Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Yamaeva to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1

Thanks a lot for your letter. I'm so happy to hear from you again. I thought about you all morning today. I have the dream about you last night. ……I want to ask you, would you like to meet me in real life? I have to say you one thing. Honey, I'm very serious about you and I'm not looking for empty correspondence. I want to know you better and after I want to meet you in real life. I have purpose in my life; I want to find the person with whom I would like to spend all life. I really would like to know you better and I hope to see you in a real life soon. What do you think of this? Would you like to meet me? I see our meeting so distinctly…. You became so closest person for me. I do not know how you feel about all this, may be you will be surprised … But I'm honesty with you and I just want to know what you feel …All words that I have wrote you are fro, my soul and heart. I hope that you will understand me right and I think that you know, that it was not easy for me to open these feelings to you. We are so far from each other, and this situation hurt me. I miss you more and more. My parents are so glade that we find each other and they asked me so many questions about you! I kiss you tenderly. Take care and have a good day, sincerely yours
Letter 2

I am very glad to receive the letter from you. How you are? I hope that all is ok. I'm missing you so much …. You know, today I have news for you. I was in the travel agency, and they have told me, that I have good opportunity to get the visa for visit you. They have checked up my documents and have told, that for me probably the process of getting the visa would take 1-2 weeks, because my documents are very clean. I'll have vacation time from 27 august till 27 november and I would like to meet you at this time because I want to spend with you my vacation time. I really hope, that I have an opportunity to see you soon! I hope, that my dream will come true, and I can spend with you a lot of time together, and I am very glad that you want to meet me too!!!!!! I love you and I want to be with you!! You mean so much for me, and I do not want to lose you, and I will try to make everything for being together. Probably, you have already noticed, that my letter today little sad … The reason of this is that in the travel agency people told me, that the trip to you is very costly. My parents promised to help me, but they have only 230 dollars, and it is not enough for my trip. In the agency have told, that I will need 430 American dollars for the visa, 200 American dollars for the passport, insurances and other accompanying documents and 1430 for the tickets. As you see, I have no enough money, I did not expect, that travel is such expensive. I want to meet you so much, but I cn't ask you about anything or any help. I want to visit you, but it will be possible, only if you will help me. But I can't ask you about help because I understand, that this is very big money. Forgive me that I have no this money. Forgive, that I am too poor for meeting with you. If it was in my powers or opportunities I would pay for my travel, and I don't want to do our relationship dependent from money. Please, promise me that ours relationship will never depend from money!!! Forgive me that I have no any possible to get this money. I can't borrow that money and unfortunately I don't earn so big money at work. If you want to help me I will take your help and I will come to you immediately, just please, let me to know is this possible??? Would be possible our meeting? Please, tell me my honey… I will be waiting for your answer and still hope that we will have an opportunity to meet each other. I kiss you gently, missing your so much, yours Anastasiya.
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