Scam letter(s) from Alexandra Supanova to Nick (England)

Letter 1

Greetings my new friend. Thank for your letter. I shall try to tell to you about myself as it is possible more in detail. And necessarily I shall send you the photos. To me of 26 years. My weight 54kg. My growth 1.66cm. I shall tell to you slightly about my life. Likely it is very interesting to you, why I lonely. The matter is that I very pretentiously concerned to men. Many men in Russia are inclined to drunkenness. They do not have exact purpose in life, they do not aspire to achieve in life of successes, and present the man should aspire to the purpose. On the vital way I have not met the man in Russia with which I was sure in our good in the joint future. I want to see to the man of the gentle and careful person. That it would concern to me with care and understanding as well as I wants to concern to it. It is a lot of man in Russia may not give the wives love, care. They may not give them material maintenance even the most necessary. Such men basically drink alcoholic drinks and woman who live with them much, are unfortunate. I do not want for myself it. Certainly, there are men without harmful habits with good formation which have many money. But many of them concern to the wives as ordinary the house to working women. They abuse them if them that does not arrange or it is not pleasant to them that or. They do not care of a private world of the woman. Do not think of its feelings, about soul of the woman. Such men the big egoists. Please, do not think that all men in Russia such bad. In Russia also very many good men, they also are among my familiar, but these are another's people for me. We with them simply good familiar and no more. You will ask why I in men so are disappointed? The main reason for this is my father who has thrown me with mum when I was very small. It has left the big scar in my heart. In general I have no a lot of familiar as all my life I have stayed houses. Now I work 4 years, but I also can not afford to carry out a lot of time in rest and entertainment. I walk only in days off. Per working days I get tired at work and well I try to sleep before the next working day as on work I like to come with good mood and full of forces for work. In days off I try to carry out more time for fresh air. Usually I walk with the girlfriend or with mum. Certainly, I love beautiful and cheerful holidays, I would like to be more often on them, than I am now. But I can not allow myself of it frequently. And in general when I go in marriage, I would like each morning to prepare the loved husband for fresh coffee in the mornings. And after work to meet his houses. To feed with his domestic food. Well, I to you have told much. Write also you more about itself. If it is possible, also it is detailed. Send the photos. I shall look forward to hearing from you very much. Excuse for mine a little bad English language. I well speak in English, but not so well I write. Excuse me if I shall answer you not next day as I communicate with you by means of computer club and I come into computer club not each day. To have the computer in the house is a luxury for me. Aleksandra.
Letter 2

Greetings my friend Nick. Thank for your letter. I want to tell, that I search the adult person as I think what exactly the adult the man will never make those mistakes which are made with young people. I was already convinced of it. I shall tell to you even more in detail about myself that you knew me better. I live together with mother in a two-room apartment. I have father, but with us it does not live. As I already spoke you, it has thrown us. After leaving school, I have ended medical college. My speciality the doctor - dentist. But in our city it is very difficult to find work on my speciality, therefore upon termination of medical college, I have remained to work nurse in children's hospital in a place to passage of practice. Certainly, very much it would be desirable to work on a speciality. But also this work is pleasant to me, as I very much love children. As I already wrote at me not so many friends. At me only one close girlfriend. I very much want to leave in marriage as I think, that at my age already it is time to create family. In total in life at me was two young men with who at me were serious attitudes. But I have left both people, as they counted me very correct. Since then I treat more closely people. Tell also you nevertheless more in detail about the life. I shall wait very much for your letter. Aleksandra
Letter 3

Greetings my friend Nick. Thank for your letter. I at once want to inform you, that we with mum alive not so it is good, as it would be desirable. We have also financial problems, I it am simple want, you knew that me the simple girl from simple family. I have no the big inquiries so I am brought up. In Russia it is not so good to live. My mum always spoke me, that to me is necessary to deduce abroad there life much better. Yes I and directly dream of it to live and work abroad. And if I shall have the remarkable husband and children, that it for me paradise of millet. But all this in dreams now. Now I can not afford to travel. Dear pleasure. But so it would be to be desirable it. It is probable, so it is wonderful to visit the unfamiliar country. You in any countries? You travelled? Now I can study about other countries only from television programs. I hope sometime, can travel directly. In general I really was in the habit to look at life with all its difficulties. In this letter I want to inform you some details. Or sometimes I use deodorants. I like to put on freely. Earlier I very much liked to paint hair with various colors. I painted with their various colors, now I firmly try to be held back one color. I not so like to bear various ornaments, for example circuits or rings. The important quality I thinks an openness. And on it I finish. Aleksandra.
Letter 4

Greetings mine Nick. Thank for your letter. Excuse, that I did not write to you some time. I want to tell, that I have learned all, how you asked. We in city have agency which directly is engaged in registration of all necessary documents. To me have told to receive the visa of the bride. For this purpose there are two ways. The first way of reception. It will be necessary for me to prove, that at us really serious intentions. And I should visit you not less than three times. In general this variant naturally does not approach. There is a second way of reception of the visa of the bride. The visa will be made out quickly. But cost of the visa will be very dear. Document registration at the visa of the bride to me will cost approximately 2300 dollars. This variant naturally too does not approach. Naturally I it am very tempting to work in England as the dentist. I want to tell, that for me work familiar in agency. She has told me, that it is the best to make out the tourist visa. She has told, that this visa will cost rather cheaply, she is the easiest for issuing, she it is enough is quickly made out. Besides she has told, that basically it is possible at desire to prolong her. This variant will be very convenient. But answer fairly, you in general want, that I to you have arrived, because so we as much as possible learn each other better. You see so? You agree with me. I was completely fair before you and anything from you did not hide. You know, that I do not have means for registration of all necessary documents, let alone cost of tickets. Excuse, that did not write to you long. But you asked to learn me, I and have learned everything, that it is necessary. Now I promise to write to you more often. I shall wait very much for your letter. Sincerely yours Aleksandra.
Letter 5

Greetings mine Nick. Thank for your letter. I want to tell, that I at present already have holiday. It to be prolonged approximately up to the first of August. It is very good variant to meet in Malta. Yes it is valid so we with you as much as possible can learn each other. And there it is already possible to look, that we shall do further. But I do not know, about what you speak? Why to me should give the visa at the airport? My familiar which works in agency, has told me, that I need to make out the visa itself as I need to pass various medical boards. I want to tell, that I still do not have passport for travel abroad. I have learned, that the visa to Malta will cost 150 dollars and she can be issued about 30 days. Mine surname Sapunova. I want to tell, that it is really optimum variant for both of us as we really well can learn each other. I think, that dialogue through the Internet this one, but dialogue in real life is absolutely another. It is very good, that you want with me to meet. I shall wait very much for your letter. Sincerely yours Aleksandra.
Letter 6

Greetings mine Nick. Thank for your letter. Excuse, that I so long did not write. At me it was simply valid not opportunities to go in computer club. I want to tell, that now I shall try to write to you each day and constantly to answer your letters. I want to tell, that I work not as the teacher. From what you have taken it? I have finished medical college on a speciality the dentist. But as I could not be employed on the speciality I began to work nurse in children's hospital. But I am not stung on the work as to work with children to me very much it is pleasant. I you see already wrote to you, that my holiday will be prolonged approximately up to the first of August. Probably, I can prolong holiday up to middle of August. I Nick please remember, I do not work as the school teacher. I work nurse in children's hospital. Nick I want to tell mine, that I have precisely learned all concerning arrival Malta. To me have told, that else in 2004 the visa could be received at the airport. But now it is necessary to make out her. I have learned to issue the tourist visa to me it is necessary to have the list of some documents. It is necessary for me to have the Passport which validity comes to an end not earlier than in 3 months after prospective returning, 2 photos 3o4, booking of tickets with a seal. I want to tell Nick, I can make out all necessary documents and book a ticket only through my agency in my city as I all at them learned and from me with them the contract. I have learned everything, precisely, that the visa also will cost approximately 150 dollars. The passport for travel abroad will cost approximately to cost 300 dollars, but thus it can be issued for 4 days. Cost of the air ticket up to Malta to me will cost 350 dollars. I still need to reach Moscow. It to me will cost approximately 100 dollars with some residing at Moscow. All trip will borrow from me approximately 900 dollars. If it is fair, for me it is the big money. I did not think, that trip to me will cost so much money. You ask me, whether I have Branch the Western Union in my city? If it is fair, this system of electronic translations is very much advertised in my city. At us everywhere in city boards with advertising electronic system of translations the Western Union cost. It is very good, that you have offered to meet on Malta. I heard, that this very beautiful place. And so we really can learn each other better. Besides you know, that I never was abroad and for me it will be very healthy. I simply come in delight when you speak to me about the sea, about romantic walks. You do not imagine Nick as for a long time at me it was not. I want to tell, that I was natural be able to float. The truth I already a lot of time did not float. In our city there is a river, but at me all is not present an opportunity there to descend. Besides she very *****. Yes I too very much want to meet you and closer to learn you Nick. You seem to me serious the man. It very much is pleasant to me. I shall wait very much for your letter. Sincerely yours Aleksandra.
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