Scam letter(s) from Rejoyce Dzodzodzi to Tim (USA)

Letter 1
I am Esther 33years of age ,single looking without no children, 5-7 ft tall, 133 lbs., black hair and chocolate color....Im born and raised in Ghana....
I am an honest and good christian who loves being surrounded by family, friends and holidays. I am ready for a serious relationship and I really look forward to starting that with the right person. I am an honest,loyal, passionate, generous, giving, affectionate, ******, supportive, sensitive, and a good listener who is easy to get along with. I am outgoing and very spontaneous.
I am someone who is comfortable in a pair of jeans, drinking a **** as in a black silk dress, sipping a glass of wine. I like the outdoors as I like to just stay at home. Hang around the house getting my hands ***** in the yard. Love to entertain..
Everybody makes mistakes and no one is 100% perfect... I usually give people the benefit of the doubt, but if the same pattern keeps emerging, it's over.
I do not want to meet someone who may think of taking advantage of me or lie to me and cheat on me under false pretenses,i do never lie,deceive,play games or cheat in my life and never wants to be cheated,deceive,lie or been played games with in my life.
I am sorry if this sounds harsh, and I'm not accusing anybody of any wrong doing, but I'm being upfront and honest about that, so you know where I stand from the beginning.
In relationship i do believe there should be trustee,believe and understand because this are all the most important thing relationship have to go with and without all this between the two couples i don't think the relationship will work and last forever which i do always pray to Almighty God to have such a person who have all this in his heart in my life....
With all due respect as well, I hope that you are upfront and honest with me, as well. I realize that I am 33years old and that you are somewhere Older than me, if you would still like to correspond, that's fine...we'll see how things go after we get to know each other by Almighty God's name...
Well, I hope that this lets you know a little about me, and I hope I don't come across as being too cynical, harsh, or mean sounding to you?
I will give anybody the benefit of the doubt (we're all human beings with the same red blood in out bodies, we all make mistakes in life and i want to learn more about life in a relationship more and more),I'm just asking you to keep it real and be honest from the beginning; that way, nobody is wasting his Or her time or getting his or her feelings hurt. And also I want You to get back to me with your picture besides did u have an access to yahoo messenger so that we can meet over there and have some chat there Thanks alot Esther
Letter 2
well first of all let me start by introducing myself by telling you a little bit about me and the kind of man that i would like to meet and live with for the rest of my life.I am Rejoice 33years of age ,single looking without no children, 5-7 ft tall, 133 lbs., black hair and white in complexion ....Im born and raised in Ghana,i live alone and work in my Uncle's Company here in Ghana he has a Company here called Gem Africa in which the deal with Paints and salt, my fevourite pit are cats,
Letter 3
hello My dear Randy
Hope you are doing fine besides that i got your mail and i really do not understand what you are talking About and I want you to know very well that i am whom i said i am and am not here to lie to you in anyway never in my life as i am always honest with you and please i am not an **** star what do u mean by all that i am not that kind woman at all i am always honest and i didn't lie to you or anything at all i am always honest and faithful i am God fearing Woman if you said you saw a picture that look familiar then please do send it and let me see because i am not on net to hurt any honest or carering man at all never in my life am always honest please i want you to know very well that am not here to lie to you in anyway never in my life i promise never to lie to you or even hurt you in anyway you call me names which really hurt my heart alot you said i am an **** star which is not true i am true woman that who wanted to spend the rest of my life with you and if its because of the money that you wanted to send and you were afraid to send it then forget about it so that we can talk and maken everything clear to you that i am whom i said i am and not here to lie to you never in my life besides that if i have something bad on my mind or to scam your money away from you Then God should Punish me for that because i mean No HARM to you i have nothing to play games with you never in my life I am whom i said i am please You have Insult me and accuse me of what i didn't know anything about and i wanted you to know very sure that i am not going to hurt you or ever lie to you i have nothing to hide from you i am not a **** star never in my life will be that kind woman i know how you feel about me looking familiar with someone you can check on that very well i am whom i said i am and not here to lie to you i am loose of words now because i don't know what more to said for you to understand me i am not willing to lie to you but you think am lying to you to, i am always here if you wanted to talk to me fine you can come online so that we have a chat and clear this out i am not here because of your money just come online so that we can clear this out and understand each others hope you understand what i am telling you , you are broking my heart if you are calling me names that i am a **** star which is very wrong i do really care for you and not here because of any of your property never in my life i want you to get online right now so that we can talk.take care Rejoice
Letter 4

I didnt send you a picture of **** star that picture is mine you need to understand me about that,.i am online can you get online now
Letter 5
Ok good i understand that then i want you to help me get a new computer so that i can fix this web cam on it get back to me But if you Know You cant help me do it and prove myself to you then i think we need to end it here right now because i mean no harm to you But you are thinking am only here to take advantage of you,So if you Know you can help me get new computer then let me know so that we can talk about it and i will show myself on webcam for you But if you cant to you can let me know and let see what we can do.
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