Romance scam letter(s) from Tatyana Ponomareva to Jonathan (USA)
Letter 1
Hello! It is Tatyana write you. I saw your profile and I am really very much interested in acquaintance with you. I am 28 years old. I had many difficulties in life. But I always trusted that all will be good, and Someday I will meet the lovely person for which I will be as behind a stone wall. I have work, I am intelligent, educated and loving person. Telling really I can say that I have almost everything, I just was not able to find the one who can be called the soulmate for me, the one who really loves me. I will very glad if you will write to me. We will find out about each other more.
And may be we will find our love, family and happiness. Please write me and I will tell you more about me, my life and I will send you my photos. Also I think that we will be able speak with each other by phone. I really will wait your letters and photos with impatience.
My e-mail:
Letter 2
Hello my new friend Jake!
I am very glad that you have answered my message!
I did not hope that you will write to me.
My name Tatyana:) To me 28 years.
Please send a photo for me. I wish to see your photo very much. I want it!!!
I wish to tell to you, that have addressed in agency. Which helps to get acquainted with people from other country. To me have told in agency yours e-mail address. Therefore I have decided to write the letter for you. I think, that will not be a problem for you. We can learn each other better. I think, that will be remarkable!
Several years ago I had correspondence with girl Stefany in your country!
We had correspondence one year and became the best friends.
Unfortunately our communication has stopped for the unknown reason.
I always interested men in your country and now I have decided to find the friend on correspondence.
While I do not know to what it can result but at me the big plans for the future and I want to create serious relations.
You will be surprised because I live "a little" far from you in the big country Russia in city Kazan.
I hope that it will not change your interest to me :)
My grammar English not so well but I speak almost freely.
Well, I was never married and now single.
I very much love children, and pets, and most of all I like to visit
Cinema with my girlfriends.
I hope you will like my photo. Certainly I shall be glad to see your new pictures too.
In the following message I shall try to write more about myself.
Take care.
Yours new friend Tatyana!!!
Letter 3
Hello my friend Jake.
Thanks for your new message. I am glad very much, that have written for me! Thanks you! I understand, that speak rather scam. I heard about it. Therefore please do not worry. I the real girl! I wish to tell to you, that the photo on a site is available. Only I wish to have your photos for myself. Therefore please send a photo for me. I wish to see very much! I think, what understand me? I will stop to write! Tatyana.
Letter 4

Hello Jake.
It is Tatyana. I am very glad to talk to you, I like that we have started to communicate. Thanks for your new photo. I am glad to receive your photo very much. Each your photo does happy. I am happy very much! It is very pleasant to me to receive your photos! I wish to tell to you, that I understand you! I understand, that write for me. I am glad very much! I wish to tell rather scam. I heard about it. It is very a pity to me! I am upset very much when has learnt concerning you! Please do not think of the past. I think, that is necessary to think of the good! It is remarkable! How are you, is everything fine with you? I really hope so. I am feeling fine and now I am writing the letter to you with pleasure, I like to communicate with people. I think you are asking the question from yourself: Why I decided to write to you, I like you and may be I am just a bit disappointed with the men here. I heard a lot about the people who have found the happiness far away from the place they are living in. So I decided to try, who knows what it will give me in the future. But telling really I am new in this way of communication and I do not even know what to tell you, but I will try. I was born on the 25th of April of 1983, so now I am 28 years old. I am 173 centimeters tall and my weight is 59 kg. I am not sure how much it is in inches and in pounds, but I hope you can understand me. I have the brown eyes and my hair color is blond. I work as hairdresser in a beauty salon. I like my work. I'm happy when people are looking beautiful. I help in it. My family is my mom and I, of course I have two aunts and two uncles. And I have cousins. I live alone in flat which I rent far not from center of Kazan. As you know I am living in the city of Kazan, I do not know if you heard about my city and where it is, but I will try to explain you a bit. My city is about 800 kilometers far from Moscow. I like the city I am living in very much, it is cozy, but sadly I was not able to find the right man here. I like to walk in the streets here some time, I like to go to the cinema in the free time. I like to walk in the parks or just go to the cafes when I have the free time. And I like to read the books, I like Russian poetry very much. Please tell me if you are interested in the sports? I like to go for the sport, but I do not have much free time for it. Usually I can walk to the swimming pool, I like the volleyball and tennis. And please tell me if you like the picnics in the nature, I like it and I like to have it when I have the free time. I prefer active way of life spending. I like to be cheerful and open, and I like fair, kind, sincere people. So please tell me more about yourself, I would like to know more about the place you are living in. Please tell me what do you like to do for fun? Telling really I would like to know almost everything about you, because I think that only knowing each other better we will be able to come closer. And please fell free to ask me anything you would like to know about me. I will finish my letter here and will be waiting for your answer.
Yours Tatyana.
Letter 5
Hello Jake.
I have no letter from you for some days, where are you and why you are not replying me? I hope I will have an answer from you soon, please do not make me worry about you.
Yours Tatyana.
Letter 6
Hello my dear friend Jake.
Thank you very much for the letter, I was very glad to get it. I am glad to go to the internet cafe today and to see the letter from you.
Thanks for your new photo. It is very pleasant to me to receive your photo. You very beautiful person! Tell "Hello" to your family from me.
I will be glad very much It will get acquainted in the future remarkably! Thanks you, that have told about scamming. I think, that we will understand each other. I want it! I do not want a deceit and lie. I wish to trust very much each other. I want to tell you about me and about my country. In our country very bad life. The Russian men beat women because they are stronger than women. In the Russian family you often can see husbands beating their wifes. When the husband comes home, and he has very bad mood he beat his wife. When his work is bad or his boss shout, husband came home and shout or beat his wife. I know how it sound for you, but this is true. And of course it happen not all time but, who know, may be if I will find someone here, it will be husband like this men that I describle. And I think that you understand that I didn't want life like this. I am never take offence at people. But if any person does badly, I despise him. I am not communicate with people, who malicious. When someone have malicious character it is very unpleasant to have conversation with him. I am despise people who deceive other people. I think that much more better bitter truth, than sweet lie. I hate very much, when someone deceive me. I very strongly trust people. And it is very easy to deceive me, cause I trust to all people. I will never speak with people who deceive and write a lie. But it is very difficult to find out deceives the person whether or not. My dear Jake sorry, I didn't told you before. I have a experience in dialogue with man from USA. I mean that I had conversation with man from USA. I loved him very much, but him deceived me. He has broken my heart. He has offered to arrive to him.
I found and borrowed many money and I made all documents that arrive to him. I bought tickets to him. He told me that he will meet me in the airport. When I came in the airport, he not meet me. I waited him 24 hours in the airport. I called him on his home telephone number from airport. I called on this phone number before. Then I learned that phone number that he has written me does not exist. Also I sent money to him, when he had problems and difficulties on work. I wanted help so much to him. This man played a game with me. Because he wrote me then a bit later, that he special did it. He told me that he has argued on me with friend. And he has won dispute and has received 500 dollars. Because he Hates Russian people. I don't know why!!! I lost my money, I loved him very much. My heart was be broken. I might not look at men a long time. Excuse me, but I do not want to remind it.
But I am not regret that this happened with me, because I think that all that is not done, all to the best. I had huge dream, but it was destroyed. It happened with me four years back. A long time I can't forget it. But time heal my heart. And now I search for serious relations. I am not suffer lie. I hope that you not deceive me. I didn't want to recollect the past. I want to create a happy future.
How are you today? I am fine and everything goes on nice for me here.
I would like to tell you about my work. As I wrote you I work as a hairdresser, I like to help people look better and my work helps me to be more independent. I can not tell that it gives me much money, but it is enough for living. Living in Russia is not very good and not very simple, I mean it is not good economics here and in some part of the country people lives good and in another parts not. I am not living very far from Moscow, but I do not get here. I think you are interested in knowing where I am writing you the letters from. I do it from the internet cafe, it is rather convenient for me, I just do not have computer at home. I learned the English language at school, but I am not so good writing in English and spoken English. I like the English language very much and would like to know this language better in the future. But I will try that you understood me. And I hope you can understand what I am writing to you, I understand you quite well.
Since I have started talking about the work please tell me something interesting about your working day, it will be very interesting for me to know something more about you. How was your day? How is the weather there? It will be interesting for me to know more about the place you are living in. I do not know what is wrong with the men here, all I can tell is that they drink much alcohol and can not treat the woman right. I do not have any special guy in life now. I had some relationships with men, but it was not long and serious. Later I had a man with who I was meeting for half of the year. At the start he gift me attention, I had all: flowers and sweets every day. I seemed to be the most happy woman in the world. But later when I knew him closer I understood that he is not so good man. He has deceived me, he has changed to me with my best girlfriend. But it was three years ago and actually I do not like to remember it. Excuse me, but I do not want to remind it. I write only you and hope that you too. We should to be maximum sincerity with each other if we want to find really serious relationship. I have never been abroad, so all I know about the other countries is from the books and from the TV. What is your favorite movie? My favorite films is "Titanic" and "Perfumer: The Story of a Murderer". As for the music I can listen to the classical and sometimes popular music and rock ballads, I like romantic music. And what about you? Can you tell me your favorite dish? I like the Russian dishes, do you know some? And I like the salads, I like also ice-cream and pizza sometimes. I will finish here, I will go to my mother, I promised to help her with the housekeeping, we live separately now, she lives in her own flat and I rent one. I hope to hear from you soon and I will answer you with pleasure.
Yours Tatyana.
Letter 7
Hello dear Jake.
I would like to tell you that I am very glad to get the letter from you. I would like to know about you as much as possible. I think we need to come closer, it is always very important to have the person who you can trust at all and tell everything, am I right? Please send a photo for me. I wish to see your photo very much. I want it! I understand, that write for me. I understand each word. I understand all! I wish to tell about travel. I wish to tell, that did not travel to other countries. I travelled to one country. I arrived in the airport. I waited! Only I did not see the country. It was one travel.
I do not consider for travel. I wish to travel with the favourite person. I think, that in the future I will do! I want it! You speak about webcams. I wish to tell, that I have no it! I have no! I write only letters for you. I wish to tell to you, that I have no a lot of time. Yesterday I was to my mother. I have told her that I get acquainted with you, Jake. I told her that I like to talk to you and she asked me to write you she is telling you hello. My mother is retired now and she is almost all the time at home and I try to see her rather often, I usually go to her in the weekends. You know my dream it's happiness, family and love are main for me. I'm romantic woman very much. But in same time I don't forget about reality. I like many things but I don't like some things too. I don't like false, not sincerity, especially from next one. I'm such girl, may be it's in my blood. I want to share my life with family, with loving man. I think about life serious and I understand that all my dreams can't come to me theirself and in this moment. It's difficult. But I want to make it. I would like know more and more about you. I would like know about your life, your desires and dreams. What do you think about love and family? I really interested you. About me I very kind, love to help the people, like to communicate. I like the pets, cats and dogs too, but I do not have much time for caring for the pets and because of it I do not have it. When I have free time I like to go to the cinema with the friends or just even walk in the park and sometimes I like to just stay at home and talk with the friends while we are drinking the tea. Also In free time I like to go for a walk on a coast of the river. I go in a swimming pool in free time. I often go on a beach in the summer. I like to swim very much. I like to read. I like to listen music, I like to go to the cinema. I like to dance. May be sometime we will dance together. It would be wonderful. My favorite place is park.
It is very beautiful place. I love to go for a walk on park. I like nature very much and by the way what do you like to do when you have the free time? May be you have better idea for the free time spending and I will use it if I will like it :) I am closing here for now. I will go now and will be waiting for your answer with impatience.
Truly yours Tatyana.
Letter 8
Hello dear Jake.
Thank you very much for the letter, you can not even imagine how much I am glad to get the letter from you. It is not so much time has gone while we are communicating, But I feel you are becoming more closer to me. And I am starting to wait for your letters. I understand, that write for me. I understand all! I wish to tell to you, that I have received yours email from agency in my city, they have told to me that you lonely as I. Only therefore I have decided to write to you. I hope you not against it. I saw your photos. I wish to receive more a photo from you. Therefore I ask more photo. You understand me? I am sad that I have no computer and phone at home and it is impossible to communicate with you any time I would like it to be. I like our communication goes on and I would like to know you as much close as possible. What do you like and do not like? I like people who can take care of me and help me in anything I need. I like clever, kind and honest people. I appreciate good relations and hate when someone is rude and anger. I like pets, cats or dogs. I do not like the lies and when someone is dishonest. I hate people who can hurt the close one and to do something bad. I do not like when someone tries to use me for something that I do not like to do. Well I should tell you that I like you very much, you are so kind and attentive with me. Do you have much friends and much people who you can completely trust? I have a lot of acquaintances, but I have only few true friends. But I can trust them at all and to share everything with them. And sadly I do not have next to me anyone who can be called my soulmate. I have never met anyone like you there before, the men here are mostly do not respect the women, they are rude and real love is not in their interests. I think the best man I have ever seen is my father, he was always gentile and really kind with my mother. But he passed away three years ago, it was awful and I could not believe in it. It was a car accident, my father was in the car with his friend, they were going to the river out of the city, he liked fishing. When they were going on the road in the car some bigger car going on the high speed hit them head to head, my father was died in the moment and his friend died in the hospital. When we was told about it, I am and my mother cried much. We were told that the driver of another car was drunk, he broken the leg and he was convicted, but it could not give us the father back. I am an only child and I helped my mother in all after it and I still helping her. It was a big shock and pain for her and for me. And I would like to find the man who will treat me like the father treated my mother and who will take care of me as much as he did. They had real love and strong family and I think that everyone dreams about having the same. I hope I will find the one with who I can have real good family building. May be it is you, dear Jake, I will stop here and will be waiting for your answer.
Truly yours Tatyana.
Letter 9
Hello Jake.
I have no letter from you for some days, where are you and why you are not replying me? I hope I will have an answer from you soon, please do not make me worry about you.
Yours Tatyana.
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