like my Elder sister.
I will like to tell You a little bit about me, well am 38yrs old Widowed with one child. I'm honest trust worthy and caring also even am happy energetic and mindful of everyday blessings but also sensual poetic and creative Friend describe me as intelligent beautiful **** and as having a keen sense of humor even though sometimes i laugh at myself! I am very comfortable in a suit or jeans and occasional Red wing game or a round of golf,I love being at hom e cooking an occasional gourmet meal and trying new wines and am not looking for a *** or to be talking about *** here on net i do hate it alot but i do love to have it with my soul mate in person ,I am a loyal friend and a good listener creative intuitive compassionate and kind able to express my feelings.
Am new on here and i have just joined TODAY, all i want is Love, i don't care about age because i believe that age is nothing but a number, what do you seek, how long have you been on the site, Please tell me about yourself, thanks Please i will like to drop me your yahoo email address so that we can chat better am new on here and this looks strange to me, you can email and also chat with me at loveinmyeyes101
com Kind Regards. loveinmyeyes101/////@/////yahoo/////dot/////com
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