Scam letter(s) from Yana Sockolova to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1
Hi dear! Nice to meet you. Thank you for giving me your e-mail address. Now I think we could communicate much better then on the site. I need to tell you that I don't have computer at home but I check my mail anytime when I have free time.
I think that the most difficult thing is to start telling about myself. It much easier to speak but I'll try to give you an idea about what kind of person I am and what I am looking for.
I want you to know that I am not interested in a friendship! I have a lot of friends here in Lugansk. What I need is to find a nice and decent man to be my husband. I had serious relation in the past. But I think that now it is time for me to concentrate on my future. I am 30 and I really know what I want.
Originally I'm from small town Schastye. But right now I live and work in Lugansk, Ukraine. I am a nail stylist(manicurist) and I work in the Beauty Centre. I like my job as I feel myself a real artist!!! Every nail could be a real masterpiece!!! Do you agree?
I am looking for love and real relationship. I miss it in my life! I want to have a family and cosy house. I want
to find real true love. May be I am too romantic but I still belive
that somewhere there is a man that is destined to me.
I live in the rented flat alone and I have no desire to come from work as there is nobody waiting for me. Maybe you could fulfill this emptiness in my heart and our friendship could blossom into real love!
Hope to hear from you very soon.

Letter 2
Hello dear!
How are you today?
Thank you for your letter. I think that with every letter we could become closer and closer. I want to tell you more about me.
My parents live in small town Shastie and they are both retired now. My mother was a teacher of English at school. She was my teacher and now I can be thankful to her for my language skills. My father was a head engineer at the Thermal Power Plant.
I try to visit them during weekend as I am the only child and they are waiting for me.
Every time I come home they ask me when they could see my boyfriend. They want to be grandparents.
I like painting. I think that it is very relaxing. I like paint nature and people.
But I cannot earn much with it. That's why I am working in the beauty centre. I do enjoy my work and I really like it. I like meet with my friends. I have the best friend Olga. We like to go to a nice cosy cafe to drink a cup of coffee. Also I like dancing. Sometimes we go out to a discotheque! Do you like dancing? But frankly speaking this life is not what I want to have.
I want to have a family. I want to come back from work to my own house! I want to have a loving and caring husband. I don't know why but I imagine my future in a house with couple of kids and a big dog! It's funny but I think that I could be happy in it.
I don't want to create an ideal man in my mind. I want to meet a person with all his bad and good qualities. I don't want to change anything about him. I want to fall in love with a man! I want to love and be loved.
Our age difference is not a problem for me.
My postal address is
Yana Sockolova,
Yakira block, 4/16.
Lugansk, Ukraine
I'll write you more in my next letter.
I send you my kisses,
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