Scam letter(s) from Olga Sycheva to Nick (England)

Letter 1

Hi my frend
I am glad to answer your new letter again.
In this letter I want to tell to you more in detail about the family.
My daddy was born in in city under the name Kirov. This city is as not so far from mine. In the age of 20 years has moved with the family to live in our city.
Here ithas got acquainted with my mum. They together studied in one technical school. There they also have got acquainted and already later they have decided to get married. And then my grown-up sister and then then already and I has appeared.
I as well as each person very much love the parents and I am proud of them as they gave me an initial push in life.
Unfortunately daddy already is not present mine in this world. It has died 5 years back. He had problems with heart. I never shall forget itand it for ever remain in my heart. Now I live together with mum. I already spoke that my senior sister already has family. She frequently comes to us. It has son it it is necessary me the nephew.
Unfortunately she does not live with the husband. Inga(so call my sister) has divorced from it as it frequently did not come home and saws.
It became possible it is one of the reasons why I want to find love in the west.
It seems to me that the western men not such as here.
They concern to women more tenderly. Here at us in Russia frequently it happens that the husband beats the wife.
It seems to me not human. It is ridiculous and unfair.
I hope that you as to me you will tell about the family.
All become seems to me that with each letter we closer to each other.
It is proved by that that we learn more about each other.
As we may learn something new and about ourselves.
The answer to this question will give us only time.
I have in a kind that that, whether there can be at us something and whether is valid we like each other.
On it I want to finish the letter.
I hope that you will understand all that I have written to you.
As I shall be glad to answer your questions.
Letter 2

Hi Nick
The my dear friend in this letter I shall answer your questions - me 25 years, I work as the teacher of Russian history at school, I live in the city of Cheboksary that is capital of republic Chuvashia, it is the most non-polluting city in Europe, there it is a lot of greens and monuments of culture, my city is on coast of the river Volga, she too is the biggest river in Europe, I even know that formally Malta belonged to Russia at the end of 18 centuries, Russian emperor Pavel 1 was the master of the Maltese award. I on a nationality Russian, but there where I live the majority make radical nationalities are Chuvashs, tatars, mary, everyone profess different religions, there are even pagans who worship a wood, water, the sun, but all of us live peacefully, and between us there are no conflicts. Malta likely very beautiful island with a rich history, probably it is very interesting to live there.
Letter 3

I have not badly spent these weekend , have received good sunburn, now my leather has, interesting bronze outflow, at me good weather, as at you. In such excellent weather energy is pulled out from me to me all time it would be desirable to do something, at me fine mood, I in the seventh sky with happiness. You did not want to divide this happiness with me. Something weighs you my dear, tell to me and I was possible to you I shall help. You love romanticism? I like to leave sometimes in the evening on coast of the river that proceeds not far from my house and to carry out the sun, it so is fine before a decline, this show bewitches me, I very strongly love the nature, fresh air, open space that can be finer.
I never was abroad, and to travel only across Russia though it is a little bit dangerous for this reason I would not advise you to travel across Russia, it kriminal the country and about here for the present is not present, foreigners can feel like in safety only about large cities, in provinces of them very much do not like and can deceive, or even to ****, for example that will see in your purse of money.
I very much like sweet, though and it is necessary to limit myself to not spoil a figure, still I love vegetables, a fish, fruit, my most favourite dish refers to Chak-chak - I to speak you as it prepares, if you will have desire can try to prepare for it: we take a barmy dough and we unroll it, then to cut it on squares in the size of 0,5 centimeters on 0,5 centimeters, then we put them in boiling oil and so we cook them when they will be welded begin golden color, we pull out them from oil and we spread mountain on a plate, and we water with hot honey when all will cool down it is possible to eat, it is very tasty.
I use the translator because not so well I know English language though sometimes I write some phrases and words in English. By the way, in your letters instead of Russian letters to me there come signs on a question, and with English letters everything is all right.
Success to you Nick, I shall wait for your letter.
Letter 4

Hello dear Nick
You as the angel - keeper help me difficult minutes, I having received your money as you and spoke I have bought to mum flowers and fruit, because sweet it was impossible for her so to speak the doctor, she is very grateful to you for attention and sympathy which you to render to her. Doctors have diagnosed my mum at last, they for a long time could not understand than she is sick and only when have lead full inspection and at her have found a cancer of a ******, and very much started, to her all time because doctors not knowing was bad than she is sick any medicines were afraid to give to her, to not establish yet the final diagnosis. I to buy anesthetizing medicines and a dressing on the staying money, tomorrow to my mum will perform operation on removal of a ****** and will remove a malicious tumour, but doctors speak, that it hardly will help for a long time, too she to be started, she needed to live as us 2-3 years much more have told not, any expensive irradiation of cells that stops growth of a tumour can rescue her only and this operation very expensive allows people to live rather for a long time, but, I to not see at all such money never in the life, near 5000 $, we with the sister for a long time thought as to get this money, she offers to exchange our apartment in Kirov (we have there 2 room apartment where now live mum, the sister and her child) and not getting sum to borrow at familiar, I offer to try to take the loan in bank on the security of an apartment, both variants are not absolutely successful also we thus can lose an apartment, but we with the sister very much love our mother and are ready to go on all deprivations for the sake of her, Because all life she to help us, and we cannot stand and look as she will die. Nick you can give us advice as it is better to us to act, I I am simple do not know to whom still I can address for advice, on this question, you saw much in a life and can competently estimate conditions and advise to act better as us. I want to tell still to you, that I should go to work for one work, the dancer of a striptease in a night club, this work is opposite to me, when to me her have suggested to send for the first time I that person to ****, but now I shall be visible is compelled to accept his offer because not bad money near 300 $ in a month there pay, I know that you can throw me having read these lines and will not wish to communicate with such woman, but I love you and love mum, hope you will understand me and will not do fast conclusions. I thought about of all it much and to not know, how to me to find an exit from a developed situation, I do not want to lose you, but I and cannot admit death of mum. What to me to do? How to me to be? Tell to me please.
With hope and belief Olga
Letter 5

Hello dear Nick.
I to wait from you the letter. I really to want to see you. I today to try to look that site, that you to speak, but my computer could not find a server of this site. To my mum it is still bad, though now its condition is a little bit better, than to be last week. I every day to call in the native city and to learn from the sister a condition of mum. I did not want to speak you, but I think, I should be frank with you and speak all that at me occurs, today I to go to a pawnshop and to **** all gold products, the TV, CD the tape recorder and all furniture, that I to have, the medicine in my country demands now the big expenses, it is necessary to buy the medicines anesthetizing means, food stuffs because feed in hospitals so, that the normal person hardly begins to eat with it. I while to get a job to touch vegetables in a warehouse a mode there free meaning that I can leave or not come to work if I shall want, for work 50 cents at one o'clock and when I shall want there pay can freely go to mum, and at night work in a night club. Nick I do not want to offend you, but you I think will understand me if I shall suggest you to postpone your trip for a month because while I am compelled to work as the whole days and nights, and I cannot simply pay to you attention, I know you want to be with me beside during this difficult time for me and to render me spiritual support. We should meet, when all is a little normalized, I think two months will suffice, that I could sigh little bit more easy. I shall write to you letters all this time, I shall call to you when I can. I think us it is possible to name the virtual friend and the girlfriend, but I am glad that in other country there is a person to whom I am not indifferent also which is not indifferent to me, let we is far, but feelings are capable to overcome huge distances. I believe, that eventually not looking on all obstacles, we can be together and learn new about each other. I for a long time to count you the person close to me and to trust you. Speak me Nick, something pleasant, in fact reading I forget your letters though not on for a long time about the problems.
With huge feeling Olga
Letter 6

Hello Nick
Dear Nick I in despair and a shock, me yesterday have expelled with a shame from a night club because in time dance any cattle has seized me by a hip and my nerves have not sustained also I to kick with his leg to face, so all this was disgusting to do me, I to overestimate the forces and to think, that I can make all this, but in practice all appeared at all so. As I shall pay off now with duties which we with the sister to search on operation to mum. I in depression, today I to cry all the night long and all the day long, and only towards evening I have found in myself forces to descend and write to you the letter. Forgive, that I to speak you all this, but it is necessary for me to be uttered, and you for me now the closest person to whom I can trust. Tears to not help business to understand I it, but I should search for other way to search money, perhaps to plunder bank, but it is a fantasy, I already to start to dream to win money in lottery, but it too a fantasy. I to suffer and to ill from it, I have nothing to expect only as for a miracle. Thanks you for the information about the visa now I cannot adequately estimate her, but later I it necessary read her. Only your support gives to me of force to live and struggle with problems, I shall try to search for other variants of getting of money, but is not sure, that something will turn out, but I shall hope, in fact the hope dies last, whether not so. How you? How your affairs? Behind the problems I have overlooked to take an interest in your affairs, in fact you too can have any problems, but you as well as all men in this plan to hide and to not upset me will not tell to me about it, I was possible to be mistaken. I dream of a meeting with you, it is my dreamboat but while I cannot help mum, at me it will turn out to leave Russia, I to not stop native during this hard time, it will be treachery for my part after that I cannot look them in the face.
You are necessary for me Nick
With love Olga P.S. Olga+Nick=LOVE
Letter 7

Hello Nick.
I am glad to receive your answer. First I want to tell to you that you not so have understood me about that that I do not want that you arrived to me in October. On the contrary I shall be very happy if we can be with you together in October. You have written to me that probably can arrive to me and give 5000 $, to help my mum, but I want to offer you other variant. When I was in Kirov at mum I spoke with the doctor, he has told that after operation she will need a minimum two weeks completely to recover. You have written to me that would like to arrive together with me to Kirov and to give money to my mum on operation, but also I have understood that you will be in Russia only one week and for this reason I want to tell if you could borrow money in bank please try to believe me and to send me, that sum which is necessary for operation of my mum that then you could arrive to Russia and could get acquainted with my mum and ask from her the sanction about that you could become my husband. I want that my mum could know you. In October I would meet you in Moscow, then we would go with you to Kirov and then it is possible if we shall really want to remain together for ever we together with you shall go to Cheboksary that I could all things and then we again would arrive to Moscow and would go to embassy to ask about that to me could give the visa of the bride. This way we can save with you ours with you time. If you something could not understand that ask me once again and I shall try to explain to you once again. I also understand you, that you do not trust me to send such big sum, but for God's sake help to me to rescue my mum. Also today I again called to Kirov to learn a condition of mum. I spoke with the doctor, he has told that the condition of my mum gradually worsens and now each minute is important. Please try to trust me as I do not know in what way I can convince you, that I do not lie to you. If you do not trust me then I want to send you a copy of the passport if I really deceive you then you can address in police and me can catch, though it not so. I shall be really very happy if all will be as I have written to you in this letter. On it I want to finish the letter. I hope that soon I shall receive the answer from you Nick.
With love Olga
Letter 8

Hello my dear Nick.
I am very glad to receive your new letter. I hope that today you went to bank and to you could give the credit that you could help me and arrive to Russia. I had nobody to address that me have photographed and consequently I have made this picture, I hope that it is pleasant to you. I hope that now it proves mine intention and that I do not lie to you. I very much want to rescue mum. You have written to me that if you even can help me my psychological condition will be bad, but I want to tell that now my psychological condition even worse and if my mum can live further then I shall be happy and believe me my psychological condition very much to improve. Now I cannot sleep at the nights as I that think of my mum I think of you my dear Nick. I do not know as for a long time to be prolonged this nightmare and if you can help me I ask you for God's sake help to me to rescue my mum. On it I want to finish the letter. I hope that soon I shall receive your answer.
With love your Olga!!!!!!!!
Letter 9

Good afternoon Nick, I long to think, write to me to you whether or not, but I all the same have decided, that you should know about happened because you to have with Olga love feelings, she to love you and you to love her I to know it because I her girlfriend and she many to speak me about your attitudes and about you. On August, 18 the mistress of an apartment where lives Olga to come behind money of rent and to find Olga on kitchen on a floor, she has poisoned with an acetic acid, thus she wanted to **** herself, the mistress to cause doctors and they to bring Olga in hospital, still there is some time and her could not rescue, she now in hospital Without consciousness the third day and doctors made all possible for her life. She very much to experience what to occur to her mum and that how to develop attitudes with you, all this is hard for speaking me, she to blame what to not trust you and to spoil relations with you because of money and what cannot help mum, all this is visible badly was reflected in her inwardness, therefore she to want to commit suicide. I to think if to you her destiny you should know about it is not indifferent, perhaps you will abuse me that I to speak you about it and to you anything is better for not knowing. I to know codes of her letter box because I to send her letters when her was not, I to think that you will more seriously consider my words if I to write to you from her box, I am very much upset and suppressed, therefore I am sorry if something to speak not so.
Good bye
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