Scam Letter(s) from Maame Paker to Craig (Australia)

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Letter 1

Hey baby, attached some of the will document, so you have a fair idea of what it is all about. it is lunch break here, wish you were here to Chat. Happy New day at work: I know you are upbeat and confidant about the new job. So my advice, Don't lose your wallet. hahahaha

You know who,

Letter 2

ACC NO : 14360076571528

Yours faithfully,
Barr. Loi Tan.

Letter 3

Barr Loi Tan (senior Advocate)
Loi Tan & Associates
Barrister Loi Tan
Address:No.130A, Jalan Cerdas
Taman Connaught, 56000 Cheras
Wilayah Persekutuan

We have forged ahead and gotten the papers for the Court ratification for you acting in the capacity we discussed earlier this week.With your permission we will have to write a directive letter to the Coperate Finance and Securities Company in the US for the immediate release of the Funds to your desired transfer means available.

Yours faithfully,
Barr. Loi Tan.

Letter 4

Dear Craig,

We have received your memorandum and the necessary paperwork authorizing us to the immediate release of your fund which you are named the beneficiary by Ms. Renee Simmons the daughter of the deceased Matthew R. Simmons who made the original deposit to our Security Company.

Please note, the fund can only be released to the designated bank which thereof was provided by your attorney only when the total commission is paid dutifully as provided by the original agreement made with the depositor and together with his legal teams.

Upon paying the commission fee,that your Fund will be make instantly available due to the robust relationship we have had with your bank in the past.

Please contact your Attorney immediately about the full details on the Commission fee and any other inquiries you might want to make.

Yours faithfully,
Management of Coperate Finance and Securities
1876,Addicks Clodine Rd,Houston,TX,77083,USA.

Letter 5

Sorry I missed you tonight but 33minutes, still not sure if you are going to make it back here, highly unlike, I was sure to send this to your home address and not your work address since you have 'em mails crawling around here LOL. got your missive about fast-forwarding and it is a good idea baby and yes I am looking forward to us being together and yes we can sort this thing together, it would be better that way and I hate that I didn't get to chat with you tonight.

Told you the bank sucks, you can;t trust them I have dealt with them enough to know how they are. we are lucky we still have the means to get me there and I have checked the air flight details and nothing have changed hun. still the 2,500 for the allowance and 700 for the air ticket .problem is paid rent from what I have and I am short and this has come in a short notice. I'm going to need 3K and then I can come up easily with the rest from here. glad you finally want to use the western union people.

You will need details

name- susam maima

Just email me from work okay, I am sleeping in early today. love ya.

Letter 6

Okay babe receive your email and I am going ahead now. Not sure what didn't make sense to you? The name?- That would be my roomy's okay. remember I said I have my ID locked because of break-ins, one can't be too careful. thanks for believing in me darling and yes there is a path now and we just have to follow it and yes a bit anxious and excited like hell at the same time. We always had this beautiful thing coming.

Your love,

Letter 7


Policy No. : MASMY1000084069

Dear Miss Renee Simmons,

Thank you for choosing MHinsure for your travel insurance needs.

Attached, please find your Certificate of Insurance in a 'pdf' file. The Certificate of Insurance provides your certificate number, and the specific details of the MHinsure travel insurance product that you have purchased. We recommend that you keep this document with you during your travels.

Please be sure to also read the attached Policy Wording for complete details of 'What is Covered' and 'What is not Covered' by your travel insurance.

If you have any queries regarding your Travel Insurance product, please contact our Sales department at +(60) 3 6207 4114 and our staff will be happy to assist you.

Once again, thank you for choosing MHinsure. We hope you have a safe and enjoyable trip.

MHinsure Sales
Phone: +60 3 6207 4114

Letter 8

I did what you asked me baby, play with myself. I didn't get home until about few minutes to midnight, intentionally did spend time with the neighbor's because I was so worried even when I had to put on a brave face yesterday. Anyway, I read that email where you told the family about us and it was a great and a brave thing to do. I didn't get to touch myself after we met met, wanted to hold on and yes sacrifice for us-make it beautiful. Had no difficulty in getting my cunt wet hun, I just had to imagine you doing all the wet work for me, put my finger into my already hard swollen clits, no surprise there it was hard swollen and red! I teased it,with me imagined you doing the teasing hun and I got more oil in my cunt hun, I move in deeper with my fingers and I had to explore for my G-spot, oh yeah hun. My whole body shook and vibrated when I touched it hun, at first it was small and slightly inflamed and then I began teasing it and it became larger and swells like a blown balloon by this time it was rock hard so I had to problem treating it more roughly and my body shook again and again. oh gawd,I was half-spent hun, tasted me and it I am going to say there was a bit of lime flavor on that-no surprise there because I took 'mojito' earlier. There it goes babe.

Okay let me know you read this and then we talk about the Credit Card/.

Letter 9

I told you not to trust the bank remember? they are no good babe, so they had to take forever just to tell us 'No'- I trust you darling and I know you are not trying to stand-us up, I have never trusted the bank anyway. I have talked to my Attorney and he said he's going to help not just sure how far he can go in helping us all the way. I mean financially, so in any case I am only waiting for him to get back to me. See if he can help hun, I will only have to extend my ticket to a day or two there. We are going to make the easter no doubt. Just remember me to diss on your credit card bank when I come over. What does it mean you were slow in your repayments? I always thought you had a good standing with the bank, hope you are not in debt or anything, you can tell me everything hun. So let me know what happens. MY attorney would be my last hope here, dont want to involve the family yet. we have earned our independence and we must learn to do things on our own. I have always done that until you came around babe, together we can do this for the best in life.



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