Scam letter(s) from Olga Sycheva to Richard (USA)

Letter 1

Hi Richard!
I am very glad to got your answer on my message. I hope that further we shall support constantly contact.
I want to tell to you directly about myself.
My full name is Olga Sycheva. I was born August, 07, 1979.
The name of my city is Kirov. It is in the central part of our country. It is the big city and population is half-million people.
Now I want to tell slightly about the family. I live together with mum, she is 62 years and she is on pension.
Also I have senior sister. She is 34 years and she lives separately with the family.
i finished school when i was 18 years old and then i studied in University on economic faculty.
I have studied the English language at school, long time ago and am very grateful teacher for this I have studied in studyed in univerc\sity during 5 years.
Then I have decided to be employed on a trade, but unfortunately not always do not go as you conceive.
I had to be arranged in the seller in shop. Now it is my permanent job.
Now I work as the seller in grocery shop.
Now I want to tell slightly about the hobbies.
My hobbies is sports, reading of books, knitting and another.
In the childhood I went to sports section and was engaged in gymnastics. It is very complex kind of sports.
There constantly it is necessary to maintain eaeinaeuiua loadings.
Sometimes i go to fitnes-club, i like to be in a good shape and in a good health but at us it expensively costs.
I like to read. It is possible to tell it is my passion. My loved genres is detectives and love novels.
In the childhood we with the sister frequently lived at the grandmother's home and she has learned us to knit and it was pleasant to me.
I will really glad if you will write me, sorry if i will not to write you often, i havent computer at home and i am writing you from net cafe now.
I hope that it I have described to you the character slightly, during our correspondence we still can learn much about the friend the friend.
I want as to tell to you why have decided to try happiness and to try to find the man through the Internet.
Before I had men, but with all I did not receive that of that to me it would be desirable.
It seems to me that the western men are more more sociable, are pleasant and more warmly concern to the woman.
I as want to know why you have decided to find to yourself the woman through the Internet?
I hope that in the following letter you as you will tell to me more directly about yourself.
It is very interesting to me to know as you live there and to study your culture and a life.
On it I want to finish the letter. I hope that you soon will answer me back.
I will wait your answer.
Letter 2

Hello my dear frend Richard!
I am very glad to receive your new letter.
I hope that at you all well.
You have written to me that want to find the future wife.
I hope that not too I shall offend you if I shall tell, that I want to correspond with you and to have you as the good friend.
I shall be very happy to learn more about you and about that place where do you live.
Probably I any more shall not receive letters from you, but I want to tell to you thanks for that that you were my friend.
I hope that nevertheless you can write to me the letter.
I want to wish you of good luck in searches of your love.
I with impatience shall wait for your answer the my dear friend.
Your friend from Russia Olga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Letter 3

Hi my frend Richard!
I am glad to answer your new letter again.
First I want to tell to you thanks for that that you have sent me a card, it has very much liked me.
In this letter I want to tell to you more in detail about the family.
My daddy was born in in city under the name Kazan. This city is as not so far from mine.
In the age of 20 years has moved with the family to live in our city.
Here ithas got acquainted with my mum. They together studied in one technical school.
There they also have got acquainted and already later they have decided to get married.
And then my grown-up sister and then then already and I has appeared.
I as well as each person very much love the parents and I am proud of them as they gave me an initial push in life.
Unfortunately daddy already is not present mine in this world. It has died 5 years back.
He had problems with heart. I never shall forget itand it for ever remain in my heart.
Now I live together with mum. I already spoke that my senior sister already has family.
She frequently comes to us. It has son it it is necessary me the nephew.
Unfortunately she does not live with the husband. Oksana(so call my sister) has divorced from it as it frequently did not come home and saws.
It became possible it is one of the reasons why I want to find love in the west.
It seems to me that the western men not such as here.
They concern to women more tenderly. Here at us in Russia frequently it happens that the husband beats the wife.
It seems to me not human. It is ridiculous and unfair.
I hope that you as to me you will tell about the family.
All become seems to me that with each letter we closer to each other.
It is proved by that that we learn more about each other.
As we may learn something new and about ourselves.
The answer to this question will give us only time.
I have in a kind that that, whether there can be at us something and whether is valid we like each other.
On it I want to finish the letter.
I hope that you will understand all that I have written to you.
As I shall be glad to answer your questions.
I hope that you soon will answer my letter. I shall wait for your answer.
The sea of kisses. Olga
Letter 4

Hi my frend Richrd!
I am glad to receive your letter.
First I want to tell to you that it is very a pity to me to hear that the girl from Ukraine wanted to deceive you, probably she wrote to you that very much loves you.
I visit ordinary Cristian church.
In this letter I want to tell to you about that as I spend the usual day, I hope that it will be very interesting to you.
Every morning I rise at 7:00 AM. In one hour I leave from a house and I go for work.
My working day begins 8:30AM and comes to an end 16:30 PM.
After work I go home, then I go to Internet - cafe and to look who have written to me.
On all this at me leaves approximately about one hour and then I go home to have a rest and prepare for the next day.
At home I together with mum watch TV or I read the book.
Sometimes I as go to the sister and 10 years communicate with the nephew, now to him, I very much love him.
I as want to know as you will spend the working day.
As I want to send you the home address, that in the future we could send the usual letter.
I think that it very romantically to receive such letters.
Here my address:
Olga Sycheva
city Kirov
Klara Cetkin st. 30-1
424000 I hope that it is clear to you.
I as hope that you can send me the address, that I could send you in the future the letter and you could read it.
On it I want to finish the letter. I hope that soon I shall receive your letter.
Yours the friend from Russia Olga!!!!!!!
Letter 5

HI my love Richard!
I am very glad to receive your new letter love mine.
I want to know as your affairs are, than you will be engaged today.
Now at us already late, but nevertheless I have gone to Internet - cafe to write to you the letter and to tell that I very much love you my dear Richard.
It is very a pity to me to read your letter where you speak that to us is very difficult to meet you.
But in one of last letters you wrote to me, that probably can take the loan in bank then I could arrive to you as the tourist and to be with you 3 months.
I hope that you can take that money in bank as I very much want to be with you together love mine.
Today, as I went to church together with mum, there I have put for you a candle that the god always preserved you my dear Richard.
I would be happy, if we might go with you in your church.
You have written to me that we may agree with you with you about time to correspond with each other in a mode on-line.
Probably tomorrow I shall come in Internet - cafe approximately at 21:00 Moscow time.
I hope that you will wait tomorrow for my letter.
Unfortunately now it is necessary for me to go home as now at us already very much late and today I can not wait your letter.
Now I again shall not sleep, as I shall think again of you my dear Richard.
I hope that soon you can read my letter.
With love yours forever Olga!!!!!!!
Letter 6

Hi my dear Frend Richard!
I am glad to receive again your new letter.
Why you think that I write to many men, in fact English not my native language and I not in perfection own it and consequently to read, understand and write to you the letter there leaves a lot of time.
My growth makes 5 ' 7 foots.
I want to ask you as there are your affairs and than you were engaged at that time when I did not write to you.
To me it is very insulting that I cannot to answer your letters every day.
Unfortunately I am very much borrowed also to me would remain to a few time what to go in Internet - cafe.
Now I want to tell to you about the work.
I already wrote to you that I work as the seller in food shop.
At first sight can seem that it is boring and monotonous work, but it not so.
I every day should see many various people as I communicate with them, helping to choose him more the best goods.
Though I also studied at University as the economist, and in the past I dreamed to work by a trade, But unfortunately at us in Russia often it happens so, that many people work not on the speciality on which they studied.
Probably therefore at us in Russia very low standard of living.
My monthly salary is 93 $ in a month if it to translate in your money.
It very little also is one more reason of that that I do not write to you so frequently.
Now I want to know more about that where you work, that enters into your duties, whether that place is pleasant to you where you work.
I hope that you will answer me this question.
Recently I wrote to you about that that I have girlfriend who would arrive to America what to meet the favourite person.
Now I want to admit to you that it there was I.
Probably that you will not understand that that I have told to you and it, but I would not like to lie to you.
Though at me bad experience of acquaintance to the man from other country I was want to try once again.
Now I shall be much more cautious in a choice.
I really loved it but when we have met it, I could not believe that it is that person with which I corresponded.
It was very rough with me. It did not love me.
Most bad that that I could not make anything as I was in the country.
Then when I should depart from him, it has not given me anything though it promised me, that I will give all that money which would spend for that what to arrive to it.
And at all it has upset me, and that fact that it simply used me as a thing.
I do not know that me pushes once again to try to find the love through the Internet.
But while we corresponded with you I you have understood that the quite good person.
Now when I have told to you the truth to me it became easier.
I should tell to you it as I do not like to deceive people and consequently have confessed to you all.
Now you know about me the truth and if you want to correspond further with me that I I shall never lie to you.
I as hope that you too do not lie to me.
You as should be cautious in fact as I wrote that there are many girls which play on feelings of many men lie to them that love them.
Though actually for them are necessary only money. It is very a shame to me that Russian women are involved in it. It is a shame.
Now when you know about me well enough, whether to you to choose you want to correspond further with me and it is possible to have in further to have warm attitudes.
It is very important for me to know the answer to this question. I hope that you will answer him.
Letter 7

Hello my dear Richard!
I am very glad to receive your new letter.
I hope that at you all well my lovely Richard.
I'm fine. I have just come from work and was pleasantly surprised, when have seen your letter.
I very much like your photo, you are very beautiful.
Probably you very much like to sing, especially church songs, I am not mistaken???
I want to tell to you thanks for that that you have understood me and want to correspond with me and is farther.
Also I want to tell to you thanks for that card which, you sent me, I very much love it.
I did not want to hide from you the truth as I do not love lie and I present, as it is hard, when you deceive.
I am happy that you with understanding have considered me.
I am very happy that we could to get acquainted with you, my dear Richard as already now I understand that you very good and decent the man.
Probably it is the god has helped us to get acquainted with you that we could become in the future with you in good loving pair.
I was not mistaken it I want.
I have understood, that have grown fond of you my dear Richard, never I could not grow fond of the man yet so quickly, you could win my heart.
Me does not confuse, that you are much more senior than me.
Also I spoke about you to mum, I have told to her about I test what feelings to you and she has told, that will be happy if at us with you something will be.
It is very a pity to me that before your feelings were deceived by the girl from Ukraine and in it we are similar to you.
Probably it is the god has heard our prays as we about have been deceived before and has given us with you chance, to create the pure love.
Now I want to answer your some questions when I arrived in the USA I arrived under the tourist visa.
I paid for the arrival, I even have taken the loan in bank, he promised me that will help me to give money when I shall arrive to him, but unfortunately he lied to me.
I took on credit the sum 2000 $, now I still all should 674 $.
I gradually give a duty.
It was very hurt me, when that the man has deceived me, also when I corresponded with him, he sent to me a photo, absolutely another of the man, but he spoke that it he.
Then when I arrived to him, he has told that I will be met by his friend as he leaves in on affairs for other city, but all this was the lie.
I do not want to recollect those days when I was in the USA, those days I have deleted from the life.
On it I want to finish the letter, I hope that soon I shall receive the answer from you my dear Richard.
I hope that soon I shall receive your new letter.
With love your Olga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Letter 8

Hello my dear Richard!
I am very happy to receive your letter.
Unfortunately yesterday, when I have written to you the letter at once has gone home as I was very much tired.
It is not very a pity to me that we could correspond with you in on-line.
I am glad that you are glad that my feelings grow to you.
Yes I am valid very grateful to the god that he has helped us to get acquainted with you and now we can learn each other better. Yes I have told to mum about your age, but she has answered me, that if I think that I shall be happy with you then she will not be against, ours with you of relations.
Today she also asked to send the regards to you.
I never am going to deceive you my lovely Richard and I hope that you also will be always fair with me.
I very much want that in ours with you relations there was no lie and we could trust each other.
It is very interesting to me than you will be engaged today, what plans at you.
Now probably at you day, at us has already stepped evening and soon I shall go home and I shall dream again of you.
I do not know when we can meet you, but already now I start to grieve without you.
I very much would like to meet in the future you that we could better learn each other and I hope that the god will hear my prays and will help us to meet you.
On it I want to finish the letter.
I hope that soon I shall receive the answer from you my love.
With love your Olga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Letter 9

Hello my love Richard!
I am very glad to receive your answer love mine.
I hope that at you all well.
Probably today you again will go to church, yesterday I also together with mum went to church.
I very much love you and I hope that soon we can be with you together love mine.
I also understand you that you would like to meet my mum, but nevertheless it would seem to me that much better if all over again we have met you at you.
It would be much easier to me then to be adopted to that life which you live my dear and loved Richard.
I hope that soon you can help me with my arrival to you.
You have written also that are afraid that may be in duties in the credit card, please explain to me about it more in detail.
Also I want to answer that Jesus always lives in my heart, as well as you.
I believe that soon we shall be with you together love mine.
Also yesterday I again called in agency and there to me have informed that I can bring all over again 700 $ that in all mine of the document while have begun to do.
I do not know where to me to take such sum and consequently I want to ask you that you could help me.
We have got acquainted with you approximately about two months back.
I never loved anybody as you my dear Richard and I very much was to be trusted that soon there will come day when we can be with you together.
I hope that soon all ours with you dreams will be embodied in a reality.
On it I shall finish the letter.
I with impatience shall wait for your new letter love mine.
With love yours forever Olga!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Letter 10

Hi my love Richard!
I am very glad to receive your new letter.
Unfortunately yesterday I again left not having waited your answer as I write you letters from Internet - cafe.
I want to know as your affairs than you were engaged yesterday.
I received your new photos and they very much liked me.
I very much love you my dear Richard and I hope that we with you will have chance to meet and live together.
Now I want to answer your questions.
I have houses phone, but unfortunately we in the house had failure and a telephone line at us does not work.
But I have other offer if you have phone of a house leave to me the home address and then I shall call to you.
I as well as you want to hear your voice that we could communicate with you.
In our city there are no airports when I arrived in the USA I took off from Moscow.
I arrived in the USA in 2002.
I wrote to you that if we shall want to be with you together always and to live at you in the USA I shall arrive to you under the tourist visa and then after a while, we together with you shall go to the Russian embassy which to be in the USA that to me gave the visa of the bride.
About it to me was spoken by that person with which I met in the USA several years ago.
I think that it is the correct information.
I do not know as us it is possible to meet you, in fact to arrive to you very many money which unfortunately I have no is necessary.
On it I want to finish the letter.
Now during 20 minutes I shall wait for your answer that we could correspond with you on-line.
I hope that soon I shall receive the answer from you my love.
With love yours forever Olga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Letter 11

Hi my dear Richard. First I want to tell to you my dear Richard, that you should not think that the some people will laugh at us as you are much more senior than me. It has no any value, it is much more important that we like each other and we want to be together and we should not be ashamed of the feelings. Also I want to apologize for that that could not write to you yesterday the letter. I called to you yesterday approximately about 22:00 Moscow time, but unfortunately you did not take a tube and unfortunately you do not have answering machine that could leave to you the message. Thank you for the frank letter, for beautiful words. It is very pleasant to know that who that to care of me, Worries for my health. To me on it became much better, I feel perfectly. Mood good, And my soul sings about love to you. I smile and am very happy, that I have you my sweet prince! I would think, that wakening in the morning and supervision of you near to me will be remarkable experience. I would not wake you but only to observe, that you sleep, and surprise, that you dreamed. I just would lay there and to think as far as the successful person I should be with you. Then in cool of morning I would slide from, cover and to go in kitchen. As soon as there I would do you by good breakfast and a place it on serving tray. The tray would have your coffee and a sandwich which I would prepare itself for you. I would bring it in a room of a bed that you have not risen yet. Then I would wake you with gentle kisses, and whisper " i love you ". I would observe your frank beautiful eyes open for morning light, and then I shall speak you loudly, how many the happiness you has brought to me. I would be down of a pillow behind of you and then am similar to the employee, I shall serve my prince its breakfast. We would speak, and a bit later I shall pull you in a hot bath. The bath with bubbles and colors which float on water, very much is pleasant to me it. I would like to wipe your body gelem, and then you might clean my hair. You would be endowed and with noble kisses, I shall come back to do preparation within our day. We then would load bicycles in our automobile with a basket of picnic. We would be then to mountains to go and take pleasure in clear air of mountain. If you would like, we might go on a bicycle all day. Would find Lake it sine-green in colour and surrounded it is white - barking Aspens. Their tiny green listya are displaced by extremely small wind. The sky would be bright sine with white dance of clouds. Air is cleaned also fresh. We would go for flotin cold water of lake. Only to tease each other in cool water. After navigation we would lay on the towels which are heating up us is direct on the sun. And nevertheless I would kiss you and you kissing me. What you would do then? You finish a history. My dear I want to give you the life, so full remarkable things and to present you a lot of happiness. I want to make you by king of my heart. I want to love you am similar to you, always wanted. I want for you happiness which service life will last. I also want, that you loved me is similar to you, never loved anybody before. I want to be the centre of your life and some, as we should do the child to like. I want that you were the first to hold our child. I want to give the baby to your desire of hands and to see brightness of you a smile when you see our child. I want to acquaint them with their remarkable father. You do not know, how many I want, that the child liked but then that I want family. Loved father; loved mother and the beautiful child doing our lifes, bright with pleasure. I shall love you in my dreams and I shall wait your letter my dear. With all my love and heart, Your wife Olga.
Letter 12

I am very glad that you liked my letter. I very much want to be with you together my love. I hope that the god will help us and we can meet you in the future. I want to embody in a reality all those words which, have written to you.
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