Letter(s) from Alina Butina to Juan (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my love Hernan!!!!!!!!!!
I found out in travel agency that is required for our meeting. This travel agency has helped many Russian people to go abroad without any problems.
I saw letters with thanks words which were accurately exposed in this travel agency. I found out what documents to me it is necessary to make out for our meeting.
It is necessary for me to issue the visa and the passport for trip to you and registrations of the visa and the passport for travel abroad I need in the following documents:

1 - The passport for travel abroad.
2 - Medical test.
3 - Consular gathering is paid in addition.
4 - Two photos (5x5).
5 - The insurance.
6 - The information from a place of work.
7 - Documents on registration of a residence (a maximum of docks).
8 - The certificate of birth.
9 - Consultation before submission of documents in embassy and before interview.
10 - After submission of documents by us - interview.

It is a travel agency which will help to solve all problems. It borrows week.
After that I can fly to you!
My dear all this package of documents will cost to me $420
Unfortunately I can pay only $120
It - huge quantity for me. My love I have concluded the contract from travelling agency, I have given a part of money, and the second part to me has told, that I should pay, the ambassador will be my documents - ready.
I have asked my family and relatives. They cannot help also. I do not know, who can help to arrive to me to you.
I shall try to borrow from friends
As I need in you!!
And if I shall not be with you
I do not want to think of it even..
I shall try, consider something