Scam letter(s) from Victoria Tam to Serge (France)

Letter 1
Hello, honey Serge! It is already a tradition for me to go to the translational office.
But frankly speaking, it is the best what is going on during my day. Sorry for being late this time - I was out of the city for Easter.... How was your day today, darling? It was busy day for me today as we had some people checking our shop today (the documents of the boss), and we had to answer so many questions to them, and we never knew what to say to our clients as the boss wasn't at office the whole day, so it was rather stressful. Hope everything will be fine as I do not like the situation.... I think a lot about our being together. There will be so much to talk, so much curiosity about each other when we will meet in person. About funny and sad stories that happened in our life. I am sure that we will find some way to solve language problem before we meet... I think we can be such a wonderful couple Serge. It will be great to tell our friends how we met and how we knew each other. And I really can imagine their looks and their eyes when they hear our story. Your letters mean a lot to me. I really like to correspond with you.
Our acquaintance mean a lot to me. I know that there is a long distance between us but really hope that we will keep on corresponding an each day get to know each other better. Well I hope to hear from you soon, with all my love and big kisses, your Ukrainian girlfriend (?) Viktoriya. P.S. Today's photos are taken by my friend who is assistant of professional photographer, so she has access to the professional camera. Hope, you will like the photos, but I wanted you to know that they are for your eyes only!
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