Letter(s) from Nadezhda to Trond (Norway)

Letter 1

Hello,Trond !
I am very glad to know you..
may be Internet is not very usual place of finding of life partner,but I hope to do this, there are many good examples anyway:)there are many couples,who met on line...
I decided to try the internet to see ,if I can meet right man here.
I have never been married or had children. I am single, but I dream to share my life with right person..
I am a very honest, sincere, kind, and tenderhearted woman, I will graduate university in June..
as to my hobbies,I like to read,sing karaoke, to have long walks,to do fitness, I am fun loving girl,and I also like to have relaxing moments with my soul mate..
I dream to travel in the future,
to see new places,to meet new people..
I hope,you will find my letter interesting and will write me about yourself..

Letter 2

hello Trond!!
How are You? I hope that you're fine and happy.
you know,I can tell from your letter,that you are perfect man for me...
too bad,I could not open pictures:((((
I'm very exited about communication with you, I'm a serious girl, I know,what I want from the life.
I know,that its not so easy to develope relations after meeting in internet,but I'm not affraid of the future, I hope, you too...
I am looking for a husband, loyal, intelligent, open, honest, and romantic. I will be beside him in good or bad times, in any situation, I will be always honest and sincere with him.
I am faithful and loyal,and I want the same from my partner..
we are from different countries,we have different cultures, I want to learn your culture, language and traditions.
I am adaptive girl,and I think,I can be assimilated very quickly in new life....
we still have day off here!
but its usual day tomorrow,so I go to university and everybody comes back to normal routine..
my Easter celebration was very nice:)we got up late enough:))
and had nice breakfast all together with my parents,and had "egg fighting" :))
its such tradition here-to eat painted eggs(after cleaning of course:)) and special Easter cakes for easter breakfast, and also funny tradition to fight by eggs...
whose egg stay whole,is winner:)
so my mom was winner this year:)she was very glad:)
so start of the day was very merry:))
I met with my friends in the afternoon, weather was pleasant,so we had nice walk,went to cafe to drink some coffee..
and it is very relaxing day today:)))
I hope,you had nice Easter as well,darling..
hope to hear from you soon..
my best wishes and warm kisses to you

Letter 3

Dear Trond!
its pleasure to talk to you:))
too bad,I cant download this programm, I use computer in internet cafe,unfortunately I dont have my own computer,.,, but thank you for very nice pictures...
I study tourism and hotel management, I hope to find nice job,to work with pleasure and may be to make good carrier(together with my family life of course:)))
Its nice when people work with pleasure and then have time off with pleasure too:)
as to my future job,I will be able to work in the hotel,restaurants(we study restaurant management also)
or in travel agency,but life will show:)
anyway I learn computers,english and spanish languages,pedagogics,psychology, informatics,geography,so I am sure, I will find area,where I can use my knowledges...
you are very nice man,
I am very happy to meet you..
kiss you

Letter 4

Dear Trond!
thank you for many wonderful interesting pictures, too bad,I dont have so many pictures...
it can be problem with chat, they dont have cameras,and I usually come there,just when I have time, type my letter quickly,and dont sit there long time,I am sorry but when you are ready,you can call me,just for short time..
of course,it would be great to work in Norway, time goes so quickly,and soon we will have to think about this...
I see ,you have enough free time..
do you like to watch TV/ to go to the cinema?
have you ever seen russian(Ukrainian) films?
I like to watch films,in cinema or TV..I like different kind of films,comedies, Romantic films,and even scary films too!
I like fantasies,like Avatar,Ring of the ring...
Its so nice to sit together with your soul mate on the couch, to laugh together watching funny story(like films with Woopi Goldberg or Eddi Merphy)
and to hug each other, watching stories about love..
and of course horror films always make me scared,and I hope that some day we will watch some day with you together,and I will feel your warm hug,and i will be OK then:))
wish you nice day today,darling
warm kisses

Letter 5

hello, trond!
thank you for your letter and pictures,
Its was very interesting to look at Youtube too:)))
how are you today?
I am fine,the weather is wonderful and we have 4 days off in front of us!!!
we celebrate the 1st and 2 nd of May here, Labour day,and Tuesday is day off too,I dont know why:)))
but I am not complaining:) its nice to have possibility to relax at home...
many people walk outside in teh evenings now, and there are many happy couples,who hold their hands,talk and laugh...
I am happy for them,but I also want such relations, I want to to walk with you,looking at you, talking about something,or just keeping silence...
its really good idea to call me.My telephone number is 380668631972
I hope we like our voices.I hope, it will be very comfortable to speak with you about everything!
I am very excited about our talking.
one telephone call can give us more imagination about each other than many many letters, and I am looking forward to our"live" communication:)
kisss you and think of you...