Scam Letter(s) from Shela Rae to Sren (Denmark)

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Letter 1

Hello soren ,how are you doing hoping you are doing great as i am here and i thank you very much for your lovely pictures you send me and to be honest with you .. you look so nice and handsome to me and i am very happy that i have find a good man like you in my life i will be looking forward to talk with you later today wish you had a great day
Cynthia and kiss

Letter 2

Hello my dear Love this is my ticket information and also i have attach a file which is the Declaration fee and i need to get this money on be before i can be on the plan by Tuesday and this money is not going to use by any one and if you open the file i hope you can read and understand hope to here from you soon my dear love and i can't wait to be in your arms love and kissss

Letter 3

hello my dear love i hope you will like this i love you so much

Letter 4

Hello Mr Soren here is the picture of my daughter and i feel she is going to die because the doctor is asking for some amount of money and if i don't get that money they will get one of her leg or she will die ... so this is what is going on and i want to you know hope to here from you soon



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