Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Kosuruba to Serge (Netherlands)

Letter 1
Hello! I will not hide it from you, I am a woman of huge life experience, I was married, I saw the beauty of the million-citizen life city, I was dressed up in all fashion and attended Operas and Theatres but then something changed in the inner me and I realized that life is not what you do for beauty or high-class but what you do with your hands, and it is always the most important to feel you are needed and respected for the inner world of yours. I left all advantages in life at once...
and moved to a nice city by the sea, my motherland, cosy little Melitopol. Here I opened a flower-shop for the rest of finances what my ex gave me after the divorce. Life started being harder for me, sometimes I did not have anyone even to talk to, but I always knew I was on the right way, and I still feel I am on that! Perhaps, it sounds crazy I abandoned glamorous life, but maybe the happiness is namely on what people call simplicity?! I hope it sounds close to you too, and we may share this opinion forth! Always smiling and never to give up.
Letter 2
Serge, I hope it is your real name, nice to see your reply, to say I waited for that is nothing to say. I was afraid you could be a kind of worried and ask yourself, which you actually did, "What does she need in me?" when my reply for that is really simple. I am looking for a man who can feel me, and who wants to grow in feelings with me, simultaneously, gradually, step by step obtaining the depth of perception of ours. I belive you can be the one. Especially now when I am know you are here to respect honesty and openness as myself! What grows without saying is that you want to know more about my life.
No less that it is a nicest secret about yours I would do my best to solve. Until present I hardly know anything about you, Serge, so, please, introduce yourself better! As for me, I consider myself to be a strong personality, I am 32 and I am sure it is the right age for me to feel so, I was married for fifteen years and lived in a big city, since 17 when I was ambitious and married a successful businessman who was loyal, kind and respectful for me for all the years of our life together. I wanted to break it up because I felt we never had any inner union together. He behaved like a gentleman, but always was too busy for our emotions and time together. When I felt I could not stand it anymore I broke it up, I left him and he left me... without any scandals or quarrels, he wished me the best of luck for the life, the same did I. I came back to my motherland, my classmates were sneering at me as if I returned back home with a loss, they hardly can imagine it was my decision and my little victory :) Anyway, everyone lives the way he wants, right? Well, my family always had a little flower shop in Melitopol, Ukraine, and for the last half a year I run it myself.
My parents are the best people in the world, caring and loving, they supported my decision seventeen years ago to get married and once I came back my willingness to be here and myself. I am working hard as a florist, making bunches and flower beds, I like my job, and it is a little touch of creativity for me, something I do with my hands, and I love it when people are happy with my little creations. It is what I lacked for long years actually. Now I am absolutely alone in my life, no friends, no children... but I want to start a fresh new life and find all of the happiness in it! That is why, Serge, I am not scared of giving it up all here to start all new in any other country in the world. It is funny, but living a prosperous life I never cared for getting any education, all I was interested in was my make-up and fashion, silly me :) I even never studied English, so the one you read in this letter is the one I am helped with, by a professional fairly to admit form the club of Internet and translations. Now I feel it is more important the way people treat you than the way they look like... It is what I was interested in you, it is not that I say you are not attractive, in fact you are :) nevertheless I am here to find out about your soul, your likes, your way of living, yourself in general! Before you get bored I end this letter, hoping to receive yours soon.
Hugs! Tatiyana
Letter 3
Serge, I am pleased you took a chance to write me a new letter, well, thank you for the confession, I actually am sad to know that you grew apart from your wife, it happens, and it is what I have passed myself. Instead of teaching you morality, which would be unreasonable of course, I need to state you the most important, Henk, I do like you, and I wish we have it a try together, why not actually? Well, I know I need to learn English, I will do that as soon as I can, maybe our communication will motivate me for that even stronger! Thank you for sending a photo, and explaining the key points of the game you are fond of. Well, I do like my profession, but I guess, Henk, all I told you about myself last time was nice for you to know, but afterwards I felt like I told you the idyl picture of a woman who has nothing but smiles and silly ideas of leaving all for raising all. In fact, I am the one who suffers much, I lack friends to share my happiness and troubles with, I lack my parents' support because they are very old now, I lack anyone with a warm passionate heart next to me... It might even sound for you last time like I am an independent personality, the reality is such even running a flower shop myself I felt the burden of because in modern business world in Ukraine women have no place at all... my shop was robbed a couple of times, ruined and demolished. When I started working in many clients preferred choosing my bunches and for sure the former shops that were more popular reduced in profits. Then all the ideas started. Anyway, Henk, I am strong enough to fight it all, but it will be far more better if there was my loved one. Having changed myself I did think much on the one I need in my life now, and I realized he would be the one I would love to walk next to all the time, not from behind, not from ahead, but holding hands and stepping our feet, leading the one way for the future. I feel, Henk, sound like the one I wish to make these ideas come true, even though you do not want to change your life now, the point is that I feel that you can be the one! For that I have the time to think more about until your letter comes! Let the light of my ideas to brighten your thoughts a little! Tatiyana
Letter 4

Serge, I am grateful for your new letter and a photo! Your compliments are as usually a lot encouraging and sweet! I am honored to know you would like to be my friend, for sure, you are married, and we cannot dream of anything more just for now, but Henk, I truly feel something more for you even now. As I told you last time, I like to live and be happy in life, so I am just glad you are in my life now!
These late spring days are really so much lonely, yesterday sitting by the window I wanted nothing else so much but your presence next to me, our calming talks, tricky glances, when you feel spirituality mixed up with sensual unity! If it was not for my job in the flower shop all the days long I would have fallen into the depression! To be honest, Henk, our communication helps me much to survive from gloomy ideas too. When we talk I imagine a day getting to the end and us both being at home, cooking a dinner together, but if you are tired to I do not mind to impress you with my own culinary masterpiece, specially for you for sure! I want every evening in our life together be a kind of a special holiday, soft melodies to stream us for positive thinking, candlelight to make the atmosphere more romantic and relaxing, delicious meals to sweeten our taste... but sometimes I feel we will be involved into the more interesting activities, do not you agree, Henk? If you have any ideas on that, I would love you share with me. For all of my life I go as a Lady, true one, and being complimented by you so generously all the time I do feel all of nature is recognized by you, felt by all of yourself, which means you know my secrets (not all of those for sure, unless you will loose your passionate interest in exploring me more) as yours. And now for the true Gentleman you are, Henk, realize the future of Us is in your hands. From my side I can only give you an approving hint I do want us go on like this, I feel it is worth of keeping like this, because "this" stands for much deeper than we both could have ever imagined having started talking a little time before, but now it is more than the life we opened for one another! Well, my birthday is on December,29th, so it will be far from here for now, but I value your willingness to send me a present! Enjoy your day baring in your mind my day will be enjoyed only after I receive your reply! So much impatient that is for me! Tatiyana
Letter 5
"SuperTranslations", Private Enterprice
72300, Ukraine, Zaporozhskiy region, Melitopol City Mr. Serge, 11.05.2011 I am Svetlana Novikova, the representative of the "SuperTranslations" company. "SuperTranslations" is a company of translators providing the clients with rapid bilingual translations, Ukrainian-English and English-Ukrainian in Melitopol City. Lady Tatiyana is our company client for maintenance her with the translation-Internet services in accordance with the option list chosen. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this announcement letter to inform the term of the translation-Internet services for the correspondence through Lady Tatiyana's account has expired today. Lady Tatiyana is extremely disappointed over the matter due to her great expectations for the correspondence with you. Although, she advises her at a current she cannot afford to maintain the correspondence on the financial hardships. Thus, we will be glad to proceed the cooperation for the future correspondence between you and Lady Tatiyana. You may apply our office any time convenient. Yours faithfully, Svetlana Novikova
Contact telephone number +380 66 2165394
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