Letter(s) from Yana to Victor (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my beautiful Victor!!!
How are you? I hope all well with you. E-mail from you always HAPPY for me!
When I read your letter to me, even have tears of pleasure! When I began to correspond with you, I really could not know that our relationship will be so close and I like it.
Now I do not want our relations to disappear, I want to continue, I want to always lift your mood)!
And I hope you will want it!
From your e-mail I can see that you are someone I can trust and with whom I can talk openly.
I think that in my life so much better when you can share the moment with anyone else.
Sometimes just to hold the hand of the person you love can make all the worldly troubles disappear.
Do you agree with me? I hope you understand my thoughts)
Tell me how is your weather now? I hope in your house is not cold and warm blanket warms you at night).
Yesterday I was doing some works around the house - glued cracks in window frames with paper to make it warmer.
I've always loved the warmth and comfort of home.
I want to say that I talked about you to my friend. She is happy for me that I have a friend like you.
I feel that in your words is hidden a very different culture and it attracts me very much, I'm drawn to you like a magnet).
Of course a great pleasure and happiness for me - the opportunity to learn everything between us.
I really want in the future, to feel close to a beloved man who is strong in the relationship,
which will please me always by his compliments and concerns, and of course for such a mean I will do everything so that he is happy.
For such a man, I will always do comfort and warmth in the house, so that he comes home and has a good mood and always a good relax next to the woman he loves.
Do you like my thoughts)?
Yes, of course I agree that a woman should keep farming at home in her hands, but I also wanted in the future to have a business then perhaps a beautiful little shop - a stylish women's clothing. What do you think?
My dear Victor, I have to stop to write this letter to you, but I will wait for your next email.
With my great desire to love you need to know how I feel so happy myself, when I read your letters my honey Victor.
Well, I gotta go, my dear, I'll miss you, I love you and I want to be with you forever think of you Victor!

Letter 2

My Victor!!!
The first thing that I want to do is find out how your mood and how you feel?
I have the courage to guess that you have a good mood, because you read my letter.
You are now at the heart of a sense of serenity and bliss? I now have such feelings, because I see your letter.
And I know what you think of me and that you all OK!
Every day I am increasingly thinking of you! I think of us, then I gently kiss you, make strong open arms!
Sure you will like it!
It's a pity that only our letters connect us. I really want to see you in reality. I want it very much!
I hope everything will be like this...
Now I want to tell you that I learned everything completely on a trip to your country.
My friend, her name is Valentina helps to arrange it faster, better and cheaper for me.
I can collect all the necessary inquiries with the work, hospitals, and do everything possible to obtain a visa.
If I do then I'll have to go to Ekaterinburg in embassy of your country to be interviewed.
It's not so easy as we'd like, but Valentina said that she will help me with this. For this trip I will need a lot of money.
And I want to ask your help. Say can you help me now, Euro 350?
If now you can help me, I'll tell my boss that will soon be leaving and will address the question of our meeting.
I hope you understand that I want your care, and I need your help because I do not earn a lot in Russia.
But some costs I will also do myself with the help of my mother.
I want to say that my mother, relatives and my best friends are very happy! I've already talked a lot about you to all.
They ask about you, about your feelings toward me. And I say that you're a good man, who also showed me his feelings.
And I'm confident in your words! It will be my great pleasure and happiness - an opportunity to know you in reality!
See you, talk to you and understand your lifestyle!
And of course to show you all my love! Be sure that you will never regret our acquaintance, because I will do your days bright and happy)))!
I want to be with you my Victor! Want to belong only to you. And that desire grows stronger every day. And the passion gets more.
I am sure that you always give me only tenderness and life filled with happiness and love!
For me you are now the closest and the only man. I want to feel your kindness, passion and warmth.
I really want to see you, be with you and feel your breath to be able to cling to your body and hear the beating of your heart.
I now all this is very necessary.
I keep dreaming about our future. And I really want to implement in reality my dream, ok?
My dream is to have supper with you in a romantic setting, where there will be candles and the mood of eternal love.
I want to make all the cooking for this meal. I want nobody disturb us. We can do it? I think so)).
Today we have a calm weather. When I walked down the street, I thought that would be fine now to walk together.
Hugging each other and nothing to think about. Enjoy only the fact that we are together.
I hope these my wishes will soon be a reality for us!
I'll wait for your answer.
Kiss you
Your Yana